Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 137

On the day Xiao Hei was sent away, he was very sad, went to the barbecue Q and ate a lot, and gave up on himself for a day.

Today is the third anniversary of Xiao Hei’s leaving this home!

Ok!Just celebrate with hot pot!

The next day, the sun was shining.

Kuroyoshi came to the meeting place early.

However, Naruto seemed even more impatient, waiting here long ago.

"Morning, Kuroyoshi."

"Morning, Naruto."

After the two greeted each other, they started chatting.

Naruto said mainly, Kuroyoshi listened.

Soon, Sakura and Yamato also arrived one after another, and then everyone went to the Hokage Building to pick up the mission.

After a while, everyone came to the Hokage Building.

San Daime sat behind his desk and said solemnly: "I've heard Yamato talk about the specific situation. Since he thinks you have the ability to complete higher-level tasks, the old man agrees."

With that said, he took one from the mission scroll and continued: "The mission has been selected for you, come in!"

The voice fell, and the office door was opened by a drunk old man.

It is Dazna, the world-famous expert in bridge building.

Actually ran into this mission!

Kuroyoshi opened his eyes slightly.

Under the wings of his own butterfly, Konoha's development has long been different from that in anime.

Especially the seventh class is totally unrecognizable.

Under such circumstances, I can still hit the mission of Namibia

Isn't it really the world line bundle?

Kuroyoshi couldn't believe there was such a coincidence in the world.

But think about it carefully, it is impossible to condense the world line.

If there is such a thing, the Uchiha clan will not be saved.

It should be Sandaime who specially left this task to the seventh class!

think carefully.

Not counting Dazner's concealment, this kind of task of protecting mission targets from bandits and gangs is most suitable for novices to endure.

The seventh class, as a potential class valued by the third generation, is naturally to be carefully cultivated, and such treatment is reasonable.

Just when Kuroyoshi was thinking about it, Sandaime finished explaining the content of the mission to everyone.

Dazna, the expert in protecting bridges, returned to his hometown of Paz, until the bridge was completed.

Chapter 94 The First Time If nothing happened

After receiving the task, Yamato gave everyone an hour to prepare.

Kurayoshi didn't have much to prepare. On weekdays, he put the things needed for the mission such as the ninja weaponry pill in the storage scroll to carry with him, but took out a samurai sword and tied it around his waist, and walked to Konoha gate.

At the gate, only tasker Dazna was there.

After Kurayoshi politely greeted him, he waited aside.

Not long after, Naruto Sakura arrived with a backpack, and Yamato rushed over.

He glanced at the crowd and nodded, "Since everyone is here, let's go!"


Naruto shouted with great momentum.

But no one followed, which was very embarrassing.

He didn't care, and was the first to walk out the door with high morale.

Yamato handed the mission pass to the guard at the back, and everyone followed out.

This is the first time Kurayoshi has left Konoha since he came to this world, so he was a little curious about the outside environment.

However, except for the big trees, there are big trees around, which seems to be no different from Konoha.

After the initial freshness, Kuroyoshi put away his mind and focused on the journey.

It's Naruto.

Although he was also curious about the outside world, he just looked around, and didn't see anything he hadn't seen before, like in the anime.

The strength shown by Kurayoshi and Sasuke made him calmer.

Therefore, there are no things that Dazna thinks Naruto is unreliable.

The task of escorting Dazna is a C-level task, and there will be no confrontation between ninjas.

Yamato explained to them the difference between mission levels and the forces of Ninja Village outside Konoha along the way.

Before they knew it, everyone was far away from Konoha.

After crossing a small wooden bridge, everyone walked on a path that was neither wide nor narrow.

Suddenly, Kuroyoshi noticed a pool of water on the ground in front of him.

He glanced at the blazing sun in the sky, and then at the dry ground, and he couldn't help but doubt the level of Shinobu in Wuyin Village.

How do you feel that the ninjas who took the Zhongnin exam in the anime are more reliable than these two guys?

Yamato also noticed the pool of water, but it didn't appear to be unusual, and he walked past the water stain as if he had found nothing.

Kuraki deliberately stepped on the surface of the water, and the soles of his feet sank slightly.

You should have stepped on your head!