Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 149

Then, the shadow clone disappeared on the bridge together with Itachi.


The sudden change shocked the ghost shark, and the rush to Kuroyoshi couldn't help but stop.

"Do you have time to care about others?"

Kuroyoshi appeared in front of the ghost shark instantaneously and kicked him off the bridge.

He took out the Book of All-Knowing and checked it. Cardo was leading a large number of people to come here, two of them were still heading to Dazna's house.

However, Naruto is also daring to come to the bridge.

Calculate the time travel speed of both parties, Naruto will arrive first for a long time.

Ok!Don't worry about the safety of the mission target for now.

"Uncle, don't run around!"

Cangji gave orders to Dazna, turned over and chased after the guardrail.

The ninjutsu scope of the ghost shark is too large. If they fight on the bridge, none of these workers will survive, and the unfinished bridge may be destroyed by the aftermath of the battle.

Cangji ran all the way down the bridge pillars, his eyes cast to the sea early, and the ghost shark dragged the huge shark muscle to stand on the distant sea waiting in time.

He is a water escape ninja, and the sea is his home ground.

Kuroyoshi wanted to fight him on the sea, which was just what he wanted.


When he was five or six meters away from the sea, Kuraki kicked his legs and flew directly towards the ghost shark in the distance.

"Did you throw yourself out as a baseball?"

The ghost shark grinned, holding the shark muscle handle with both hands, lifting the shark muscle as if holding a bat, and when Kuraki approached, he slammed it out.

No, the fierce Kurayoshi body is unusually flexible.

Before the shark muscles waved, he rolled over, kicked his legs on the shark muscles, and then used force to backflip and land steadily in front of the ghost sharks. The long knife hanging from his waist was pulled out by his left hand and cut out with a cross cut. , Is about to cut off the ghost shark.

The ghost shark tucked his abdomen and bowed, avoiding danger, holding the shark muscle in one hand and lifting it high, and then smashed it down mercilessly!

The size of the shark's muscle was huge, and with one blow, the force sank so hard that even the air was torn into a stern whistle.

Can't block it!

Thoughts flashed through his mind, and Kuroyoshi instinctively withdrew away.


The shark's muscle fell into the air and hit the water, causing several waves of water.

Before the water wave fell, the ghost shark dragged the shark muscle with one hand and broke out of it, "Boy, what have you done to Mr. Itachi?"

Before Cangji stood still, the ghost shark rushed forward, and the shark muscle aimed at him and smashed it down.

Reluctantly, Kuroyoshi had to raise his knife to resist.


When the weapons intersected, Kurayoshi could only feel the unmatched power coming from the sword, and the sea under his feet sank suddenly, and then exploded.

And Kuroyoshi was hit into the bottom of the sea, and the calm water began to surge.

The ghost shark can fight evenly against the Metkai who opened the seven doors, can catch Kay’s Konoha whirlwind with one hand, and can break free from the shackles of Mu Dun with his own strength. In terms of speed and strength, Kuroyoshi is indeed Not an opponent.

What's more, he even divided Chakra in half and gave the shadow clone.


Ninja fighting is not about speed and power alone!

Looking at the swaying figure on the sea, Kuroyoshi was about to fight back with ninjutsu. He didn't want to, but before he could act in the future, the opponent had already used ninjutsu first.

"Water Dun five-eating sharks."

The ghost shark squatted on the sea, making seals with both hands, and then pressing one hand on the sea. Five chakras flowed into the sea from the five fingers, turning into a shark and chasing into the deep sea.

Kuroyoshi didn't care, and slapped his hands, and a huge amount of Chakra exploded.

"Mu Dun Shujie was born."

Numerous saplings lifted their heads from the bottom of the sea, and then grew at a speed visible to the naked eye. The branches lifted Kuroyoshi up, poked the sharks, and after a while, they burst out of the sea and grew into towering giant trees.

A towering giant tree needs five or six people to hug, and the crown area is huge, dozens of such towering giant trees squeeze together to form a forest.

On the sea near Nami Country, a water forest grew at this moment.

"This is, this is the wooden escape of the original Hokage!"

The ghost shark who retreated to the safe area looked up with a serious expression.

Mu Dun is a physical ninjutsu, he cannot weaken the enemy's ninjutsu power and his own strength by capturing the opponent's Chakra.

He was full of self-confidence, but now he has become an enemy.

Cangji walked out of the forest and stood on the outermost branch, looking down at the ghost shark, "Continue to fight!"

The ghost shark ignored Kurayoshi's provocation, but frowned and stared into the forest, where there was pitch-black silence, like a monster with its huge mouth open and waiting for something to enter.

Suddenly, he began to seal, and then patted the water with one hand.

"The four sharks in the water escape rain."


The sea on all sides of the ghost shark exploded, and four huge sharks leaped out, biting towards Kuroyoshi.

Kuroyoshi was expressionless, standing quietly on the branch, and four thick vines stretched out behind him, exploding before the shark approached.

Don't want to, the detonated sharks turned into countless seawater, and the seawater turned into countless small shark water bombs, charging in groups toward the forest.

"Do you think this is all right?"

Kuroyoshi sneered, his expression undaunted.

Sure enough, at the moment when the school of small sharks approached, the forest behind Kuroyoshi seemed to have come alive. There were countless vines, densely packed, more than the school of sharks.