Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 140

"Kurayoshi, why did you do this?" Naruto asked puzzledly.

"Does this need to be said?" Kuroyoshi sneered: "That Cardo is a scum, he doesn't know how many people will be killed in the world, as far as the father is concerned, even if we protect him and build the bridge, you can Are you sure he will not find a way to destroy the bridge?"


Everyone hesitated.

Naruto Sakura is young and has never seen that card. I don't know if things will develop like this.

However, Yamato, who has seen the darkness of people's hearts, and Dazna, who is familiar with Cardo's acting style, is very clear that this kind of thing is very likely to happen.

Therefore, Yamato set his sights on Dazna to see what he said.

Dazna hesitated.

He knows that what Kuroyoshi said is very likely to happen, but as an ordinary person's bottom line, he resists killing.

Besides, is it enough to kill Cardo?

Dazna recalled the status quo of Poland, and firmly refused.

"No, just protect me and finish the bridge."

It is impossible for a person to rely on others for the rest of his life. What the country needs is not to kill Kado, but courage.

If you don't have the courage to protect your important things, killing a card will cause another card to appear.

The bridge he wants to build is not only to break the monopoly of Cadoo, but also to arouse the courage of the people to resist.

Moreover, is it really that easy to assassinate Cardo?

With so many guards around him, it is more difficult to assassinate him than to protect yourself!

In order to change the destiny of the country, Dazna had to cheat Konoha, and felt very sorry inside, and let them risk the assassination.

Fortunately, success, if he fails, then he may really be unable to forgive himself for the rest of his life.

"That's a pity!" Kurayoshi shrugged and said no more.

He just proposed just now, and if Dazner agreed, he will kill Cardo now so that he can get it right once and for all.

However, since Dazna kept his bottom line and kindness in his heart, he would not trample on it either.

Killing is not as easy as it says, these two words carry an extremely heavy burden.

Even ninjas who have been told that they will kill in the future and trained with this since they were young will hesitate in their hearts when they first strike.

Even Kuroyoshi, who was used to seeing blood and pain, was not as calm on the surface when he killed the two ghost brothers before.

The weight of "killing" is only clear to those who have personally experienced it.

Seeing everyone making a decision, Yamato nodded, "In this case, let's protect Mr. Dazna and finish building the bridge together!"


The ship continued to travel, and after a while, the outline of a bridge appeared in the fog.

Everyone looked up at this unfinished bridge, paying tribute to Dazna's career.

"Go along this bridge and you will reach the country of Waves." The boatman said while shaking.

Not long after the words fell, the ship passed through a long bridge hole and entered the territory of the Namibia.

It is like a city on the water, surrounded by low wooden houses.

Everyone came ashore at a trestle bridge.

Then rushed to Dazna's house.

This is just a city on the border of Poland, and there is still a way to go from Dazna's home.

Chapter 96: Don't Slash Again

Everyone continued on their way, and soon left the coastal village and came to the deserted forest road.

Knowing that Cardo might continue to send ninjas to attack, everyone was very vigilant when rushing, and watched the surroundings from time to time to prevent anyone from ambushing.

But without Sasuke, Naruto did not bluff around like in the anime.

Everyone walked quietly. For some time, fog gradually rose in the forest.

Yamato and others didn't care.

Because the Namibia is surrounded by the sea, the island often gets foggy.

Dazna told them this when he was on the ship.

But Kuroyoshi's heart has increased his vigilance.

He knew that this time it was the ghost of the misty ghost and Taodi not cutting it.

He is one of the seven Ninja swords in Wuyin Village, a genius of silent murder, and is good at using mist to cover and carry out silent assassinations.

Kuroyoshi walked, adjusted his position imperceptibly, and walked behind Dazna.

The fog is getting thicker.

In the woods on the roadside, a man is hiding in a big tree.

Black short hair, slender body, almost naked upper body, showing strong and capable muscles, carrying a very exaggerated knife, mouth and neck are wrapped in bandages, black eyes are full of vicissitudes, but they are covered by fierceness and a little crazy .

It is Taodi not cutting it again.

He quietly observed the seventh class and Dazna passing by, staring at the back of Kuroyoshi.

This location

Is it coincidence or intentional?

The back is the most vulnerable location.

Generally speaking, on the way of the escort mission, the strongest person walks at the end.

One is to avoid stepping on traps, and the other is to prevent sneak attacks.

However, with these three small ninja combinations, fools can see that Yamato is the captain.

Combined with their Konoha forehead protection, it is not difficult to see that this is a rookie team led by Shinnin.