Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 157

He made an agreement with Ino that if he still loves himself after the age of 16, he will accept her.

However, before that, Kuroyoshi had never thought about emotional matters.

In his previous life, he was very young and handsome, with countless beauties chasing him.

But at that time, he was just thinking about learning and playing games, and he never cared about girls who pursued him.

When he came to this world, he also wanted to become stronger, and he had never thought about emotional matters.

In his opinion, he is only 12 years old this year. He is capable and handsome. He is so different from the dicks who can't find a girl, and he is not in a hurry.

But now, such an agreement was made with Ino.

Then he had to think about related issues.

Do I like Ino?

Kuroyoshi thought carefully.

If love is the kind of feeling that Ino said, then I don't seem to have that kind of feeling to Ino.

Although it's not annoying, but there is no special feeling, no different from other people.

"Sure enough, I don't like Ino!"

Kuroyoshi sighed helplessly.

How can someone who has never thought about this aspect of things feel this way?

Get along day and night, love for a long time

The premise is to be together regularly.


Recalling the snow-white neck that Ino had pulled out of his hair before, Kurayoshi's heart throbbed for no reason.

This feeling is familiar to him.

I have had it in my previous life.

At that time, when he was adolescent, he was particularly curious about women. Then, under the leadership of his elder brother in town, he watched related videos for the first time, and he was full of humor for a long time.

"In this life, is it this age again?"

Kuroyoshi smiled bitterly.

He thought that after experiencing this kind of throbbing, he would no longer have this feeling after he grew up inside.

Forget it, it's useless to think more.

Now that an agreement is made with someone, it must be fulfilled.

Kuroyoshi is not a rant, and the promise he made is about to be fulfilled.

If you don't love it, then try to love it in the past few years.

Love at first sight is a minority after all.

The feelings of most couples are cultivated.

With this thought, Kuroyoshi's heart calmed down again, and the relaxed feeling returned to him.

The smoke of early summer blows.

Unknowingly, Kurayoshi fell asleep on the veranda.

Leisure time is always short, and the two-day holiday passed quickly.

The seventh class regrouped and started to do the task.

However, they can only do D-class chores if they are just under Ninja.

The changes in the mission of the Nation of Wave caused the third generation of Hokage to squeeze a cold sweat, and now they say nothing to let the seventh class skip the task.

Moreover, the village still has a large number of Zhong Ren to support, and can't give a large number of C-level tasks to the next.

However, although the D-class mission is a bit boring, it is quite casual.

And with the active guy Naruto, there is no shortage of fun in boring things.

Therefore, do tasks in the morning, go to practice in the afternoon, and date after dinner.

Although it is said that you have to wait until Ino is sixteen years old to establish a relationship based on the situation, it is always good to improve your relationship before that!

The two live on the same street, and they can basically see them when they go back in the afternoon, and then go shopping together to watch movies or something.Occasionally the team is on holiday, and you can go for an outing a little farther.

As we get along with each other, Kuroyoshi's feelings about Ino gradually change, from ordinary friends to lovers.

Life becomes more fulfilling and interesting.

However, the happy time always flies quickly, and the time soon comes to June 24.

In summer, in order to avoid the hot sun, the seventh class rushed to the meeting place early in the morning.

And Teacher Yamato also came quickly.

Just when everyone had finished greeting and was about to take up the task, a goshawk hovered in the sky.

Yamato looked up at the screaming goshawk in the sky, his eyes solemn.

"The team is free to move today, I have something to do, let's go first."

With such a word, Yamato left hastily.

Kuraki looked up at the goshawk soaring in the sky, thoughtfully.

This seems to be a signal of the assembly of Shinnin.

Speaking of which, I often see people outside the village on Konoha Street recently, and there are many ninjas from other countries.

Is it the Chunin test?

"Since it's okay today, then I will leave first."

Saying goodbye to Naruto Sakura, Kuroyoshi turned and walked into the village.

If it was for the Chunin test, then now, people from other countries should have arrived!