Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 131

Sasuke snorted contemptuously, tilted his body slightly, stretched out his calf and stirred it gently, causing Naruto to lose his center of gravity and stagger past him.

And without looking back, he just stretched out his left hand and gently pushed on the basket behind Naruto.

Naruto, who was already out of balance, suddenly became unstable and fell into the river from the side.

Sasuke looked at Kurayoshi provocatively again.

But Kuroyoshi frowned.

Although he doesn't want to ask for trouble, it doesn't mean that he is afraid of trouble. If Sasuke does not respond to such a provocation, there will only be more troubles in the future.

Because people are good at being deceived.

But just when he was about to ask Sasuke what he meant, Naruto emerged from the river.

He was not injured, but it was all wet, and all the trash in the basket was poured out.

"You bastard, do you think that only you get stronger?"

Naruto's hands are printed.

"Shadow clone technique."

Bang bang bang

As a cloud of smoke rose, a total of eight Naruto screamed and rushed towards Sasuke.

Eight, and they are not illusions, but entities?

Kozakura covered her mouth in surprise.

As for Sasuke, he knew at a glance that this was a shadow clone technique, so he was slightly surprised.

The shadow avatar technique is a technique that only some people can learn at Shinnin.

Unexpectedly, the guy at the end of the crane in school has always learned such a high-level technique.

You have grown up too, Naruto.

Sasuke was a little emotional, but that was all.

From the unstructured offensive line of the Naruto Shadow clone, it can be seen that his progress and his own progress are not worth mentioning.

Our gap will become wider and wider in the future.

The corners of Sasuke's mouth rose slightly, and he walked slowly towards Naruto's shadow clone with his hands in his trouser pockets.

Dodge, fight back

Sasuke's evasive movements are very small, slanting to the left and right, and can withstand Naruto's attacks every time.

His offense is also very simple. He punches and kicks, and his movements are not large, but he can hit Naruto every time, and he blows one Naruto with one punch, but not a single Naruto kick.

The whole set of movements is smooth and flowing, like walking in the courtyard of a crowd.

Chapter 90


Sasuke solved Naruto's shadow clone almost instantly.

He stood proudly by the river.

With his head raised high, he looked down at the Naruto body in the river with a complacency.

If you see someone who is not relevant, you will feel very handsome.

Bi as sakura.

She, who liked Sasuke, blushed and heartbeat after seeing this handsome posture.

However, this is very uncomfortable for those who are overlooked.

Naruto was very angry, very unwilling, very angry, very dissatisfied, and her body was shaking.



Naruto knots the seal again and uses the shadow clone technique.

This time, he separated more than thirty.

Then, along with the main body rushed towards Sasuke.

There are so many!

How big is this guy's chakra?

Sasuke's eyes widened slightly, refreshing his knowledge of Naruto.

Sakura who was watching the battle from a distance was even more surprised.

In her impression, Naruto was just lacking in strength and no brains yet, and liked the tail of a crane that dragged its legs.

But at this moment, Naruto was taken aback.

However, even though both of them were surprised by Naruto's performance, Kurayoshi shook his head on the side.

Naruto at this time, the amount of Chakra is not as much as expected.

Moreover, he hasn’t learned how to use chakras reasonably, and ninjutsu will cause a lot of waste.

The more shadow clones, the fewer individual chakras and the shorter the maintenance time.

He faintly remembered that in the anime, during the Bell Snatching battle, Naruto divided about ten shadow clones and could only last for about one minute.

Now, although it has been one month longer, there is no special experience, and there will not be much change.

The offensive of more than 30 people looked mighty, but Kurayoshi was not optimistic about Naruto.

Sure enough, what happened next also confirmed Kuroyoshi's conjecture.

When a group of Naruto was about to rush to Sasuke, Sasuke took the initiative to greet him.

Very fast, rushed into the crowd in the blink of an eye.

He is fast and vigorous, like a phantom.