Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 154

Chapter 106 Back to Konoha

The blade of betrayal is the scimitar.

The blade was blood-red, engraved with blood grooves, and there was a cold glow under the light.

Kuroyoshi felt a little flustered just looking at it.

This thing has a wound tearing effect on the betrayer, and a small scratch can become fatal.

However, the judgment of the "betrayer" here is ambiguous.

It does not refer to the betrayal of identity, but the inner betrayal.

Such as spies.

Xx's surface belongs to Konoha Village, and is actually a spy in Yunyin Village. Konoha lurks for Yunyin's benefit.

If he does anything to sorry Konoha, it is not betrayal.

Because he himself has not been loyal to Konoha, how can he betray?

In addition to this kind of organizational betrayal, there are also love, friendship, family affection, cooperation, and trading.

Betrayals in all forms and occasions belong to betrayers.

But there must also be loyalty before betrayal.

Otherwise, it is only a deception, not a betrayal.

Moreover, the person who was betrayed first, the betrayal in turn is not betrayal, but is called revenge.

Give an example.

Wife xx cuckolded him secretly, and xx secretly went to cuckold his wife.

Wife is betrayal, XX is not betrayal, but revenge.

In short, this "betrayer" identity is a bit idealistic.

The third prop, honest people, is like a kind heart props that change the character.

The murloc belt is similar to the beastmaster belt forged from the tooth, but one is a beast word, this is a murloc, and the ability after transformation is also in line with the shape of the transformation.

This gain

Although it is very good, but for a master like Guiyu, it is reluctant!

After checking all the props, Kuroyoshi threw it into the system space and went to sleep.

There was no word for a night, and the next day, the sun rose high.

Kuroyoshi got up and brushed his teeth for dinner as usual.

Although Cardo was dead, to prevent Cardo from retaliating, the seventh squad was divided into two groups, taking turns to protect Dazna and his home.

Today it is Naruto Kuroyoshi's turn to guard the house.

So, he took the fishing rod to the trestle behind to go fishing early.

Although no fish was caught in a day, there was no retaliation by Cardo.

In this way, a little bit of time passed, and soon a month passed.

The Nami country Bridge was finally completed.

The seventh group said goodbye to the citizens of Poland headed by Dazna at the bridge head, and then returned to Konoha as the first group of people to step on the bridge.

When the seventh class returned to Konoha, it was already May 29, which was a good time for spring and sunshine.

Everyone stood in front of the Konoha gate, looking up at the Konoha sign on it, except for Yamato, they all felt nostalgic.

Probably, people who have traveled for a long time for the first time will feel this way after returning home!

"I went to the Hokage office to submit this mission report. I will rest tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I will start the new mission the day after tomorrow." Yamato gave a few instructions to a few people, smiled, and said, "Then, just disband here. Go back and rest!"

Yamato's decision received unanimous praise from everyone, and Naruto even shouted "Long live the Yamato teacher" and the like.

Yamato smiled, went straight into Konoha and headed towards the Hokage Building.

"Then let's say goodbye here now!" Kuroyoshi also greeted the two of them, and then went home across the Konoha gate.

To be honest, this task is quite easy.

Except for two fights, the rest of the time is either fishing or standing on a bridge to watch the sea, just like traveling.

However, it took a day to rush back to Konoha from the country of Nami and it was quite tiring.

He wants to go back and have a good rest.

Naruto Sakura waved goodbye to Kuroyoshi.


"Sakura, the two of us are left, do you want to go on a date?" Naruto rubbed his hands and moved his smiling face towards him.

However, I don’t know if I’m thinking about a successful date or I’m trying to fill in the picture. In short, the kind of laughter that girls hate.

"No, I'm going home to rest."

Sure enough, Sakura relentlessly rejected Naruto's scornful smile.

Then, regardless of Naruto's reaction, he went straight into the Konoha gate and headed home.

Naruto shrugged her body after a few to no avail after chasing and shouting, his face was full of frustration.

"Forget it, go back and have a good sleep!"

With that, he dragged his tired body back home.

After returning home, Kuroyoshi took a bath, changed into a clean and loose dojo uniform, and then lay down on the veranda outside the dojo, propped up his right elbow, rested his face with his right hand, and looked at the courtyard casually.The wind of May seems to be dyeing his white dojo uniform into a new green color.

There was a dish of peanut rice and mung bean cake in front of him, and from time to time he picked one up and put it in his mouth, but his eyes were always staring at the green leafy oak tree.

The courtyard is so big, the scenery is only an oak tree, rockery, water spring, Jinglu.After watching it for so many years, even if the spring scenery is beautiful, Kuroyoshi will not feel fresh.

However, whenever you are tired, take a trip to the outer porch, enjoy the wind blowing in the early summer, and feel the tranquility of nature, and your heart will be particularly relaxed and comfortable.

In the past, when he was tired of practicing, he would lie here for a while.