Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 139


Yamato raised his hand to organize the people who continued on the road, and turned to look at Dazna, "Mr. Dazna, although I am not sure, just ask, you are not targeted by any ninja group!"

A drop of sweat fell on Dazna's forehead.

He picked up the towel and wiped it, haha ​​laughed and said, "How is it possible, I'm just an ordinary bridge builder, how can a ninja look at me!"

Yamato stared into Dazna's eyes without replying.

Dazna was seen a little unnaturally, and moved his body, "Come on, there is a lot of fog on the way to the country of Waves, and it will be difficult to get on the way if it is late."

"Well, keep going!"

After hesitating for a while, Yamato withdrew his gaze and ordered to continue on his way.

However, he was wary of Dazna.

This man is hiding something.

Chapter 95—Assassination Recommendations

Everyone rushed for a long time to a fishing village on the coast of the country of fire. From here, they took a boat to the country of waves.

On the way, Yamato praised Naruto and Sakura fiercely, praising them for their prompt response.

But to Cangji, he reprimanded.

"Since you have far more force than the opponent, why not capture it alive?" Yamato said: "If you can capture it alive, you can obtain a lot of information. The mission of the ninja is very important."

"I'm very sorry." Cangji Chen Ken admitted his mistake.

Because I have watched anime and knew the identity of the attackers and their purpose, I didn't keep my hands.

But I forgot that other people didn't know, and I couldn't tell them, which caused many problems to be unable to judge and to make countermeasures in advance.

"It's okay, just pay attention next time." Yamato nodded slightly.

Although he has undergone life-and-death combat training, the combat experience is not inferior and forbearance, but the mission experience cannot be obtained through training.

He believes that Kuroyoshi will be much better in the future after experiencing this mission.

At this time, the sea suddenly fogged up.

It's very thick, and can only see the dim affairs a few meters away.

The boat drove for a while, and the boatman suddenly turned off the engine.


Yamato looked at the boatman in confusion.

"You can see the bridge of Namibia in front of you." The boatman said solemnly, "" "You can't be found by those guys, or it will be bad."


Naruto looked at the boatman's serious expression and blinked without responding.

Isn't it just a group of gangsters and bandits?

Need to be so cautious?

Yamato and Sakura were lost in thought.

But Dazna's eyes rolled randomly, and then, even his head turned away, afraid to look at them.

Only Kuroyoshi lay down directly on the boat.

He knew all these things and didn't listen to the second thoughts.

"Mr. Dazna." Yamato looked at Dazna with a smile, "You'd better tell us the truth, otherwise, this mission will escort you to the shore and it will be over."

"How can this be done!" Dazna was a little panicked, "Is the task content to protect me until the end of the bridge building? You are in breach of contract!"

"Mr. Dazner, you breached the contract first."

Yamato looked straight and said solemnly: "The C-level mission will not encounter ninjas, but two ninjas have appeared and attacked us before. At that time, I was not sure whether the opponent's target was you or us, so I didn't raise any objections, but now The ordinary gangsters and bandits will not make people scared to such a degree, Mr. Dazna, you forged the content of the mission!"

"This this"

"Well, I will tell you everything!"

Dazna sighed, slowly telling the truth about the matter.

Nami country is a small island country located on the sea, uncontested, so there is no ninja village.

Three years ago, Cardo, the owner of the world-famous marine transportation company, took a fancy to this country. He monopolized the shipping and completely mastered the country by controlling the country's economic lifeline. Even the big name could not resist.

In order to change the fate of the country, Dazna and the people decided to build a bridge to other countries.

But on the surface, Kado is a world-renowned rich man, but secretly controls the gang, raising a large number of warriors and wandering ninjas in captivity, and doing some shameful deeds.

Dazna's bridge construction touched Cardo's interests, and he would not let Dazna complete the bridge successfully.

After telling the cause of the matter, he deliberately pretended to be open-minded, saying that even if everyone gave up the task, they would not be blamed for being killed. At most, daughters and grandchildren would cry all the time, hate Konoha Ninja all their lives, and then live alone for a lifetime.

Yamato, Naruto, and Sakura were speechless.


"That's it, do you want to abandon the mission and return to Konoha, or continue?" Yamato asked the three members of the seventh class.

"Does this still need to be asked?" Naruto clenched his fists and said enthusiastically, "Of course it's going to continue!"

Kozakura also nodded aside.

Unlike in the anime, they don't want to do high-level tasks because low-level tasks are boring, but they want to do high-level tasks because they want to become stronger.

Now, the mission has changed from C-level to B-level, just like them.

Although Sakura was still a little worried, but thinking that the gap between her and Sasuke was getting further and further, it was difficult to cause entanglements, and in the end she could only become a stranger, and she made her determination.

Seeing that the two agreed, Yamato turned his attention to Kuroyoshi.

"I have no objection, but" Kuroyoshi smiled and looked at Dazna. "Master, you have forged the content of the mission anyway. How about changing the content of the actual mission to Assassin Cardo?"


Kuroyoshi's proposal shocked everyone.