Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 136

It was not that the injury was too serious, but that he passed out in pain. Kuroyoshi paid attention to his actions.

Although Sasuke's body was full of whip marks and looked miserable, it was all skin trauma. With the physique of a ninja, he would be fine with a few days of training.

He took Sasuke out of the woods.

Naruto and Sakura are waiting outside.

Seeing Sasuke's miserable situation, Naruto was silent, his fists clenched involuntarily.

Sakura covered her small mouth, her eyes turned ruddy, and she was a little bit shining.

However, they didn't say anything, it was Sasuke's own choice.

Kuroyoshi caught the two expressions in his eyes.

He knew that Naruto was greatly stimulated in this incident, but Sakura was purely unbearable and heartache.

"I'll take Sasuke to the hospital. You will finish the task."

After being silent for a while, Kuroyoshi said.


The two nodded.

Kuroyoshi nodded slightly and took Sasuke to the hospital.

About half an hour.

He took Sasuke to the hospital, and then went to the Uchiha residence to notify Sasuke's family.

After all this was done, the sky was completely dark, and the bright full moon hung high, covering the earth with a silver veil.

Cangji returned to the river.

Yamato put his hands on his chest and stood on the bank looking out at the river at night.

Not far behind him, Naruto Sakura sat silent on a rock under a big tree.

Hearing the footsteps, everyone found Kuroyoshi.

"How is Sasuke?" Sakura asked with concern.

"It's okay, just two days off."


Kozakura breathed a sigh of relief. She patted her chest, then looked up at Kuraki, and said gratefully, "Thank you, Kuraki."

"I am not merciful because of you." Kurayoshi shook his head and said: "No matter what, it's just a fight. No one thought about what to do with each other."

"Anyway, thank you." Kozakura bowed deeply to Kuroyoshi.

Kuroyoshi didn't say anything, but looked at Naruto.

He used to be very active, but now he is much quieter.

"Is the task finished?"

"It's done." Naruto nodded, then looked at Yamato in front of him, "Teacher Yamato, I have to do more advanced tasks."

"No way."

Yamato refused without thinking, "You have only become the next month, and you don't have the qualifications to complete more advanced tasks."

"There is no time to waste on this kind of chores." Naruto clenched his fist and cracked his knuckles. "Kurayoshi Sasuke and them surpassed me so much, so go ahead and waste time in this kind of play house. On the mission, it will only be pulled further and further"

Naruto looked up and looked at Yamato resolutely, with a very firm tone, "I don't want to be the tail of a crane all the time, I want to be Hokage!"


Seeing Naruto like this, Sakura was a little surprised, as if she had met Naruto for the first time.

Yamato fell silent.

He looked at Naruto closely, and looked at those azure blue eyes, the fighting spirit inside seemed to be burning.

Suddenly, a smile appeared on Yamato's face, "Since you have said so, why should I refuse?"

Naruto was stunned, his big eyes blinked and looked at Yamato, and it took a long time to react, and said happily: "Really? Yamato-sensei, you agreed with me to do more advanced tasks?"

"When did I lie to you!" Yamato smiled and said, "Naruto, Sakura, being weak is not a sin. It can make people deeply realize their weakness and inspire a strong heart. Through this, you I have realized my weakness and will become stronger and stronger in the future."

"Great, Teacher Yamato!"


Later, a few people chatted a few words and started to summarize the experience of today's task.

After finishing the summary, Yamato ordered the meeting time and place tomorrow, and then announced the dissolution.

Before leaving, Yamato looked at Kurayoshi and stopped talking.

He had already learned from Naruto and Sakura's mouth that the small forest on the bank of the river was caused by Kuroyoshi's wooden escape.

He had only awakened for a month, but he had a power comparable to himself, even slightly stronger.

When I think of myself learning Mu Dun, how many years have passed since I could only control a few young saplings and now I can use Mu Dun proficiently?

Yamato has the feeling of living on a dog for so many years.

"Maybe it's just the reason for being born with a blood successor and transplanting cells to get blood succession!"

Yamato sighed, comforting himself.

After the team disbanded, Kurayoshi returned to his home alone.

The yard was empty, only the crow of the ferret was standing in a daze on the treetop.

Xiao Hei grew up two years ago. Because of Chakra, he is stronger and more powerful than Erha in the previous life.

However, it is also more naughty and bad, and will tear down the house if you are not careful.

Kuroyoshi had to practice and go to school every day, so he didn't have time to care about it, and he didn't want to chain it to the yard every day, so he sent it back to Inuzuka's house.

Without Xiao Hei's company, Crow is very lonely.

The same goes for Kurayoshi.