Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 144

The function is simple and clear, but it does not have much effect on Kuroyoshi.

He is not a blacksmith, nor does he plan to make a living by selling metals.

However, if you want to build a good weapon at any time, you can try it with your own blood to see if there is any rare metal ores.

Those two props did not consume the fragments of the decapitating broadsword, and there were three pieces left.

Kuroyoshi was very curious, if the three pieces were fed with blood, they would re-grow the blade and handle.

As soon as he thought of it, Kuraki first found a basin cushion, then put the fragments in the basin, and then opened the palm of his hand with Kuwu to pour blood on the fragments.

Because of his strong recovery ability, Kuroyoshi made several strokes.

However, after soaking for a long time, the blood has a knuckle deep in the basin, and the fragments have no response.

Kuroyoshi pondered slightly.

It seems that the reason for the regeneration of the decapitated sword is not metal, but the craftsmanship of forging. The key core is the handle.

The material for forging the recycled ore is not the metal as the fragment itself, but the stalk on the decapitated knife, or guess.

In fact, if you think about it, you can understand that if the reason for the regeneration of the beheaded sword is the material itself, then why is the shape of the regeneration be exactly the same as the beheaded sword?

Is it also mixed with memory metal?

Kurayoshi was not interested in digging into the secrets inside. He poured the blood in the basin into the funnel above the metal producer.

Suddenly, the metal producer made a soft "buzzing" sound, and two seconds later, three fist-sized metal ore were spit out from the exit.

Cangji picked up the ore and looked at it, holding it heavily.

It is Chakra Metal.

Weapons forged from this metal have a higher adsorption capacity for chakras, and can better give the weapon the properties of chakras.

It is a very rare and precious metal, and a small piece can be sold for a big price.

Cangji looked at the three pieces of chakra metal in his hand. Each piece was four or five kilograms of metal, mixed with ordinary metal, and could forge a dozen chakra weapons.

It seems that making a living by selling metal seems good.

For a moment, Kuroyoshi's heart moved.

However, thinking of the supreme nature of the world's power, Kuroyoshi shook his head, ditching this unreliable idea.

If you are invincible in the future, maybe you can try to live this life.

But now, forget it!

Kuroyoshi threw the two props into the system space, then sealed the chakra metal in the storage scroll, and then set his eyes on the two blood vessels.

When he collected blood, he distinguished the white blood from the blood that would not be cut through the system prompts and put them in two vessels respectively.

The less is white, the more is not cut again.

After thinking about it for a while, Kurayoshi took out Shiro's blood and placed it on the palm of his hand.

Ding!If the special material "pure white blood" is detected, it can forge the special props "Ice and Snow Crystal", "Guardian Sword", "Women's Big Brother", and "Good Heart".


Cangji nodded in agreement, and suddenly there were four more things in his hand.

The size of a thumb, the whole body is crystal clear like ice cubes and diamond-like crystals.

A samurai sword with more than three feet and a transparent blade, exuding chill.

A folded sailor school uniform.

A fist-sized, red love heart.

"Ice and Snow Crystals: It contains the power crystals of the Snow Clan. After being absorbed, it can change the bloodline of the absorber and make it possess the power of the Snow Clan."

"Guardian Sword: The miracle sword embodied by the determination to guard important people. It has the power of ice. The stronger the user's guardian heart, the stronger the power. Note: With you, I can do everything. "

"Women's gangster: clothing that can change its appearance according to the wearer's mind. Note: only for female clothing"

"Good heart: After being absorbed, even the most evil people will become good. Note: Kindness warms people's hearts, and kind hearts can infect others and make them equally good."

Ding!It is detected that the host has another kind heart, can be integrated and upgraded, whether to upgrade

That kind heart came from Ding Ci, but the introduction of that one was "Even if it contains malicious people, he will become kind." The effect is obviously not as good as the white one.

Kuroyoshi refused to upgrade.

Perhaps after the upgrade, the effect will become stronger, but two will become one.

If you need this kind of effect in the future.Upgrading at that time is the same.

Because there had been the same thing before, Kuroyoshi had long thought about the future use, so he directly threw the kind heart into the system space.

Then he threw the women's gangster in.

He has no interest in women's clothing, so he doesn't need to look at it.

Otherwise, what should I do if I am curious?

After all, there are only zero and countless times in women's clothing. Once curiosity is aroused, there is no way to look back.

After that, he set his sights on the ice crystal and guardian sword.

Ice and snow crystals allow people to obtain the blood boundary of the Snow Clan, which is very powerful.

But Kuroyoshi already has too much power, even if it is absorbed, it is difficult to use it.

Moreover, the guardian sword also has the power of ice.

Chapter 99 The Guardian Sword

Kuroyoshi uses swords himself and likes swords very much.

Therefore, I have always wanted to forge a powerful sword.

However, the system has its own forging rules, and the form of the props will be shaped into the most suitable form according to the function.

In the 12 years of owning the system, including this guardian sword, he has forged four swords, and each one needs special conditions to exert its power.

The sword of filial piety for fathers and sons needs to kill the father and kill the mother and bear a great sense of guilt.