Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 143

The wind blade flew to the front, cutting open the big tree like tofu.

"How could this uncle die here!"

No longer screaming unwillingly, his bloodshot eyes were occupied by madness. He slammed the decapitating knife into the ground, while he held the handle of the knife and held it firmly with his shoulder.


The huge wind blade hit the decapitator. The powerful thrust caused the broadsword and no-slash to slide back five or six meters. A slight crack appeared on the blade.

Then, without waiting any longer, the second shot hit, followed by the third and fourth rounds.

There are five wind blades in total, one is stronger than one.

The second wind blade expanded the crack of the decapitating sword, and the third shot broke it. If it was not cut, it was also shaken by the air waves colliding with the wind blade, and then sucked back by the suction of the Mengmo.

Looking at the bigger and bigger fourth shot in front of him and the fifth wind blade at the back, he closed his eyes without cutting.

Seeing that Feng Jian was about to tear his body that was no longer cut, an ice mirror suddenly condensed on the side, and a teenager wearing a mask was reflected in the mirror.

The young man walked out of the mirror, clutching the shoulder that was not cut again, "swish" and disappeared in place.

In the next second, the wind blade tore the sky and swept across, the ice shattered, and the big trees fell in pieces.

Looking down from the sky, this forest is like a person with dense hair suddenly bald.

Kuroyoshi stopped the Mengmo.

Pay attention to your surroundings carefully.

Gradually, the smoke and dust dissipated, and the forest became a mess, with broken trees and stumps everywhere, and a piece of space in front of it.

Cangji looked around for a while, and found no figure that would not be cut again, only the ground not far away, with scarlet blood and big knife fragments remaining.

After confirming that he would not be nearby again, he quickly walked over to collect the undried blood into a specially prepared vessel, and then picked up the fragments of the beheaded knife.

At this time, Yamato unlocked the technique of the wooden prison and rushed over with Naruto and others.

"Don't cut it anymore?"

Yamato asked, scanning around vigilantly.

"I was rescued by my companion." Kuroyoshi took out the fragments of the decapitated broadsword, pointed to the dried blood on the ground and said: "However, the two of them were injured, and they should not appear again in a short time."

"That's the case." Yamato breathed a sigh of relief, "In that case, let's continue on our way!"


After that, everyone continued to escort Darzna home.

the other side.

Bai Fu flees in the forest without cutting.

After seeing no one catching up, he helped him sit down and leaned on a big tree.

The appearance of not cutting is a bit miserable.

He was covered with fragments of decapitated swords all over his body, and blood flowed all over his body, turning into a blood man.

Pull out the fragments one by one, then apply medicine and bandage.

Fortunately, even though it was a little bit miserable to not cut it again, it was not fatally injured.

He glanced at the white sleeves that had been cut apart, with blood flowing out of them, then glanced at the decapitated broadsword in his hand that turned into a hilt, and sighed, "This mission is abandoned."

The movement of the white bandage stopped, and then immediately recovered, "Okay."

The strength that the little devil showed made him unable to see the possibility of success in the mission, and Bai couldn't think of any way.

Chapter 98: Another Harvest Day

After a day's journey, everyone finally reached Dazna's house before dark.

It was a wooden house built by the sea. Although it was a bit dilapidated, it was quite large. There were several houses where Dazna’s daughter Tsunamami and grandson I lived.

After everyone introduced each other, they went to the living room to discuss the follow-up work arrangements.

Dazna is going to build the bridge during the day, and someone must follow to ensure safety.

At the same time, in order to prevent the grandson of Cardona Dazna’s daughter from being taken hostage, someone at home must also be on guard.

After discussing for a while, Yamato decided to divide the team into two groups. He and Sakura followed Dazna in one group, and Kuroyoshi and Naruto waited at home in a group, and they exchanged every day.

On this, Naruto has a big opinion, he wants to go with Sakura.

However, considering the issue of strength, Yamato ignored it.

After the discussion, Tsunami came in with dinner.

Very simple, dried salted fish, rice, and miso soup.

These things are very rich for the impoverished countries of Poland.

After dinner, everyone went back to the house to rest.

After a day's journey, I was a little tired.

In the room.

Kuroyoshi spread the quilt, but did not rush to rest.

Instead, they took out the shards of the vessel and the decapitated broadsword that contained the white blood.

Ding!Special material "recycled metal" is detected, special props "metal producer" and "recycled ore" can be forged, whether forging


Kuroyoshi said silently in his mind.

Suddenly, there were two more things in his hand.

A fist-sized scarlet ore.

A square box with a funnel on it and an outlet at the back.

"Regenerated ore: Metal ore that has the function of absorbing iron molecules in the blood to regenerate, and the equipment forged with regenerated ore also has this function."

"Metal Producer: A machine that uses blood as a material to produce metal. The greater the vitality contained in blood, the more metal ores it produces and the rarer it is."