Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 151

Kuroyoshi was not surprised by this result.

Even if the wood dragon hardened the tail beast jade, it was still intact, how could it be destroyed by a water mackerel bomb that was weakened to only one-tenth of its power? That would be too embarrassing for Mu Dun's face!

"Just catch it!"

With a confident smile on Cangji's face, his folded hands were turned into seals, and he directed the wooden dragon to fly to the ghost shark.

"The wooden dragon is unstoppable, and it's over if it's entangled, but is it wood in the end, can it be as flexible as the sky in the sea?" The ghost shark chuckled and sank into the water.


Mulong lost his head and set off several waves.

But just as the ghost shark thought, the wooden dragon is wood, which has huge buoyancy in the water and cannot soar as flexibly in the sky.


"Do you think you can escape?"

On the contrary, the corners of Kuraki's mouth rose slightly, and his hands clasped his fists to form seals.

"Wooden escape tree bound forever burial."


The ghost shark found something wrong just after diving into the water, and there were small green particles floating in the nearby ocean.

He grabbed a hand and checked it carefully, and found that they were all plant spores, just like the things exuding from Jue's body, and the source of the spores was the root of the forest on the seabed made by the tree world.

"not good!"

A sense of crisis arose in Guiyu's heart, and immediately wanted to surface, but it was too late.

The densely packed spores divide and sprout quickly, and grow into saplings and vines. The nearby sea area is instantly occupied by plants, and there is no room to escape.

The ghost shark used ninjutsu to explode a space, and vines from other directions immediately added it.

Dense and endless.

Unless the entire sea area is emptied in one breath, you will never be able to escape this trap on the bottom of the sea.

Obviously, the ghost shark does not have the ability to empty the positive sea area at once in the water.

After resisting for a while, it finally revealed a flaw and was entangled by a vine.

Then, Mu Dun started to absorb Chakra's ability, and the vines entwined with him used it as a nourishment to grow rapidly, only to instantly grow into a giant tree surrounded by one person.

The ghost shark is absorbed by the trunk as a nutrient and protrudes out of the sea.

Chapter One Hundred and Four

The tree came out of the sea with the ghost shark.

His whole body was bound by vines, only one head was exposed, as if his body was growing in the roots of a tree.

"Really caught like this?"

Seeing this scene, Kuroyoshi was a little surprised.

Spore is the tactical layout that Kuroyoshi thought of when he was hit into the seabed.

Use the tree world to descend, use the plural vines of the forest to make up for the lack of speed and strength, and at the same time sow spores on the seabed to prevent the ghost shark from attacking from the seabed.

After all, his move that merged with the mackerel muscle and turned into a half-murloc form was very powerful, especially in the sea.

The half-tailed Kirabi was played around in the water by him.

Kuroyoshi never thought that the spore-dividing plant could take him in one fell swoop. He just wanted to use the guardian sword to freeze the sea while taking advantage of the spore-dividing plant to entangle him, and take him in one fell swoop.

Unexpectedly, the ghost shark would be caught by the vine before he could use that sign in the future.

Mu Dun absorbs the characteristics of Chakra, so that the ghost shark can't use it, and even if Kuraki wants, these vines can instantly absorb the ghost shark as nourishment.

After all, Kuroyoshi looked down on Mu Dun.

The reincarnations of asuras in the past require Nine Tails to fight against Indra's reincarnation, but the first generation of Hokage possessed this power from the sacred tree, but it was completely reversed. Even Uchiha Madara could not compete with him even with Nine Tails.

Looking at the leopard, you can imagine how powerful Mu Dun is.

Although the crystalline power of the sacred tree forged from Yamato is very weak, it is nourished by the huge vitality of the perfect immortal human body, and this power is visible to the naked eye every day.

Coupled with the support of Nakuraji's huge chakra volume, his Mu Dun has long surpassed Yamato.

Although it was still not up to the level when ALFY controlled Yamato, it was still slightly stronger than the original Hokage reincarnated from the dirty soil on the Chunin exam.

"Unexpectedly, I would lose to a kid, it's really impermanent!"

Life is dominated by people, but Guiyu's heart is very calm, even with a faint smile on his face.

He became a ninja at a very young age, was favored by the big figures in the village, shouldered secret missions, and then constantly betrayed his companions and slashed their lives.

His hands were stained with the blood of his companions and enemies, and he had seen countless lives pass away.

He felt that it was not uncommon for a sinner like himself to die, but he never thought that he would lose to a nameless kid.

Perhaps, this is the punishment God imposed on my crime!

Hearing what the ghost shark said, Kuroyoshi couldn't help but laughed, "There are so many impermanent things in the world, do you want to sigh for each one?"

"No, no need." Guiyu shook his head, "I really lost this battle. If you want to kill or kill, it's up to you."

"Don't worry, I won't kill you yet."

The ghost shark is a watcher who brings the soil and arranged next to Itachi, but the ghost shark respects Itachi and obeys his words.

If he kills him, bringing the soil will arrange another person to monitor the ferret. It will be no good what it will be like when he is down.

Although Kuroyoshi hasn't lifted the shadow clone yet, he doesn't know Itachi's request, but he who has watched the animation will not miss this.

Kuroyoshi took a bunch of hair from the head of the shark, put it in a bottle and kept it carefully, and then wanted to remove a piece from the shark's muscle.

Although the shark muscle can become very soft, it is hard in nature.

Kuroyoshi tried several times but failed to cut a piece.

Guiyu didn't understand the meaning of Kuroyoshi's doing this, and could not resist, just watched silently.

Kuroyoshi tried for a while and gave up.