Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 165

This thing is the same as Gaara's ball, which can defend 360 degrees without dead ends. Sand will increase density with the chakra injection, thereby increasing the defense power. It is indeed one of the top defenses in the world.

However, it makes no sense.

With the ring of keeping the crane, he can make this thing himself.

Chapter 114 Second Hand Recycling

After reading Gaara-related props, Kuroyoshi took out two more strands of hair, and the system reminder sounded in his mind again.

Ding!The detected special material "Wind Hair" can forge the special prop "Wind of Breathing", whether it is forged

Ding!Special material "puppet silk thread" is detected, special props "second-hand recycling bin" can be forged, whether forging


Kuroyoshi said silently in his mind.

Suddenly, there were two more items in his hands.

A large iron fan is about the same size as the one on the back of Temari, but it is made of unknown black metal, and it is full of metallic luster.

A square transparent box that can be opened.

"The blowing wind: The wind blessed by the wind is the iron fan. With the help of the iron fan to use the wind to escape, the power will be greatly enhanced. Note: The blowing wind will leave scars on the face when the wind blows over the face."

"Second-hand recycle bin: As the name suggests, this is a second-hand recycle bin, where you can exchange unused second-hand items for useful items. Note: old refrigerators, old computers, old mobile phones, old washing machines, and pots."

General ninjutsu cannot be used as materials to forge props.

The source of the forging of Breathing Wind should be the official nickname given to Temari as "the strongest wind escape" except Naruto.

As for the effect, it is not easy to test in the dojo.For the time being, as a special ninja that can increase the power of wind escape.

The second-hand recycling bin should be the stem of the puppet that Kankuro has been using scorpions to discard.


"What can I change for this thing?"

Kuroyoshi is looking forward to it.

He has a lot of everyday or useless items in his hands. If he can exchange some items with practical value, even if the value is lower, it is worth changing.

Mindful of this, Kuraki looked for it in the system space, and took out Shikamaru's "elderly life", a gray-white heart all over it.

This is the same series of items as the honest person with a kind heart, which can change a person's character and make it salty.

This thing is not entirely useless to say, but it can only be used for ethical things.

Kuroyoshi doesn't like to do ethical things, even if it is revenge, he will directly and simply, not secretly.

So he was going to experiment with this stuff.

Open the lid of the second-hand recycling bin, throw in the gray hearts, and close the lid.

The transparent box lit up with a dazzling light, making it difficult to see what was going on inside.

The light lasted for three seconds and then quickly disappeared, and a porcelain bowl appeared in the transparent box, still a blue and white porcelain.

Kuroyoshi took out the porcelain bowl and looked around.

For a long time, he put the porcelain bowl on Tatami, then grabbed the second-hand recycling bin and threw it out the window.

"You really just changed a basin for me!"

Cangji was so angry that he cursed.

Although the life of an elderly person is of little use to him, it has the function of changing a person's character anyway, and in terms of level, it is definitely not low.

But with such a thing, only an ordinary porcelain bowl was exchanged. What use is this thing?

Even useless props are much more cost-effective to use as a warehouse than to be used as a second-hand exchange.

However, when Kuroyoshi calmed down, and after thinking about it, he realized that this thing was not completely useless.

For example, when something wants to be destroyed but cannot be destroyed, it can be exchanged for something.

If used as a simple destruction device, it seems pretty good.

Thinking of this, Kuraki ran out and picked up the box.

When he put the box into the system space, the door of the yard was knocked.


Cangji looked up at the courtyard gate.



Kuroyoshi frowned slightly, and soon stretched out.

"The door is unlocked, come in by yourself."

When the voice fell, a black shadow flashed in front of Kuroyoshi, and a dark part wearing a bird mask appeared in front of him.

"Master Hokage has something to summon."

"Did you say anything?"

"No." Anbe shook his head lightly, "However, the Shangnin of Shayin Village is also there, it should be related to Shayin!"

"Understood" Kuroyoshi nodded, "Then let's go!"


The Naruto Building is about 3 kilometers away from the Kurayoshi's house, and it will take a few minutes on the feet of a ninja.

"Go in by yourself!"

When he came to the door of the office, the Anbu retreated by himself.

Cangji nodded and pushed in.

In the office, Sandaime sits behind the desk smoking a cigarette. At the desk, there is a sandy ninja wearing an khaki vest, half of his face is blocked by a hanging cloth.