Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 166

The leader of the squad of Shagin Kamininho, Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro are equal to Kakashi in Konoha.

He is a strong person with a long-term vision and overall outlook.

Seeing Maji, Kuroyoshi immediately understood everything.

It was the thing that beat Gaara before.

Although, on the surface, he only kicked Gaara with two feet and a punch, but he used his full force with every blow.

Gaara's injury was definitely not minor, otherwise, he wouldn't use the power of the tail beast.

"This is Kaminomaki from Sagakura Village. He accused you of wantonly murder and came to Konoha to take the Chunin exam." Sarutobi said straightforwardly: "Kurayoshi, what do you have about this? What do you want to say?"

"Huh?" Kuroyoshi looked dazed, "I, wanton murder?"

"Don't pretend to be confused." Maji said solemnly, "Just an hour ago, my student just entered Konoha and was attacked by you. He is still lying asleep in the inn."

"Is that so?" Sarutobi looked at Kuroyoshi.

"No such thing."

Kuroyoshi crossed his hands on his chest and resolutely denied it.

Just kidding, he didn't intend to kill, how could he admit it?

However, Shayin would actually sue for this reason, which he did not expect.

"My student is still lying in the post hotel, Hokage-sama can send someone to investigate at any time." Mackey argued loudly, "He has a head concussion and is extremely unstable."


Sarutobi looked at Kuroyoshi again.

"I did endure the conflict with the three of Shayin before, and gave them a little bitterness, but I didn't want to kill people."

"You take Gaara"

"All right."

Sarutobi interrupted Maji's words and said, "Maji, Shinobu, go back first. After I investigate this matter, I will give you an explanation."

"I trust Master Naruto's personality, and believe Master Naruto will not disappoint allies."

Markey deliberately emphasized the word ally, and after finishing speaking, he stepped back and left.

After the footsteps had gone far, Sarutobi looked at Kuroyoshi and said deeply, "What did you do to let that Maki come to test your identity?"


Kuroyoshi was puzzled.

"It's just this kind of conflict. That Mackey won't be so stupid to think that I will severely punish the ninjas in his village for this kind of thing. He just wants to test my attitude towards you through this incident, so as to see that you are in the village. Status."

Chapter 115 Conspiracy

That's it.

Kuroyoshi suddenly appeared.

He was surprised before. He was clearly defending himself against Keng Ci, even if he complained, it was useless, but this Maji came to complain.

At first I thought he was stupid, but I didn't expect it to be this intention.

It should be worried that this wooden ninja will affect their follow-up plan!

"So, what did you do to make them so jealous?" Sarufei said slowly while biting his pipe.

"It's nothing." Kuroyoshi scratched his head, "It just used Mu Dun."


Sarutobi put his hands on the table with the back of his hand supporting his chin, and said in a deep voice, "Kurayoshi, Ryohei has been teaching you carefully for two or three years. You should understand what ninjutsu means to ninjas?"

"Ninjutsu is the ninja's hole card. Once it is known to too many people, it is easy to be targeted. Therefore, it cannot be easily shown in front of others."

"Since you know but you still do it, there must be a reason to do it!"

Sarutobi was smoking a cigarette, and the smoke filled the office, making each other's expressions unreal.

"Of course." Kuraki said frankly: "This was originally just a small conflict, but during the conflict, I found something unusual about that guy."

Sarufly's eyes condensed and asked: "What is it?"

"Similar to Naruto's situation."

"Similar to Naruto?"

Sarutobi was taken aback for a moment, and then he realized that Kuroyoshi was referring to Renzhuli.


"You actually learned about Naruto's Zhuli. Did Ryohei tell you?" Sarutobi asked.

"No." Kuroyoshi shook his head lightly and said: "I have been in contact with Naruto for so long, and I can always find some small clues. Combining the knowledge I have learned, I can guess how much."

"Yeah!" Sarutobi nodded, "Then you go back first, this matter has nothing to do with you."

"Will Shayin trouble me again?"

"At least the village will not cause you trouble, but" paused and continued: "You have to be careful that those guys secretly attack you. Although they don't know what they think, they will get it through this kind of thing. Your information shows that they have a certain idea about you."

"I understand."

"Then you go back!"


Kuroyoshi nodded and left.

In the office.

Sarutobi fell into deep thought alone.

He knows Kuroyoshi's strength very well, so he doesn't worry much about his safety.

However, regarding the information provided by Kurayoshi

Shayin Village sent Renzhuli to take the Zhongnin exam but was very puzzled.