Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 133

"What did you say?" Naruto roared dissatisfied.

Sasuke ignored Naruto, staring at Kuroyoshi with his eyes, the dark pupils suddenly turned into blood, and there were two gouyu jade slowly rotating inside.

Chapter 91 It's Raining

"Are you stupid?"

Kuroyoshi snorted, and walked towards Sasuke without any haste, "The opponent has shown strong strength, not only is he not worried, but more excited, do you think I will easily let you go, or do you"

The voice hadn't fallen yet, Kuroyoshi's figure suddenly disappeared in place, only two leaves fell in place.

Konoha flow instant surgery.

The so-called instantaneous technique refers to all high-speed moving techniques.

In a sense, the technique of Flying Thunder God and the Thunder Armor of Raikage also belong to the instantaneous technique.

But the most widely spread is the D-level instantaneous technique, which is a kind of ninjutsu that uses Chakra to burst in the legs to obtain high speed for a short time.

The five Ninja villages have their own instantaneous skills.

For example, Gaara’s sand instant body, the white water instant body, and the mist instant body without cutting

Each instantaneous technique is faster than the popular D-class ninjutsu and has its own unique place.

The Konoha flow instant body technique used by Kuroyoshi has only two characteristics: it is forceful and fast.

Each time it is used, two falling green leaves are left.

At the moment of using the instantaneous technique, two fallen leaves fell, and Kuroyoshi burst out at an unprecedented speed, rushing towards Sasuke from the front.

But this time, Sasuke saw clearly, and in the blood-red pupils, two gouyu jade was spinning frantically.

"No matter how fast you are, there is nothing to hide in the writing wheel now. The same trick won't be the second to me"

Before the thought of arrogance fell, Kuroyoshi rushed in front of him, and the fist made by his right hand hit his face again, and the whole person flew out uncontrollably, and the sound of a slow step came from his ears. the sound of.

"Do you think you can beat me?"


The body fell to the ground and slid a certain distance before stopping.

Sasuke held his bleeding nose and stood up, looking at Kurayoshi with incredible eyes.

I can see it clearly, but my body can't react.

Moreover, what's the matter with that slow sound?


Impossible, any illusion will be seen in front of Shalunyan. It is definitely not an illusion, but Kuroyoshi's speed surpassed the sound at that moment.

Damn it, you have been staying in the Ninja School, why did you become so strong?

Sasuke bit his lower lip and looked at Kurayoshi unwillingly.

Just as Naruto felt the emotion that arose after the gap with him in the previous battle, Sasuke also felt it, and it was even stronger.

He wanted to surpass Itachi, but he couldn't win the first place even with the village competition.

That kind of anger, unwillingness, and regret for their incompetence.

"Damn, I won't lose to you!"

Sasuke's hands quickly formed a seal.

"The technique of fire escape impatiens."

Sasuke ejected several fist-sized fireballs one after another, and the attack track was like the fruit of the impatiens, enveloping Kuroyoshi and the escape route.

"Naruto, Sakura, stay away."

Kuroyoshi reminded, and then, regardless of whether they heard it or not, his hands quickly sealed.

"The water escapes the waves."

The moisture in the air quickly condensed into water, like a tornado, rotating and rising around Kurayoshi, and then patted Sasuke like a wave.

The fireball was submerged in the water, but a little steam rose up, not even the waves splashed.


The first time Naruto saw such exaggerated ninjutsu, he ran back in a panic, and after a while, Sakura hurried to the other side.

As for Sasuke, although he had been surprised for a short time, he calmed down immediately and jumped up after the high and low waves, avoiding the fatal impact.

The water flooded the surrounding area, and the shore became a vast ocean.

Sasuke fell on the water, looked around, and found Kurayoshi sliding at high speed on the water and rushing towards him.

Shui Dunbo rides.

The ninjutsu of "Second Generation Water Shadow" can stand on the surface of the water and use the flow of water to move at high speed.

Although Kuroyoshi's speed at this time did not erupt when he used the Konoha flow instantaneous spell, he could continue to maintain a high speed that was difficult to capture.

As soon as Sasuke spotted Kurayoshi, Kurayoshi came to the front and kicked him out with a flying kick.

Then, the man followed closely, hands and feet left and right to work up and down, "cracking" hit Sasuke.

Kuroyoshi didn't want to cause trouble, but if the trouble came, he would solve the trouble completely or let the trouble never come again.

Think you are awesome?

Think you are a genius?

Let you see what the gap is, let you understand the distance between us like Tianyuan, so that you never want to scream in front of me in the future.

"Bang Bang Bang"

Kuroyoshi's fists fell like rain.

Sasuke raised his arms to protect important parts of his body, and because Kurayoshi didn't kill him, he didn't suffer any serious injuries.

However, the humiliation of being beaten but unable to fight back made him more painful than being seriously injured.

At this moment, Naruto suddenly emerged from the vicinity where the two were fighting.