Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 141

But now, the one walking at the back is a rookie ninja.

"Is this Shinobu negligent?"

Don't cut his brows and frown.

He felt it was not that simple.

If there has not been an attack before, there may be a situation of relaxation of vigilance.

However, if such a low-level error occurred after being attacked, then this person would not be worthy of becoming a Shinobu.


Without cutting his right hand on the hilt behind him, his eyes became cold.

"No matter what tricks you have, you can't keep the person I want to kill under this beheading knife."

"Be careful, pay more attention to your surroundings." Yamato reminded.

The fog is getting thicker, and the front is almost invisible. It is a good time to ambush and attack.

Suddenly, Kuroyoshi heard the howling of air behind him.

From the sound, he could judge that it was a very large and heavy object, and it was very fast, much faster than Ryohei's katana.

Don't cut it again!

The man without eyebrows immediately appeared in Kuroyoshi's mind.

The body turned subconsciously, and on the way, holding the handle of the knife, drawing the knife, and slashing, the whole movement was completed in one go.

After doing all this, Kuroyoshi saw the beheading broadsword coming from the dense fog.

It was not thrown from a distance like in anime, but it was slashed in the hand without being cut.


With the deafening sound of metal collision, Kuroyoshi felt a strong force coming from the sword, and then he flew out.

If he doesn't stop, he swings the knife again and slashes towards Dazna in front.

Seeing that the big sword was about to fall on the head of the mission target, his fierce eyes couldn't help but brighten, and he couldn't help shouting: "Success."


No more slashing motion stopped.

He looked down at his chest, and a piece of the knife tip was exposed from his chest, clear water dripped down the knife edge, and then turned into a pool of water and fell on the ground.

At this time, Kuroyoshi, who had been knocked off before, hit a tree and turned into white smoke and exploded.

It is a shadow clone.

The real Kuroyoshi was slowly closing his sword in the team at this time.

Since it is known in advance that the opponent is good at silent killing, how can it not be prepared early.

When he went ashore, he used the shadow clone, replacing the body with the shadow clone to follow the team, while the body was hidden behind.

However, the other party was also cautious enough, and did not come forward, but sent a water body to test.

All this happened between the sparks and fire.

Until the water body that was not cut anymore was wiped out, the crowd looked over after realizing it.

Seeing Kuraki slowly retracting the knife, Yamato couldn't help frowning when he thought of something.

"Are there any assassins?"

"Yeah!" Kuroyoshi nodded slightly, "The opponent used an exaggerated machete, but it quietly approached behind my shadow clone, very powerful."

Hearing this, Yamato's heart sank.

Judging from Kurayoshi's description, how he thinks, the opponent is the famous misty ghost.

I didn't expect Cardo to hire ninjas of this level.

Seeing Yamato's expression, Naruto Sakura felt a little nervous, but Dazna looked open-minded.

From the time he decided to build the bridge, he had anticipated such a situation.

He had already made his consciousness well.

At this time, there was another screaming scream in the distance, and from the sound, it could be judged that it was a large and heavy object.

"Get down!"

Yamato's expression changed, and he shouted to everyone.

Everyone squatted their heads in time to defend themselves.

The huge decapitating knife revolved out of the fog, flew away from the top of everyone's head, and finally got stuck on a big tree in front.

Then, a figure appeared on the knife.

The fog was filled, and the figure of the man could only be seen dimly.

But only from the physical shape, Yamato has already recognized his opponent.

It is indeed the misty ghost and peach land that I guessed before.


Yamato became extremely serious, and at the same time clapped his palms together, "Wooden escape four-pillar prison technique."

"Bang Bang Bang"

A row of square wooden pillars with the thickness of the bowls rose up on the ground, forming a cell to keep everyone inside.

Although the movement was restricted, it also prevented the opponent's silent approach to the assassination.

Seeing this scene again, the pupil on the tree shrank slightly, and then smiled casually.

"It turned out to be the famous Mu Dun Tianzang, how did the master of Konoha Anbe act as a nanny for others?"

Facing the enemy's ridicule, Yamato remained unmoved, and stared at the figure in the fog, for fear that if he didn't pay attention, his opponent would disappear from his vision.

"It's boring."