Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 155

Although the scenery is different in spring, summer, autumn and winter, you can also feel relaxed and comfortable when you feel different scenery from the scorching sun, heavy rain, cold wind, and heavy snow.

"Kurayoshi, Kuroyoshi"

At this moment, a nice voice came from outside.

Kuroyoshi looked up, and saw the girl dressed in purple rushing in unceremoniously.

She saw Kurayoshi lying sideways on the veranda, her face couldn't help but joy, her footsteps became faster, and she almost teleported to sit on the edge of the veranda.

The faint scent of cosmos radiated from the girl, and after smelling the girl's body scent, Kuroyoshi could no longer maintain the relaxed and comfortable before.

He turned over and sat up, leaned on the pillar, raised his right leg, rested on his knees, and sighed helplessly: "Ino, don't you need to do the task?"

"Class 10 is off today!"


Is this a coincidence?

"I saw Sakura came back, so I came to see you."

Ino looked at Kurayoshi with a sweet smile on his face.As long as she can look at the one she loves, she is extremely happy.

"But I just came back from a mission and want to take a good rest."

"It doesn't matter, you continue to lie down and rest, I won't make a sound."


Kuroyoshi looked at Ino silently, and the other party squinted his eyes like a crescent, and looked at him timidly.


Kuroyoshi let out a deep sigh, pulled back a bit, and continued to lie down on the veranda.

However, the faint scent of the girl's body came from time to time. No matter how he ignored the girl, Kuroyoshi couldn't restore his former comfort.

However, he still held his breath and pretended that nothing happened.


The breeze was blowing, messing up the girl's hair.

Ino stretched out his hand and flicked it, revealing the delicate white neck.

Kuroyoshi rolled his eyes to this scene, and swallowed his throat very desperately.

Chapter 107 Confession and Agreement


Ino paid attention to Kuroyoshi's every move, and this small movement could not escape the girl's beautiful eyes, and couldn't help but chuckled slightly.


The silver bell-like laughter was nice, but it fell into Cangji's ears with a little irony, and then felt annoyed.

After all, he had been ignoring Ino, but as a result, he was still moved by his body.

"Kurayoshi, Kuroyoshi, I'm so happy!"

Ino held his small mouth, trying to hold back his smile, but he was so happy that he didn't hold back his smile, but even the tears came out.

"For so many years, you have been ignoring my mind. I always thought that I was not attractive enough to attract your attention. Now that I know you will be moved by my body, I am really happy."


Kuroyoshi was silent.

Although Ino's words were said with a smile, they revealed the bitterness of having a crush on Kuroyoshi over the past few years.


Are the girls in Naruto so bold?

In this case, isn’t it because the girl grabs the guy and beats him up and then yells pervert or something?

Even if you are a boy you like, you should be more reserved, blushing and hiding your face and saying that you hate something.

Isn't it more embarrassing for me to be so straightforward?


Ino suddenly called out his name.

Cangji heard the sound and saw that the girl looked at herself firmly, her heart couldn't help but she felt something going to happen.

"what's up?"

"Since you have feelings for me, why do you keep rejecting me? I'm not good enough to make you hate it?"

Ino is bold and straightforward, just like Sakura.

Facing the person you like, you don't hesitate to confide in your heart.

Faced with Ino's confession without hesitation, Kurayoshi fell silent.

After a while, he asked, "Ino."


"You keep saying that you like me, but do you know what it is to like someone?"

"Like is like! What else does it mean?"

"No, I mean feeling, like the feeling of a person, do you know what it is?"


Ino frowned, and pressed his fingers on his lower lip to think hard, "I never thought about this before, but if I like the feeling of Kuroyoshi, I always remember it."

"I will be very happy when I see you."

"I feel very lost when I can't see you."

"You will feel at ease when you are by my side."

"When you are not by my side, you can't help but think of you in my mind."