Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 163

Kuroyoshi kept his left hand in the state of Jiyin, and walked between the two of them with a calm expression, came to Gaara, and stretched out his right hand to the wound on his forehead.

Suddenly, a handful of gravel flew out of Gaara, clinging to Kuraki's right hand.

"Give me to die!" Gaara grinned wildly, "Sand-bound tyre."

As the voice fell, the sand shrank sharply. Just when Gaara thought that the sand would squeeze Kurayoshi's arm, several tree roots and branches burst out from the inside, squeezing the sand out instantly.

"Chakra is absorbed by Mu Dun, and you still have the ability to fight back. Your power really can't be underestimated!" Cangji smiled and used Mu Dun to add a few vines to Gaara's body.

Chakra's absorption increased so much that Gaara could no longer fight back.

Seeing this, Kurayoshi stretched out his hand and wiped Gaara's head and wiped some blood over.

Ding!The special material "Lonely Blood" is detected, and the special props "Desert Crystal", "Lonely Heart", "Surprise Gourd", "National Treasure", "Absolute Defense" and "Magnetic Crystal" can be forged.

No power to guard the crane?

Is the motivation not enough?

Kuroyoshi frowned slightly and turned to Gaara. When he saw the violet-lined sand on his body, his eyes lit up, and he reached out and grabbed a hand.

Ding!The special material "contains the sand of the Shouhe Chakra" is detected, and the special item "The Ring of Shouhe" can be forged. Whether forging


After reading a silent sentence in his mind, Kuroyoshi returned his attention to Gaara.

This guy has fallen into a crazy state now, if you let go of him, maybe you will directly release the guard crane.

After thinking about it for a moment, Kurayoshi put the blood and sand in the container and put it away, then

"Help you reinforce the seal!"

Cangji made a seal with one hand, and then, five chakra flames appeared on the five fingers, marking gold, wood, water, fire, and earth.

Kurayoshi asked the vine to lift Gaara's clothes, revealing the seal technique on the body, and then pressed it hard.

"The Seal of the Five Elements!"

Chakra injected into Gaara's seal, forming another layer of shackles.

This layer of shackles will disrupt the contact between Shou He and Gaara's Chakra, making it difficult for him to manipulate Chakra.

That's right, this is the sealing technique used by Oshemaru to reinforce Naruto's seal in the second Ninjutsu exam. It is a ninjutsu level A forbidden technique.

After doing all this, Kurayoshi released all the restraints.

After Kankuro and Temari released their shackles, he immediately attacked Kuroyoshi.

But Gaara fainted straightly.

He was absorbed by Mu Dun a large number of chakras, and his body became weak. Now he has no chakra support from Shouhe, and he has not slept for more than ten years, and his spirit has long been exhausted.

Therefore, I fainted directly.

Temari quickly helped Gaara up, while Kankuro stood in front of the two of them and protected them to death.

Kuroyoshi smiled indifferently: "Hurry up and find a place for him to sleep well. This guy's mental state is too bad. It is estimated that it will take several days for him to sleep before he wakes up."

Kankuro hesitated, looked back at Temari, and saw her nodding before he put the bandaged puppet back.

"Today's matter, we will report the truth to Master Fengying." The two left these words, and helped Gaara to walk away.

"Hey, wait"

Sakura hurriedly stopped, but was a step too late, and the three of Shayin had already gone far.

"What's wrong, Sakura?" Naruto asked puzzledly.

"I haven't asked them why they came to Konoha." Sakura explained, "Although Sain and Konoha are allies, they are not allowed to enter each other's territory without permission."

"It should be for the Ninja test in a few days!" Kurayoshi said, "Yamato left in the morning, maybe because of this matter. It is estimated that tomorrow I will get the application for Ninja test and come to us."

"Hey, is that right?" The two were exclaimed.

"It should be so." Kurayoshi said uncertainly: "I'm a little tired, so I will go back first. You guys should also think about whether or not to take the Zhongnin exam. This is not mandatory."


After bidding farewell to Naruto Sakura, Kuroyoshi returned home with a sense of urgency.

Enter the dojo, close the door, turn on the lights, and then take out the blood and sand.

The system prompt sounded in my mind again.

Kuroyoshi forged directly without even thinking about it.

Suddenly, there were seven more items in his hand.

Without taking a closer look, Kurayoshi aimed directly at the gray ring with a violet pattern inside.

"The Ring of Shouhe: The ring contains all the chakras and attributes of the Shouhe, and the wearer can use it at will."

Ding!It is detected that the ring of keeping cranes and the ring of the nine lamas are homologous and have the potential for fusion. Are they fused?

Friendly reminder: It has been checked that there are a lot of defects in the origin of the ring of the guarding crane and the ring of the nine lamas. If the direct fusion upgrade may lead to incomplete items, it is recommended to collect all the origins before forging.

"Of course not fusion!"

Cangji smiled and put the ring of Shouhe on his left index finger, feeling the power of Shouhe.

As far as Chakra is concerned, the gap between Morizuru and Kyuubi is too big, just like Kakashi and Naruto.

However, Shouhe's Chakra contains special attributes, which can freely manipulate the sand, and can also use the "magnetic escape" of the blood relay boundary.

Perhaps it is not as powerful as the Ring of the Nine Lamas, but functionally it is not comparable to the former.

As for the other homology mentioned in the system, it should be the other seven-tailed beasts.

Kuroyoshi prepared to wait for the end of the Nakanin exam and collected the body tissues of the Osha Maru and the first and second generations, and then went to find them.

Chapter 113: Props to Break the Limits of the World

After putting the Ring of Shou Crane, Kuroyoshi set his sights on the other six props.

They are the size of a thumb and gray-yellow spar all over; a palm-sized, gloomy love heart all over; a gray gourd the size of a palm with violet lines printed on it; a one-meter-high, plush panda puppet ; A ball the size of a palm, the earth is not slippery; a spar the size of a thumb, glowing with metallic light.

"Desert Crystal: Contains the power of the desert. The swallower will change the bloodline structure of the body, allowing it to gain the ability to manipulate sand like an arm's finger."