Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 152

Although I have thought of directly occupying the shark's muscles, this product seems to be very loyal to the ghost shark, and even the Chakra of the eight tails has not allowed it to turn.

He didn't think he had so much charm to make Shark muscle betray the Ghost Shark.

Even if the shark muscle was really attracted by his chakra and betrayed the ghost shark, he could not believe the example of Kirabi.

So, after thinking about it, forget it.

There is no shortage of weapons of special power. There is no shortage of this one.

After Kurayoshi gave up the shark muscle, he directly lifted the shadow clone.

Suddenly, there was more information about the shadow clone and Itachi in his mind.

Incidentally, the domain mirror also returned to his hands.

He slowly retracted the domain mirror into the system space, and then jumped out suddenly.

In the next second, the sea forest burned with black flames, and the terrifying temperature caused the sea to boil at this moment.

Kurayoshi stood firm in the distant sea.

Looking back, the ghost shark was already out of trouble, and Uchiha Itachi was standing beside him.

They stayed away from the burning forest, and looked at Kuroyoshi on the sea to the right of Kuroyoshi.

Itachi will not add fate, and the released Amaterasu cannot control it. If they continue to stay in the forest, they will also be burned to death.

"I thought I was dead, and I didn't expect to live after the disaster. This is also the impermanence of the world!"

The ghost shark held the shark muscle in one hand and moved his bones, with a very enjoyable expression on his face.

He was just bound by vines, and now he moves his bones, which is extremely comfortable.

"There are too many impermanent things in the world, do you have to sigh like this every time?" Kurayoshi questioned.

"Boy, don't be proud." The ghost shark pressed the shark muscle on his shoulders and said confidently: "I did lose just now, but don't think that winning once means better than me."

As he said, the ghost shark waved its muscles and pointed directly at Kuroyoshi, "Continue with the previous battle. This time, I will use all my strength."

"Tsk!" Kuroyoshi sneered: "Is it not strong to win, but strong to lose? No matter how much the defeated generals say, it is nothing more than the barking of the losing dog.


The ghost shark was angry, and he was about to lift his muscles. Not thinking, Itachi stretched out his right hand to stop him.


The ghost looked at Itachi in confusion.

I saw him shook his head lightly and said calmly: "We withdraw."

"Why?" Guiyu was very puzzled, "Even if I am not an opponent, if we two join hands, the kid will definitely lose."

"The employer is dead."


The ghost was stunned, and it took a while before he turned around, "What does it mean that the employer is dead?"

"Literally." Itachi said lightly: "Before, I was taken into a different space by that guy's shadow clone. When I broke free, I saw Cardo's body."

"Why is that bastard here?"

"I don't know, but looking at the abandoned weapons and armed villagers everywhere on the bridge, you can probably think of it." Itachi said calmly, "That guy probably brought his men to pick it up when we were fighting with Konoha Ninja. It was cheap, but was killed by villagers who had plucked up the courage."

"Tsk, really annoyed!"

The ghost shark smashed into the sea irritably, and then looked at Kuroyoshi with a bad face, "Since the employer is dead, then we have no reason to fight. Of course, if you think you can beat two, you can try to catch up. Try. But let me ask again, kid, what's your name?"

"It's easy to say." Kuraki slapped his chest and said, "I am Lu Kuraki, the first person in the ninja world in the future!"

"Lu Cangji?" Guiyu was a little confused, "What a strange name, but I remember you."

Chapter 105 Follow-up and Harvest

The ghost shark left a cruel word and ran away with Itachi.

Kuroyoshi did not chase.

Not to mention the relationship with Itachi, even if it is strength

It is also very difficult to keep them, unless the ring of the nine lama and the kaleidoscope writing round eyes are exposed, and the prestige must be used.

"Kurayoshi, are you okay!"

Naruto's caring cry came from the bridge.

Kuraki looked up, Naruto leaned his upper body on the guardrail.

"I'm fine."

Kuroyoshi waved at him, saying that he didn't need to worry.

Then, set your eyes on the burning forest.

It is close to the coast, and the forest is connected to the shore. If the sky is allowed to burn down, the entire Nami country will be burned.

Kuroyoshi slapped both hands and controlled the forest with a wooden escape, moving it away from the shore.

In this way, when the forest burns out, the flame will go out on its own.

After all this was done, Kurayoshi followed the pillars back to the bridge.

As soon as he returned to the bridge, Naruto and a group of heavily armed villagers surrounded him, "Kurayoshi, are those two ninjas hired by Cardo?"

Looking closer, Kuroyoshi found that Naruto was full of traces of battle.

The face and clothes were all messed up, and in some places there were traces of being cut by sharp weapons, and most of the other villagers were like this.

He squeezed through the crowd and saw the corpses of Cardo and some villagers and land ruffians outside.

The wounds above are mostly harpoons and crossbow arrows from villagers.

Seeing this situation, Kuroyoshi immediately knew the situation.

Kado still brought his hands down to pick up the bargain as in the anime.

In the same place, Naruto had the courage to rebel against Cardo by Naruto's mouth, which infected all the people and made everyone brave and took up arms to resist.