Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 167

Although the Ninja test is a show for various countries to show their muscles and observe the strength of other countries by the way, it is just a contest for Ninja.

It is more about the future than the present.

What exactly do you want to send a human equivalent to nuclear weapons to participate in this kind of competition?

Sarutobi had a bad feeling in his heart.

"Come here."


An Anbu appeared at the desk.

"Master Naruto."

"Let Kakashi's team go to the border of the Kingdom of Wind to investigate, and pay close attention to the mobilization of large troops in Shayin Village on the border."


"I hope I think more about everything!"

It was night, and the crescent moon was high.

Konoha, on a tall building.

Mackey meets a mysterious man wearing a mask and covered in a cloak.

"I was kicked out of the office by Hokage when I was blaming the guy's crime." Maji said, "This is obviously Hokage's intention to protect him."

"After all, it is the first place among the freshmen in this class, and he will still stay away. It is natural to have such a status!" The mysterious man wearing a mask smiled lightly.

"Mu Dun can restrain the power of the tail beast. If that guy is there, our plan will not succeed." Maji questioned: "With the importance of Hokage, it is difficult to find a chance to attack him. This plan is almost equal to It broke."

"Don't be so eager to put the coffin to the final conclusion!" The mysterious man laughed and said, "That guy will be solved by our Otonin Village, and Sha Yin only needs to cooperate with us at that time."

"It's so nice, but if you can't see Otonin's actions, we Shayin won't do it."

"Don't worry, I'll let you see it then."

"Then I will wait and see."

The silver moon poured, illuminating the secluded courtyard.

Kuraki sat cross-legged on the veranda, holding the Book of All-Knowing in his hand. Above it, on the ancient building in the corner of Konoha, the picture of Maki and the mysterious man appeared on it.

And the name displayed on the mysterious man is "Pharmaceutical Pocket".

"Sure enough, it's the Dashewan guy!"

The corners of Kuroyoshi's mouth rose slightly, and a chuckle was outlined.

Although he couldn't hear what they were talking about, he could roughly guess what the other party was plotting in light of Mackey's complaint during the day.

He once gave Dashewan a bait, which was the blood of his own fairy body.

When he was five years old, he caught a cold.

When he went to the hospital for treatment, it was the pharmacist who gave him water.

At the beginning, I was worried that my blood would be taken by Dashe Wan, so I refused the suggestion of blood sampling.

However, if you think about it carefully, with Dashewan's current technology, even if you get blood, you can't do much.

Instead, it can be used as bait to seduce him to find himself.

He craves for a good container, so why not crave his body organization.

As one of the legendary three forbearances, he is very strong in both his own potential and the stalk passed down in his previous life, and he will definitely be able to create powerful props.

As for when Oshe Maru will come, will it be an opponent?

At that time, he already had the ring of the nine lamas and the kaleidoscope writing wheel eyes. Although his physical strength could not bear the full strength of the two, he had a perfect immortal human body, and he could quickly recover even if his body collapsed.

It's more than enough to deal with Dashewan.

Moreover, Oshemaru only defected to Konoha at that time, and it was impossible to return to Konoha in a short time.

Therefore, the blood left in the needle tube is indifferent to the backflow of blood caused by distraction.

Of course, Kuroyoshi also wondered whether this is redundant.

After all, Oshemaru will come to Konoha during the Zhongnin exam, and it will be the same when looking for him.

However, Kurayoshi couldn't predict what the future would be like.

Because he has a lot of secrets in his own body, and Konoha has a lot of darkness, especially the old Yinbi of Tuan Zang.

He wasn't sure whether he would reveal the secret, he didn't know whether he would stay in Konoha then, let alone what the future would become.

But Oshemaru is well-known for being cunning, and he has betrayed Konoha and Akatsuki without being found.

If the future does not develop as expected, it will be difficult for him to find Dashewan.


"Although many things are different, they are still expected." Kuroyoshi nodded slightly.

A thick cloud layer floated, and the full moon hid in the cloud layer, and the world suddenly plunged into darkness.

Kuroyoshi put away the book of omniscience and went into the room to rest.

Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen Candidates

On the second day, the 7th class will gather as usual.

Yamato took three forms and handed them over, "July 1st is this year’s Ninja exam. I recommended you to Naruto-sama. If you want to take part, fill in your name on it, and you will arrive at Ninja in 5 days. Report from the school in classroom 301."


Naruto jumped for joy.

After Kurayoshi told him about the Zhongnin exam yesterday, he was always excited and wanted to make a splash in the exam.

Now that I got the confirmation from the teacher Yamato and got the registration form for the exam, he was so excited that he forgot about it.

The same goes for Kozakura.

Although she has no confidence in her own strength, she yearns for becoming stronger.