Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 164

"Surprise gourd: The gourd connects the heavens and the world, and every month there will be an item in it. It may be rubbish everywhere, or it may be a rare treasure in the world. What you can get depends on the luck of the owner. Note: Gourd Ah gourd, what's in you?"

"National Treasure: A national treasure with stunts, as long as you inject Chakra, he will transform into a real panda and clear the obstacles for you. Note: Pandas are not only vegetarian"

"Absolute defense: Injecting chakras will form an absolute defense wall around you. Note: There is no real absolute defense in the world, and those who believe in absolute defense will not end well in the end."

"Magnetic Escape Crystal: A crystal containing special power, which can change the body blood structure of the swallower, giving it magnetic power."

After reading all the 6 items, Kurayoshi fell into deep thought.

First of all, the desert crystals and magnetic escape crystals are completely useless to him, because they have all the functions of keeping the crane ring, and they are even more powerful.

Moreover, the ring of keeping the crane is equipment and will not change the body structure.

His body structure and even his gene chain have changed many times, and his body has been mixed with too many changes, and it is hard to guarantee that there will be no problems.

Although the system did not provide relevant prompts, there should be no problems in this area, but it is also uncertain whether there will be a change in appearance, but it is not harmful to itself.

Just like that Bibihu, people are neither ghosts nor ghosts, and they look disgusting.

Therefore, unless necessary, Kurayoshi will not take anything that changes the body structure.

After all, he now has great power, and his potential has reached the ceiling of this world. There is no need for risk.

He didn't absorb the Bing Dun of the Snow Clan last time.

Therefore, he directly threw these two crystals into the system space.

Then he set his eyes on the surprise gourd.

This gourd with a violet pattern is infinitely loved by Kurayoshi.

Because this is the only item he has created that can break the limits of the world.

The magic forging system is very powerful and can create all kinds of magical and powerful props.

However, the creation of these props also requires materials, and the materials themselves are derived from the world, and accordingly, the created props cannot escape the limitations of the world.

So far, excluding this surprise gourd, there are three other items that can break the limits of the world.

That is the guardian sword and the Wuxin sword and the sentient sword given to Liangping.

Needless to say, the sword of guardianship fluctuates according to the determination of the user to guard it, either just a normal sword, or infinite.

And the other two

The mind is obliterated to the extreme, and even the concept of "I" does not exist or even people can't understand it, and the Wuxin sword can cut off all physical existence.

When emotions are extremely rich, and feel compassion and love for everything in the world, even a bug or a grass, to the extent that people cannot understand, the sword of sentiment can cut off all the existence of energy.

The power of these two swords is exerted to the extreme, maybe even the barriers of the world can be cut.

But it is impossible to use the ultimate power of these two swords, at least people in this world cannot.

Even Liangping, who has a special experience, can only exert a power of one ten thousandth or one hundred millionth.

And when Kuraki held it in his hand, it could only be used as an ordinary sword.

Unable to use the double swords with full strength, in the strict sense, it is not considered to break the limit of the world.

But Surprise Gourd is different, it can be used without any requirements.Although it depends on luck, and with the vastness of the multiverse, the probability of getting good things is infinitely low, there is always hope.

"Let me see what I can get in the first draw!"

Kuroyoshi rubbed his hands and opened the gourd stopper.

A palm-sized red carp jumped out of it, flapping its tail on the tatami.

Kuroyoshi watched silently for a while, and calmly closed the stopper, then lifted the carp's tail to the yard and threw it to the crow in a daze on the big tree.

No, the crow glanced at the flying carp, then kicked away with a disgusting paw.


Kuroyoshi was silent again.

He looked at the red carp fluttering in the yard, thought for a long time, and again raised his tail and threw it into the pool.

I heard that this thing is full of thorns, even if it is used for cooking, there is nothing to eat.

Since the crows hate it, let's stock it!

See if there will be a Tyrannosaurus in the future.

Back to the dojo.

Kuroyoshi picked up the national treasure and poured chakras into it.

Suddenly, playing idols is infused with life, from a dead thing to a living thing. The black and white hair is shiny and bright, and the dark eyeballs are piercing, that is, the body becomes bigger and round.

Seeing something like a meat ball, Kuroyoshi couldn't help but rubbed it in his arms.

The National Treasure looked blank.

It had just awakened its consciousness before it understood the situation, it was hugged by its master, and it was in a state of bewilderment at the moment.

Kuroyoshi held the national treasure for a while and waited for the freshness to pass before starting the test.

According to the introduction of the system, the national treasure possesses decent force.

Therefore, Kurayoshi had a fight with the national treasure in the dojo.

Of course, just use physical skills.

And after testing, it was found that the national treasure can only use physical skills, and the moves are very familiar, but the overall strength is only at the level of forbearance.

In addition, when the national treasure is engaged in high-energy-consuming exercises, the chakra consumes extremely fast, and when the chakra injected into it by Kurayoshi runs out, it becomes a normal doll.

This item is generally good, but for Kuroyoshi's strength, it is of little practical use. It is just a cute thing.

Putting the doll into the system space, Kurayoshi cast his gaze on the last item, the sand ball with a big palm.

The system is named "Absolute Defense", and when injected into Chakra, it will become a wall with super defense.

Although there is also a note later in this world, there is no absolute defense, but there will be such a name, and the defense will not be bad.

Kuroyoshi injected Chakra into it, and immediately, the sand ball suddenly expanded and became larger, turning into a sand ball with a diameter of two meters to cover him.

A few minutes later, Kuroyoshi collected the sand ball and threw it into the system space.