Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 147

Then, Kurayoshi told Naruto about the training of walking the tree, and after demonstrating it personally, let him practice by himself.

And I made a fishing rod and ran to the front trestle bridge to fish.

This kind of guard task is even more boring than the chores in the village. If you don't find something to do, you will die of boredom.

However, I don't know if the fishing skills are not good enough, or the bait is not salty, or the fishing rod is not well made, and the fish has not caught the bait for a long time.

I don't know how long it took, a childish voice suddenly sounded behind him.

"You can't catch fish here."

After hearing the sound, Cangji looked back, and saw Yi was standing not far behind him, with his head down, the front of the hat blocking his face, making it difficult to see his expression.

"Fish also has the instinct for survival. If you want to fish, it is best to find a place where no one is."

Kuroyoshi didn't care, "It doesn't matter, just pass the time."

"Then what's the point of doing this kind of thing?"

Yi Ye screamed as if he was irritated, "The guy in front who was covered with scars from his practice, no matter how he cultivates, he will not be Cardo's opponent, and you who are destined to not catch fish. why?"

"Just like you will accept the task of protecting Grandpa, since you are not an opponent of Cardo anyway, why do you want to die stupidly?"


Kuroyoshi tilted his head slightly, seemingly confused about this question.

"Why are there so many?"

"When people see ants moving, some will smile, some will build bridges and pave the way for them, and some will burn them to death. Have you ever thought about the significance of them doing this?"


Yi was stunned.

"Let me tell you!" Kuroyoshi smiled contemptuously, "It makes no sense, everything is done according to your own preferences."

"For my preference, can I not even have my life?" Yi asked loudly.

Hearing this, Cangji laughed loudly.

"There, you are more stupid than the fish!" Kurayoshi continued, despite the ugly expression on his face, "Fish still knows to stay away from places where there is a lot of movement, why do you think some people don't want to die for their own sake?"

"That, then you"

"People will stay and watch when they encounter ants and move house. If they encounter a fire, they will yell and escape. I will accept this task because of my mood. Of course, because Cardo is just an ant-like role in my eyes, I am not happy. Just step on it to death."

"This this"

"You don't think that we are kind-hearted in accepting this task, do you?" Kuroyoshi laughed and said, "Perhaps Naruto and Sakura are for this reason, but Captain Yamato does have the mentality of training Naruto Sakura, and I"

Before he finished speaking, Kurayoshi felt the fishing rod move.

With a jerk, he pulled up a big plump fish.

Kurayoshi happily put the fish in the bucket, and continued: "I just equipped myself for the sake of my own equipment. By the way, I can see if I can get an unexpected harvest. You see, I was destined to not catch a fish. I didn't catch a fish. ?"

Chapter One Hundred and One

Yi's stepfather is a man with a sense of responsibility and courage.

He had risked his life to save the towns of Poland in the rain and flood, so the people in Poland became heroes.

However, the gun shot out.

Cardo wants to control this country, and the first thing he needs to do is take the hero of the wave country.

The citizens who were saved by the father of Iraq were afraid to take action, and witnessed him being beaten to death by Cardo's men.

Since then, Yi has no longer believed in the existence of heroes in the world, but is just playing tricks, and nothing can be changed when encountering real enemies.

When he saw the seventh class accepting low pay and protecting Dazna, he subconsciously thought that they wanted to be heroes.

I don't want my father's tragedy to happen again, and I don't want to see a group of unrelated people die in vain for a country that is destined to be irretrievable.

Yi's words were against them and wanted them to leave.

Although it was kind, Kurayoshi didn't have the patience to preach to this kind of kid who didn't have the same hair.

Yamato is different from Kakashi.

He is more cautious and will not let the team take risks because of sympathy.

He continued to perform the task even after he knew what Dazna had concealed, because he had confidence in the power of the seventh class.

In his judgment, with himself and Kuroyoshi, even with two novices under Shinobu, he can complete the A-level mission without damage, not to mention the B-level.

Since the safety of the members is not a problem, and the team members themselves do not object, and they can still play a role in the growth of the team members, why not do it?

As for Naruto Sakura

In the anime, they may only continue their mission with pure kindness, but now

I have realized in advance that they are weak and small, not only kind, but also more of themselves.

They insisted on doing high-level tasks for faster progress from the beginning.

Now, the task level has been improved, which is more in line with their wishes.

But Kuroyoshi is purely for equipment.

The following days were a little calm.

Zaibuzhan and Bai did not attack again after the last attack.

When Kuraki was on duty at Dazna's house, he instructed Naruto to practice.

Originally thought that without Sasuke, Naruto's progress would slow down a lot, but he didn't want to be faster than in anime.

However, if you think about it, you can understand the key.

In the anime, Naruto clamored for high-level tasks all day, but he was too energetic and felt that low-level tasks were too boring.

On the way to the mission, I saw the white two needles of the same age as "Killing and not cutting", and realized that his weakness is not the reason for his young age, which stimulated the motivation to move forward.

And now, during the battle between Kuroyoshi and Sasuke, he realized it.

And the battle with no longer slashed even more deeply to him.