Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 142

Seeing that Yamato was not replying, he snorted again and asked, "Can you let that old man out?"

"What do you mean?" Yamato asked rhetorically.

"It's a pity!" He stopped shrugging his shoulders, and then his eyes bloomed with war intent, "In this case, let's speak with forbearance!"

As the voice fell, his hands quickly sealed.

"The technique of water escape from the big waterfall."

The calm surface of the lake boiled all of a sudden, rolling up huge waves, like a flood, sweeping over everyone.

Although the wooden prison could effectively prevent him from approaching silently, it also restricted their actions.

"Huh! It's too naive to think that Uncle Ben will only perform silent assassinations!"

Chapter 97 The Broken Decapitator

"The earth escapes the earth flow wall."

Yamato pressed both hands on the ground, and a thick high wall suddenly rose up in front of the wooden prison.

The roaring wave of Beng Teng slapped on the wall and could not shake it at all, it could only flow through both sides of the wall.

Looking at the river passing by, Naruto and Sakura's hearts became tighter.

Yamato turned around and ordered: "I will go out to fight with Nostalgia, you keep the word formation to protect Mr. Dazna."

"Do you have a means to find the enemy without losing sight?" Kurayoshi asked.

"No." Yamato shook his head lightly, "You can only be careful, and when the enemy takes action, the flaw will be revealed."

"Then let me go!"

"Do not"

"Even if I get a fatal injury, it will be fine." Kurayoshi interrupted Yamato. "Wait for the enemy to reveal a flaw, and then defend and counterattack. Obviously I am more suitable than you."

Yamato pondered slightly.

Kuroyoshi's strength is not weaker than him, and he cannot be treated as a general novice.

Under this circumstance, it is indeed the best tactic to let Kurayoshi, who has a nearly immortal body, go out to lure the enemy.

After thinking about it for a while, Yamato nodded and said: "If this is the case, then you should be careful not to leave the cage too far, I will use ninjutsu to support you."


Kuroyoshi nodded.

Seeing this, Yamato opened an exit on the wooden prison and closed it after Kuroyoshi went out.

After Kuraki left the wooden prison, he jumped onto the earth wall.

Standing at a high place can have a broader view.

However, under this heavy fog, only the dim things nearby can be seen.

"Although I told Yamato that I was better suited to lure the enemy to reveal their flaws and counterattack, but as the saying goes, you should use your strengths and avoid weaknesses. Why should I fight you in such an environment?"

A confident smile appeared at the corner of Kuroyoshi's mouth.

Then, bit his finger, smear the blood on the palm of the other hand, and then seal.


Pressing the right hand on the wall, the complicated surgical patterns spread out from the palm.


As the huge white mist exploded, a creature with a huge body, orange all over, with an elephant trunk, but limbs like tigers appeared in the field.

This is Danzo's psychic beast, the dream tapir that devours nightmares in the legend.

Now, it is already the psychic beast of Kuroyoshi.

With a bandage wrapped around the head of the Mengmo tapir, the long elephant trunk emits steam-like white smoke along with the exhalation. As soon as he enters the scene, he lifts his upper body and shouts loudly.

The sound like an elephant resounded throughout the forest.

"what is this!?"

In the wooden cell, everyone couldn't help covering their ears, but they still felt the eardrums agitate.

"Teacher Yamato, fix Naruto and the others!" Kuroyoshi turned around and reminded him.

Yamato did not hear clearly and was about to ask.

Mengmo opened his mouth to the sky and sucked fiercely at this time. The huge suction force was like a hurricane that made the tree stand upright.

The thick mist, broken branches, broken stones, and all kinds of miscellaneous things were sucked into the mouth by the dream tapir.

In just a moment, all the fog was sucked into his mouth, and the forest suddenly opened up.

Kuroyoshi saw the stubbornness behind the big tree and did not cut again, the huge suction force made it difficult for him to move.

Kuroyoshi smiled.

Without hesitation, his hands were sealed.

"Wind escapes in a vacuum."

The big breath spit out from the mouth, like the sharp blade of a sickle, it splits into several crossed each other before cutting it.

And, under the huge suction power of the Mengmo tapir, the two sides of the blade were pulled back, becoming thinner and sharper.

Although this is a B-level ninjutsu, its power is immense, and with the increase in the suction power of the dream tapir, it is enough to tear off the armored Suzuo.

Without cutting, he noticed the wind blade flying in front, and knew that the big tree in front of him could not stop him.

However, under the huge suction power, he has difficulty moving.

If both hands were released from the tree, they would only be absorbed by the huge suction force, just hitting the wind blade.

"Damn it, can this uncle's ambition only end here?"

No longer slashing eyes revealed unwillingness.