Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 134

Kuroyoshi was distracted by the movement, and his hand moved slowly.

Sasuke seized the opportunity and fought back suddenly. Although Kuroyoshi easily avoided it, he also took this opportunity to get away.

He hasn't given up yet.

Although Kurayoshi's use of wave attack is very fast, he is not so fast that his body can't react. If he just stands in place to defend and counterattack, he doesn't have a chance to win.

The reason why he was so embarrassed just now was because he was caught off guard, and the successive combos did not give him the slightest chance to fight back.

Now he is ready.

The body's center of gravity is low, the muscles are tense, and the energy is concentrated on Kuroyoshi. Even the drops of water from his hair can't make him blink.

Seeing the two separated, Naruto complained to Kurayoshi: "I was there just now, you almost drowned me."

"Yes, that's it!"

Running to the other side in time, Sakura, who was safe and sound, was also complaining at this moment.

Kuroyoshi spread his hands and said innocently: "I'm wronged, I know you will be fine, so I boldly use this kind of ninjutsu. As a teammate, I trust your strength."

"Really?" Naruto was skeptical.

"Yeah." Kuroyoshi nodded vigorously.

Naruto suddenly forgot about being submerged by the flood before, and patted his chest with a face of complacency, "You still have an eye for Kuroyoshi, but I will be a Hokage man in the future!"

"You are too good to lie!"

Sakura couldn't help but complain, and even Sasuke, who was tense, was speechless.

And Naruto giggled as if he didn't hear him.

It's just that no one saw the silence deep in those eyes.

The gap between Kurayoshi and Sasuke, and the gap between Sasuke and him, can be seen with the naked eye.

The unwillingness in my heart poured back and forth in my chest and throat like bitter water. It was very uncomfortable, and I couldn't tell anyone.

Kurayoshi Sasuke retracted his gaze and put them on each other again.

The atmosphere of joy due to Naruto solidified again.

On the other side, Sakura put her hands on her heart and looked at the two with a worried expression.

She likes Sasuke very much, but Kuroyoshi is a teammate.

Moreover, Sasuke picked it up first.

She has no reason to help Sasuke speak.

It's just that the fight has been so fierce before, and even this large-scale ninjutsu has been used.

Although both sides are still restrained, it is beyond the scope of ordinary fighting.

Continue, will there really be no accidents?

Thinking of this, Sakura shouted to Kuroyoshi: "Kurayoshi, forget it!"

Chapter 92: Mu Dun·The Art of Beating

"Forget it"

Kuroyoshi groaned slightly when she heard Sakura's yelling.

He doesn't want to make trouble, even if trouble comes to him, he can avoid it.

But Sasuke is so provocative, if he still humbly forbears, he will only leave others an impression of being honest and bullying.

When it falls, more people will come to trouble.

Just like the campus bullying in the previous life, it focuses on guys with weak characters.

Therefore, he was prepared to impress Sasuke deeply, so that he would not dare to trouble himself again, at least, not to trouble him in a short time.

However, Kuroyoshi also knows that Sakura likes Sasuke, very much.

In the anime, Sasuke has always treated her like that, and finally succeeded in chasing the male god in his mind. It can be said that the dog licked to the end, and there is a model of everything that everyone admires and respects.

Sakura would definitely not want to see Sasuke injured.

Although, Kuroyoshi does not need to care about her feelings.

But after all, in a team, I will not look up and see when I lower my head and work with people who are too rigid.

and so

"Shut up, this is my business with Kuroyoshi, don't worry about your business."

Just when Kuroyoshi was about to make a settlement with Sasuke, Sasuke took the first step and coldly scolded Sakura.

Kozakura was startled, and then dropped her head in loss.

It's sad to be rejected by someone who likes it with good intentions, but what makes Sakura even more sad is the stranger's tone of Sasuke.

At this moment, Kozakura had an afterthought.

The world is not a school. It cannot be like classmates in the classroom. Even if they don’t know each other, they can sit together and talk about their dreams.

After graduating from school, she and Sasuke have only one relationship with her old classmates.

And he was still an old classmate who hadn't seen him in three years. To put it more realistically, he was just someone he knew.

She is no longer able to say hello nonchalantly after others have rejected the kindness like the school did.

This is the difference between society and school.

"Hey, how do you talk?"

Seeing Sakura's depressed mood, Naruto's dissatisfied Asasasuke shouted loudly.

However, just as he said something, Sasuke's cold eyes glared back at the words behind.

"If you feel upset, use action to make me apologize to her!"

Sasuke provoked Naruto with a sarcasm.

Then, no matter what Naruto’s reaction, he looked back at Kurayoshi, “If you want to gain the glory of victory, you have to be aware of the humiliation of accepting defeat. Glory will drive me forward, and humiliation will make me work harder, whether I lose or lose. If I win, I won’t stop here, I will only play tricks and get nothing."