Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 135

Naruto was stunned, and he was stunned when he was about to rush to find Sasuke to settle the account.

It turns out that it's not just a difference in strength, but also a so much difference in consciousness?

However, you are right.

I can only play tricks and get nothing, so

I will never admit defeat.

Fighting was burning in Naruto's eyes.

He clenched his fist and swears in his heart: Whether it's Kurayoshi or Sasuke, I will definitely catch up.

Seeing this, Kuroyoshi shrugged at Sakura, looking helpless, as if saying: He wants to continue fighting, it doesn't matter to me.

"Go ahead! Do you think you are determined to win?" Sasuke shouted.

Kuroyoshi looked back at Sasuke, did not speak, but his expression became a little indifferent.

The water irrigated by the rushing wave faded little by little, and the two stood on the ground again.

Sasuke's mind and body tightened even more.

He was worried that Kuroyoshi would use the Konoha flow instantaneous technique again.

At this time, his body couldn't keep up with that speed.

However, it did not.

Cangji put his palms together and slapped, "Mu Dun Shujie has come."

Ten saplings broke open to the ground, faced the sunlight, and then grew at a speed visible to the naked eye. In the blink of an eye, they grew into a towering tree surrounded by several people.

In the evening sunset, the river was sparkling, and the clearing on the bank instantly turned into a small forest.

One month after obtaining Mu Dun, he has learned all Mu Dun ninjutsu, but because Chakra's vitality is not strong enough, many ninjutsu cannot be used.

However, it is better than Yamato.

The huge vitality of the perfect life body is nourishing the growth of Mu Dun.

Naruto looked up, his mouth wide open, and he was speechless in surprise.

Kozakura on the other side covered her mouth and opened her eyes wide.

"This is the Mu Dun of the original Hokage!"

Sasuke was even more shocked, his eyes trembled, and he couldn't believe what he saw.

As the Uchiha clan, it is impossible for him not to know this ninjutsu.

Sixty years ago, he teamed up with Uchiha to establish Konoha, the first Naruto known as the ninja god.

Before the establishment of Konoha, he had suppressed Uchiha, no, it suppressed the entire Ninja world for an era.

Even Uchiha Madara, who was equally famous at the time, was unbeatable in the Ninja World, never beat him.

And his ninjutsu is Mu Dun.

However, in the history of the Ninja world, only the first generation of Naruto was the only one who knew Mu Dun Erzhu who did not know Kuro Zee and Daito and Yamato.

Since his death, Mu Dun has disappeared and no one can use it.

Now that Kurayoshi uses it again, what does it mean?

Is he able to suppress everyone in the Uchiha clan, and suppress everyone in the entire Ninja world for an era?

Impossible, how could such a thing happen.

I don't allow it!

Sasuke took a deep breath and began to think calmly.

There are quite a few people who have Shaluyan, but even with the same degree of Ba Wen, they will not be of the same level.

Kurayoshi meets the wood, does not mean that he will become the next first generation of Hokage.

There is no need to compare him with the original Hokage.

That's right, that's it.

Mindful of this, Sasuke's gaze looking at Kurayoshi returned to calm, and even his previously crushed and tense spirit relaxed a lot.

Compared with a failure, Kurayoshi has the power of the first generation of Hokage, which makes it more difficult for him to accept.

Therefore, after understanding that Kurayoshi is not equal to the original Hokage, Sasuke's mood will be so relaxed, even if the battle is defeated, it is not so difficult to accept.

Kurayoshi didn't know that Sasuke thought about so many things in a moment. Seeing his relaxed expression after seeing Mu Dun, he only thought that he was underestimated.

"Sasuke, accept the flogging!"

Cangji chilled, and slapped his hands, the woods seemed to come alive, all kinds of branches and vines skyrocketed, drew him like an arm.

In the forest, enemies are everywhere.

Sasuke has nowhere to escape. He drew out the Anbe's katana and slashed it wildly, cutting off a branch or vine with every stroke.

However, the speed of his slashing could not keep up with the speed of branch regeneration and attack.

After cutting off a dozen branches and vines, he finally missed and was flew with a knife, and then countless vine whip branches lashed over.

The screams of beatings and screams resounded in the forest, especially miserable.

However, although miserable, he never gave up or escaped.

Just like what he said, the glory of victory will drive him forward, and the humiliation of failure will make him work harder. Whether he wins or wins, he is ready to accept.

There is absolutely no choice to admit defeat or escape.

Naturally, Kuroyoshi never stopped.

The sun slowly fell into the horizon, and the sky became dim.

The screams in the forest disappeared.

Chapter 93: The Mission of the Country of Waves

Sasuke fainted.