Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 156

Ino stood up, whirled around in front of Kurayoshi, and continued: "It's incredible to say that as long as I'm around Kurayoshi, I feel sweet in my heart. As long as I can talk to you, I feel very fulfilled."

"If this is not what I like, then, I don't think I will like anyone in my life!"

"Because, just like this, I feel extremely happy, I really can't imagine, there is a happier feeling than this."

"So, Kuroyoshi" Ino smiled and stretched out his right hand to him, "Be my boyfriend, I will let you experience the same happiness."


The reason why Kurayoshi asked this question was that Ino was only 12 years old and loved and liked all day long, but it was a whim of a child.

No understanding of true love at all.

Therefore, he rejected the other side's wishes again and again.

However, Ino's answer was a little unexpected.

She is not a child's whim, but she really likes herself and understands the feeling of loving someone.

If this were the case, Kurayoshi couldn't refuse as easily as before.

After all, arbitrarily rejecting people who like you will hurt a person's heart. You need to think about the answer before giving it a reply.

However, Kurayoshi still finds it incredible.

Although I don't remember very clearly, Kurayoshi still has a general impression.

It seems that before he went to school, Ino began to express his love for himself.

Although it's not as straightforward and bold as it is now, I can see from the expression that deliberately approached myself and blushed from time to time because of some handsome actions.

Ino, he really fell in love with himself when he was five years old.

My mother!

I knew I liked someone at the age of five!

When Kuraki recalled his previous life, he only knew spinning tops when he was five years old!

Are girls in this world so precocious?

and many more

If the other person fell in love with me at the age of five and is pursuing me deliberately, then

Ino, is this a cultivation of Shanta?

Kuroyoshi suddenly realized this problem, and was a little tangled for a while.

The original mood to think about the answer is gone.

The other traversers have been raised as loli since childhood, but I was raised by my sister since childhood.

If you accept the other's love, doesn't it mean that the other party has successfully developed?

No, no, absolutely not.

Kuroyoshi shook his head vigorously and looked at Ino firmly, "No, I still can't accept your love."


Ino was stunned, and asked immediately, his eyes moist.

Although I have been rejected thousands of times, this time is different.

Although Kuroyoshi refused in the past, he refused without even thinking about it. The expression does not necessarily mean that he does not like himself, but it may also be that he does not want to fall in love.

But now, the answer that Kuroyoshi came to after serious consideration was different, which showed that he really didn't like himself.

At the thought of this, the glittering tears couldn't help but fall out.

"Why?" Kuraki smiled coldly, "because I'm afraid of being reported!"

"Report?" Ino was stunned. The crystal tears fell in the air, and she was sucked back by her. "What report?"

"You're only 12 years old," said Kuroyoshi. "I'm only 12 years old. If you become a boyfriend or girlfriend, you will be reported as a premature love."

"What about a puppy love?" Ino, hands on hips, as a tigress, "let them report it, we talk about our love, others can't control it."

"I can't control you, but I can control it!" Kuragi waved his hand again and again, "If I get reported, I will be gone, and several of my friends will be reported gone."

"So miserable?"

"Hmm!" Kuroyoshi nodded vigorously, "Wait, wait until you are sixteen, if you still love me, then I will be your boyfriend."

In the future, I added in my heart: If this girl still likes me by then, she will confess first, so that she will not be nurtured by Zhengtai!

"No." Ino shook his head and refused, and then made a bold statement under Kuroyoshi's surprised eyes, "I will marry you then!"


Kuroyoshi was speechless.

There is nothing wrong with the character, you talk to me about marriage.

He sighed helplessly and said, "Let's talk about it then!"


"Now, let me have a good rest!"

"Do you want a knee pillow?"

"Do you want."

"Kurayoshi-kun has a different heart!"

"Long wordy, don't bother me to rest, go out!"

"See you later!"


Chapter 108 The Coming Zhongnin Examination

Ino left, leaving Kurayoshi alone on the verandah to admire the courtyard.

However, his heart did not calm down.