Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 145

Wuxin sword and sentimental sword need to obliterate inner feelings and strong emotions.

He has none of these.

The guardian sword also needs a strong guardian heart to exert its power, and, according to the following notes, as long as the guardian heart is strong enough, the sword can exert unlimited power.

However, so far, Kurayoshi has no particular person or thing that he wants to protect.

Naruto Shikamaru and others have a good relationship with him. When they encounter difficulties, they will take the initiative to help, and they will generally not refuse when they encounter requests.

But their relationship is also limited to friends.

Kuroyoshi will maintain this relationship, but will not protect it.

Konoha is his second hometown.

The ninja in the village saved his life and raised his blond every year, and the three generations treated him very well.

Therefore, when Konoha encounters an accident, he will also save Konoha, but because he knows Konoha's darkness, he can't completely relax his mind about Konoha, and naturally he doesn't have the determination to sacrifice his life and protect him.

Generally speaking, Kurayoshi's heart is guarded, but it is not particularly strong.

If you really want to say it, it's also protecting yourself.


"Even if you can't exert unlimited power, at least you can use it!"

Kurayoshi held the hilt of the sword and stood straight in front of him.

The blade of the guardian sword is forged from ice-like crystals. The body is transparent, but it does not emit cold like ice. Snow patterns are carved on it.

Kuroyoshi injected chakra into the hilt, and the blade immediately bloomed with cold light and air-conditioning. The temperature in the room dropped sharply, and some places even formed frost.

"So strong!"

Cangji quickly put away Chakra, he was afraid that if it lasted a while, the whole house would become an ice cellar.

Although it's just a pure ice attribute, it's not like Blood Succession Boundary that can display various effects through ninjutsu.

But single, but powerful enough.

Cangji faintly felt that if he tried his best to shoot, he could freeze the sea with one sword.

Of course, the extent to which it can be frozen is not clear.

Perhaps the frozen sea is just an illusion.

The appearance of the guardian sword is unique, and it is very eye-catching in the hand. Kuroyoshi thought for a while and put the sword into the system space.

He was going back to Konoha to tailor a sheath for the sword, then took it out and tied it around his waist.

After putting the sword into the system space, Kuroyoshi poured out the blood that he never cut.

The previous harvest made him look forward to the blood that never cuts.

Ding!The special material "Blood of Devil May Cry" is detected, and the special props "Meow Shoes", "Compassionate Ghost", "Proof of Legend", and "Blockage Bandage" can be forged.

As the system's prompt sound fell, Kuroyoshi had four more items in his hand.

A pair of Miao Miao slippers, an ID card, a hideous ghost mask, and a roll of bandage.

"Meow Slippers: There is no sound when Meow walks. You can do it with these slippers."

"Proof of Legend: Wearing it on the body makes it legendary. Note: I have defeated the sixth generation of Naruto, and I have beaten the seventh generation of Naruto. One dare not move"

"Compassionate evil spirit: When the wearer does things that go against his will, he will harden steel in his heart, and he will never go forward. Note: With a compassionate heart and doing evil things, life can't go well with everything, then change it.

"Blockage bandage: A bandage with a blockade of feelings. Note: Covered with scars, covered with bandages, and bandaged with the injured heart"

Meow slippers look like a pair of cotton slippers with a Q version of the meow head on it, which is very cute.

Kurayoshi put it on and walked around the room, without making any movement.

However, because they are cotton slippers, they are not convenient for running and are not very useful.

The proof of the legend was unable to test the effect because there was no other person in the room, so Kuroyoshi threw it directly into the system space.

And the merciful evil spirit with the blocking bandage

Kuroyoshi looked at the introduction of these two items with a heavy heart.

Wuyin Village was once called the land of blood and fog because of its cruel system.

In that village, those who graduated from the ninja school had to kill each other with their closest classmates on the day of the exam, so that those who survived could become official ninjas.

On the day of graduation, more than a hundred candidates will be killed.

And because of this, there is the title of Wuyin Guiren.

However, despite his cruel behavior, Wuyin Village reformed the graduation system. From then on, graduated ninjas no longer need to kill each other.

In addition, he later assassinated Shui Ying and launched a coup d'etat. Many viewers who watched anime in his previous life said that he acted to change the village, with compassion buried in his heart.

However, this is just a guess.

Kuroyoshi didn't know whether these two items were forged as materials because of the speculation in the previous life, or because they had such potential in themselves without cutting them.

However, when he remembered the phrase "Big Brother, do you have the same eyes as me" that Bai said when he first saw No More Kill, he confirmed that it was the latter.

Kuroyoshi hopes that the answer is the latter, but he doesn't want the latter.

If it's the latter, then he will be a respectable person if he doesn't cut it. He doesn't want a respectable person to die.

Do not cut very weak.

At least, compared with his ideals, it is really weak.

It is impossible to succeed only by yourself and Bai.

Continuing to walk on this road, their final ending is still inevitable.

"I hope Terumi Mei can accept this respectable ghost after changing the mist!"

Kuroyoshi sighed.

He once again experienced the helplessness of powerlessness from these two props.

That nasty feeling, I don't want to happen to myself.