Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 168

Because, no matter how strong she is, the gap between her and Sasuke will get bigger and bigger, and then she will only be a stranger.

If you want to be with the one you love, you must first stand on the same stage with him.

If one is on stage and one is off stage, how can one be noticed?

But Kuroyoshi looked indifferent.

For him, it is meaningless whether it is lower, middle, or even upper.

He is not obsessed with power and has no intention of climbing up.

Level promotion is nothing more than being able to take higher tasks and get more rewards.

But if only to get money, even if he doesn't go the wrong way, he still has countless ways.

For example, selling precious metals.

However, he was going to apply to leave the village to travel and practice after the Zhongren examination. If he did not show the corresponding value, the village would not agree.

Therefore, not only did he have to take the Zhongnin exam, he had to be very dazzling.

At least it has to show the overall quality of having a supreme tolerance.

After sending down the form, Yamato said, "I won't do any tasks in the past few days. Please prepare for the mid-term test!"

"Got it."

The three of them each took a form and went home ready to go.

Back home, Kuroyoshi sat on the veranda after filling out the form, waiting for Iruka to arrive.

In the anime, Iluka has great opinions on the freshmen who have just graduated this year to take the Zhongnin exam.

He believes that although the students in this class have great potential, it is still too early to take the Zhongnin exam two or three months after graduation, so he will give them an early test before the official Zhongnin exam.

However, Kuroyoshi waited for 5 days, and Iluka's test did not come.

"It seems Mr. Iluka is very confident in my strength!"

Kuroyoshi smiled lightly and walked to the ninja school with the registration form.

He changed into a black suit that was easy to move in the forest, with a guardian sword around his waist.

This outfit is matched with short black hair, exquisite features, and a refreshing face, very handsome.

Twenty minutes later.

Kuroyoshi meets Naruto Sakura outside the school.

The three did not speak, but nodded to each other, and then entered the school together.

"Although I think it's useless to say it, I still want to say it."

On the way, Kuroyoshi reminded the two of them: "This is a joint test of Nakanin with 6 Ninja villages. There are many excellent guys. No matter what you encounter, you should keep a low profile. Don't just stand out."

"Hmm, I see."

Naruto held the back of his head and walked forward on his own.

Seeing the casual look, the two knew he hadn't listened, and sighed involuntarily.

"Forget it, I didn't say what I just said." Kurayoshi said to Sakura.

Kozakura nodded in agreement.

During the speech, the three people entered the teaching building and came to Room 301 on the second floor.

As soon as they arrived, I saw Xiao Li and Tian Tian being kicked out by the God of Konoha, and a group of onlookers surrounded them.

Seeing the traces of beatings on their faces, they pretended to look alike.

This is the first test of Zhongnin exam.

The exam room for the first exam is in classroom 301.

The examiner used the transformation technique to pretend to be someone else, guarding at the door of room 201, and using illusion technique to change the house number, changing 201 to 301 to block the candidates from entering the arena.

If you can't see through this illusion, you can't take the official exam.

Kurayoshi didn't jump out and rub the problem like Sasuke did, but instead ate melons on the side.

This kind of low-level illusion is easy to see through. He wants to see how long Xiao Li and Tian Tian can act.


"Hey! You two quickly get out of me. Naruto Uzumaki, the man who will become Naruto in the future, is going to pass the Zhongnin exam here today and become Zhongren." Naruto stood up with his hands on his chest and stood up. In front of everyone.

Suddenly, everyone's eyes focused on him.

This guy

Kuroyoshi's eyebrows seemed to twitch fiercely.

And Kozakura, this face lowered her head.

How did you do it with such a shame?

"The weaker the dog is, the more fierce it is. It is the easiest to eliminate the type like you in the test." Gang Zitie sneered.

"What did you say!?" Naruto clenched his fists angrily.

"It's useless to say more. If you want to enter the examination room, you can use your strength!" Izumo also sneered.

"This will let you see my strength." Naruto clenched his fists angrily and rushed towards the two of them.

Gangzitie was not afraid, and came forward.

Just as the fists and feet of the two were about to meet each other, a green figure appeared in the middle, with both hands blocking the attack of the two.

This speed surprised everyone.

The weak chicken that was kicked out with one punch and kick before was so strong.

The situation afterwards seems to have become the same as in anime.

Xiao Li stopped the fight and said that the illusion problem was broken.

Gangzitie and Shenyue Izumo expressed their approval to the candidates, and left after unlocking the illusion.