Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 153

The difference is that no one here takes the lead in killing Kado, no one shows the power of ninjas to this group of samurai ruffians, and the group of Kado's men did not escape without fighting like in the anime.

The two sides fought together and hurt each other.

The villagers were helped by Naruto and finally won.

Although the process has changed a little, the ending has not changed.

No, it should have changed.

It became more tragic.

In the anime, Kado died, and no one else, no matter the ruffian warriors or the villagers, died.

However, the things exchanged for life are more precious.

"Those two are indeed ninjas hired by Kaduo, but Kaduo is dead. If there is no reason to fight, they will withdraw."

Before Cangji had finished speaking, the villagers cheered.

Cardo died, his men ran away, and the hired ninja retreated by themselves.

This means that Poland is liberated.

From now on, they will no longer have to live in fear of poverty.

Among the crowd, Kuroyoshi and Naruto could feel the joy of the villagers most, and they couldn't help but put a smile on their faces.

Emotions are contagious, whether happy or sad.

After being happy, everyone began to deal with follow-up matters.

The workers who built the bridge continued to build the bridge, and the workers who had withdrawn from the threat of Cardo also rejoined it.

The others buried the dead on the cliff behind the island.

Both Kado and the villagers were buried equally.

On the way, Yamato who got the news also came with Sakura.

When the Ohashi battle broke out, two samurai attacked Dazna's house. Yamato knew that Ohashi was in trouble, but didn't dare to act rashly. He could only trust Kuroyoshi and Naruto to solve it.

He will continue to guard the Dazna's house to prevent subsequent enemies from taking Tsunami as a hostage.

Now, after learning that everything was settled, Yamato was also very relieved.

"As expected of Kuroyoshi, even that level of rebelliousness can be defeated." Yamato patted Kuroyoshi on the shoulder, complimenting him without hesitation.

Facing the ghost shark, one of the seven knives of Wuyin, and the Itachi who assassinated the Konoha high-level Danzo and ruined the entire root, even he himself had no confidence to retreat.

And Kuroyoshi not only kept the mission goal perfectly, but he did not suffer any harm.

Such a performance is difficult to achieve even if it is forbearance.

"What about me, what about me?"

Hearing Yamato's praise of Kurayoshi, Naruto hurried over, "I also defeated a lot of people. Many of Kado's subordinates are samurai ronins and wandering ninjas. I managed to get rid of them."

"Yeah! Of course I won't forget you, Naruto!" Yamato touched Naruto's head, then looked at Sakura, "And you, Sakura, you did a good job too. After returning to Konoha, I will give Hokage a good Your Excellency explained your active performance."


Kozakura looked dumbfounded.

What did i do?

In this way, a happy day passed.

In the evening, Dazna's house.

Tsunami cooked a rich meal.

There are bacon, fresh fish, various fruits and vegetables

These are all sent by the villagers.

Although everyone in Poland is so poor that they can't afford to eat, they can still make up a rich meal.

Although these meals are very ordinary in the eyes of Kuroyoshi, this is indeed the heart of the people of this country.

Kuroyoshi accepted it generously.

After dinner, Kurayoshi returned to his house.

He locked the door behind him, and then took out the ghost hair.

Suddenly, the system prompt sounded in my mind.

Ding!Found special materials "false hair", can forge special props "false life", "blade of betrayal", "honest man", "murloc belt", whether forging

"Fake hair?"

Kuroyoshi pondered for a while before silently saying in his mind, "Forging."

In the next second, Kuroyoshi had four more things in his hand.

A high-tech helmet.

A two-foot-long handle, wide palm, blood-red, with a barbed scimitar behind it.

A fist-sized, gray love heart.

A championship belt style with a shark head in the middle.

"False life: This is a life simulation game helmet. Every choice you make in the game will lead to a different direction in your future life. Note: Although this is a game with a true degree of 99, the life in it is false of"

"Blade of Betrayal: A sharp blade soaked in the blood of a companion. It has a wound tearing effect when dealing with a betrayer. Note: The betrayer is hard to escape."

"Honest man: the heart of magic that can give people an honest character."

"The murloc belt: the wearer can be semi-murloc, so that it has the ability to breathe in the water, move without interference from the resistance of water, and greatly enhance the power speed."

The fake life is a virtual game helmet, just like the consequence simulator, you can play the game as long as you wear the helmet.

The difference is that the harem simulator is a harem development game, the characters in it are all related to the harem, and the false life is open with the real world as the background.

Players can do anything that can be done in reality

Of course, you have to have the ability to do it in advance.