Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 138

After everyone walked through the stagnant water, a head wearing a breathing mask emerged from the water, and there was also a clear shoe print on the head.

He looked resentfully at Kurayoshi's back for a while, then turned his eyes to Yamato, and then rushed out.

Not one person, but two.

Wearing similar outfits, with huge iron claws in his hands, chained with sharp blades.

During the action, the chain "cracked".

They used the instantaneous technique, and the speed was very fast, only to see two afterimages flashing past, plus the sudden attack, everyone did not react.


The two appeared a little behind Yamato to the left and right, and the chain with a sharp blade was already on him.

Then, the two pulled hard and tore Yamato to pieces.

The sudden change stunned everyone.

The attacker didn't stop, and appeared behind Naruto again, wanting to repeat the trick.

However, Naruto, who was shocked just now, reacted in the first place.

He didn't fight back, didn't even turn his head, but rushed forward.

On the way, turn around and seal with both hands.

"Shadow clone technique."


As the white smoke exploded, an identical clone appeared in front of him.

The attacker's pursuit fell on the shadow clone, killing it in seconds.

But Naruto also took the opportunity to get away.


One cursed secretly and continued to rush towards Naruto, while the other rushed towards the mission target, Dazna.

Kozakura couldn't help trembling, but she still held Kuna firmly in front of Dazna.

The man saw Sakura's fear and snorted in disdain, and the wide iron claw grabbed Sakura's face.

At this time, Kuroyoshi moved.

The hand guard of the knife with his thumb lowered, and then he pulled it out abruptly.


The blade came out of its sheath.

Along with the hurricane, a cold light ran through the left and right.

Kurayoshi, who was standing still before, suddenly appeared on the other side.


Both attackers' eyes widened.

A blood line appeared on their necks, ranging from thin to thick, and then suddenly split, scarlet liquid sprayed, and their bodies fell suddenly.

The sudden change stunned everyone.

Just now, Naruto was preparing to fight back, and Sakura was also racking her brains to think about how to deal with it.

As a result, the enemy fell suddenly.

The clean spike made them take a breath and looked at Kuroyoshi in shock.

After killing people, Cangji slowly retracted the knife without incident, without a drop of blood on the blade.

It's just that there is no expression on his face, it is terribly cold, and it feels like no one is close.

This is his first murder.

But he didn't feel scared, nor did he feel sick at all.

In training with Liangping, he has long been used to it.

From the first time I was chopped and wounded, rolling and wailing embarrassed, to the end my stomach was cut and the intestines flowed out, and I stuffed it back calmly and continued the fight.

He remembers all of them, and his memory is still fresh.


A sigh sounded in the distance.

After hearing the sound, everyone saw Yamato, who had been torn to pieces at the beginning, and didn't know when he appeared in the field intact.


Naruto Sakura couldn't help but screamed in surprise.

"It's just a substitute technique, don't make a fuss." Yamato said grimly, pointing to the wood that had been chopped into pieces on the ground.

"For, substitute technique?"

Naruto had a question mark on his face.

He never had a theory class in school, and he was kicked out of the field at the beginning of the actual combat exercise. He didn't understand the avatar as much as in the anime.

Sakura just needs to act as an encyclopedia to explain to him.

Yamato looked at Kuroyoshi, admiring and heartbroken.

As a ninja, being able to kill people without hesitation for the first time is undoubtedly very promising.

But, what exactly do you have to experience to kill Gujing Wubo for the first time?

Yamato recalls the past.

He was born from the roots and received Danzo's personal teaching, but even so, his hands couldn't help shaking when he killed for the first time.

At this time, Kuroyoshi returned to normal.

He squinted his eyes and gave a faint smile, "The enemy is solved, let's continue on our way!"