Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 161

The momentum of the two was so strong that the crowd onlookers had the illusion that they were not in the same world.

They watched the two closely, not daring to relax their nerves.

For a long time, Gaara raised his head slightly, "I have a mission to Konoha, next time."

"The initiative is not in your hands!" Kuroyoshi laughed, "Even if you don't want to fight with me, I can kill you in self-defense."

"He is the only one who did you." Gaara pointed to Kankuro and said, "If you want to kill, kill it."

"Gaara" Kanjirou looked a little embarrassed.

Temari eagerly explained to Gaara, "Gaara, this matter"

"Shut up." Gaara glared at them fiercely. "Are you still not enough to embarrass the village?"

"Asshole, aren't you a teammate in a village?" Naruto said indignantly, "How can there be a companion who betrayed his teammates!"

Gaara glanced at him lightly and ignored it.

However, Kankuro and Temari became a little complicated when they looked at Naruto's eyes.

"It was indeed Kankuro who made the attack and threat, but your injuries were caused by yourself, although he was also at fault."

Gaara looked up at Kurayoshi, "But as far as the result is concerned, you didn't suffer the slightest harm. If you have to kill him at this level, the alliance between Sain and Konoha may be cracked. As the culprit that caused the incident, you will also be punished by Hokage!"

As soon as these words came out, the scene calmed down.

Kankuro and Temari looked at Gaara in disbelief, as if they had met this person again.

But Naruto, who just clamored to give me a good-looking Gaara, was embarrassed.

How can other people betray their teammates? They obviously want to keep their teammates.

Gee!As expected to be a Fengying person, even if his brain is abnormal now, he is very calm, and he sees things more thoroughly than his older sisters and brothers.


"I don't intend to take your lives. If you just endure the fight, even if you hurt each other a little, it won't affect anything!"

Kuroyoshi stretched out his right hand to Gaara suddenly.

Chapter 111 Reasons

In the eyes of everyone, when Gaara said those words and distinguished the seriousness of the matter, Kuroyoshi would give up.

But he did not.

Instead, he did not hesitate to attack, so that everyone did not expect, so there was no defense.

However, lack of defense does not mean that there is no defense.

The will sleeping in the sand automatically flew out at the critical moment, forming a sand screen in front of Gaara.

Kuroyoshi's raid was successfully blocked.

No, not only was the raid blocked, Sand also launched a counterattack.

Gaara put his hands on his chest, a pair of indifferent eyes full of killing intent, staring at Kuraki firmly, and Sand rushed towards the target following the master's will.


Kuroyoshi kicked the flying gravel back, and rushed to Gaara again when he moved.

But during this period, more gravel has been flying out of the sand gourd behind Gaara.They are divided into fist-sized balls, and then face their opponents at super high speed.

Objects flying at high speed, even a ball of water will condense destructive power, and a ball of sand flying at such a speed is enough to smash the bluestone ground into a hole the size of a basketball.

If Kuraki kicked and exploded with his legs as before, he would only break his legs.


"There is no need to head-on with you."

The corner of Kurayoshi's mouth rose slightly, his left index finger and middle finger were brought together, standing in front of him, and then his figure disappeared in place.

The gravel rushed into the air and punched a small hole in the ground.Gaara's eyes widened, and the hands on his chest were let down for some unknown time, and the calm and calm expression was also slightly moved at this moment.


Gaara looked back, and Sand returned to the defense first.

But it was still too late.

The whip leg in ninja shoes kicked Gaara's face just turned around before the sand, and the name of the move that increased his momentum and shouted was only delayed at this time.

"Konoha Tornado!"

Konoha flow instant and Konoha fluid

In the anime, Sasuke dealt with Gaara in the Nakanin exam.

At this time, Kuroyoshi's strength was many times stronger than that of Sasuke at that time.

Gaara was kicked backwards, and there were ceramic cracks on his face, and small gravels fell.

Without waiting for him to stand still, Kuroyoshi disappeared in place again, appearing on Gaara's right side after a short while, with the same whip kick out.


Gaara suffered a heavy blow in the chest, and the whole person flew out heavily, hitting the wall on the side of the street before stopping, while the wall behind him was deeply sunken and cracked like a cobweb.

"How can this be!"

Kankuro and Temari looked shocked.

Gaara's sand will automatically defend. They have never seen Gaara being attacked since they formed the team.

At this moment, Kurayoshi showed the speed of surpassing the sand defense, and his legs flew Gaara away, giving them a feeling of refreshing their worldview.

It turns out that Gaara, who is invincible, is not so invincible.

"You are the sand armor, so it's really easy to use!" Kuraki walked slowly to Gaara, looking at the sand falling from him, a trace of envy appeared in his eyes.

Armor is generally a weapon such as a defensive knife.For heavy blows, even if the attack is defended, there is no way to defend against the penetration of force.

But sand armor is different. The armor composed of countless fine sand grains will ease the transmission of power layer by layer. It is impossible to defeat the person wearing sand armor by strength without the strange power of Tsunade.

However, a person wearing a sand armor will have an extremely heavy body and cannot move at a high speed like a normal ninja.