Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 171

They wanted to step forward to take revenge, but they were afraid of Kuroyoshi's strength, and they didn't even dare to ask their companions who were to be frozen into ice sculptures.

The large-scale frozen ninjutsu is unsolvable in this small classroom, even if the speed is fast enough, there is nowhere to hide in the end.

Just when they were sitting on pins and needles and feeling overwhelmed, a large amount of white mist rose up on the podium with a "bang".

As the smoke dissipated, twenty examiners headed by a tall and burly uncle wearing a black coat with scars on his face appeared.

As soon as they appeared, they felt the temperature lower than outside, and immediately noticed icing on the ground walls and even the ceiling.

Ibizi caught a glimpse of Zack who was frozen into an ice sculpture and frowned. "This guy and his teammates are disqualified for the exam."


In the classroom, everyone was shocked.

This does not punish the murderer, but instead lets the victim out when he comes up. What kind of operation is this?

"Why?" Qin asked loudly

"Anyone who cannot take the exam in time will be disqualified." Ibizi looked at Jin and Toss and said in a deep voice, "Or, do you have the ability to let him take the first exam right away?"

"But it is"

Jin was about to explain something, but Ibis didn't give a chance at all.

He raised his hand and stopped wanting to continue talking, Qin said sternly: "Don't give me any reason, what accident happened to you in the mission, which caused the mission to fail, do you want to explain the reason to the client?"

Qin was speechless.

A mission failed is a failure, no matter what the reason, it cannot be repeated.

The world of ninjas has always been so cruel.

"I understand."

Toss left the classroom with Zack's ice sculpture without saying a word.

Jin glanced at Ibizi, then at Tos who was walking outside, his expression hesitant, and finally, he glared at Cangji viciously, and chased Tos out.

They didn't know each other before, but they accepted the special task of Lord Oshamaru and formed a temporary team. Konoha came to take the Zhongnin exam.

At this moment, they were eliminated before the exam started.

The mission has been declared a failure.

What awaits them is the punishment of the village.

Mission failed due to quarrel

Qin couldn't accept this kind of reason, it was too aggrieved.

Toss, on the contrary, looked very open.

Because their task is doomed to be impossible.

This point, from the moment of fighting with Kurayoshi, Toss understood.

They are not Kurayoshi opponents.

The task assigned to them was to kill Kuroyoshi in the exam.

But the strength of the opponent is far beyond what they can handle.

Since the mission failed from the beginning, it doesn't matter what reason it failed.

In classrooms.

After Yinren left, the examiners quickly locked the doors and windows.

Ibizi stood on the podium and preached: "The first session of the Konoha Joint Secondary School Ninja exam is a written test. They all line up to submit the exam application to receive the license number, and then sit down according to the license number."

Everyone heard the words, lined up, and received the grades one by one. Only Naruto was trembling and worried.

For him, who skips classes and sleeps every day, the written test is the most unwilling way to see.

"Relax!" Kuroyoshi patted Naruto on the shoulder, and comforted: "It doesn't matter if you can't do it, Sakura and I are both masters and will help you."

Naruto's eyes lit up, his face immediately regained confidence, and his body stopped shaking.

"I believe you."


Soon, everyone received the grades and sat down separately according to the grades.

After Ibizi briefly explained the rules on the podium, he began to distribute the papers.

Kuroyoshi's position is on the side, and an examiner sits beside him.

Although his entire head and even his eyes were hidden in bandages, Kurayoshi had no doubt about his observation ability, and it was even more difficult to cheat.

Fortunately, when he was in school, he was diligent in reading, and he was assisted by spectacles, so he had confidence in his knowledge.

The exam begins.

Kuroyoshi picked up the paper and looked at it. There were only 9 questions on it, which was undoubtedly much simpler than the test that used dozens of hundreds of questions in the past.

However, these 9 questions are very difficult, and they cannot be done at the level of forbearance.

In fact, the real purpose of this written test is to test the ninja's intelligence gathering ability.

Among these candidates, there are examiners who know the answers.

Except for a schoolmaster like Kosakura Kurayoshi, few people can get the answer right, and all need to cheat to get the answer.

If the cheating method is too clumsy, it will be eliminated on the spot if it is found 5 times, and at the same time two teammates will be eliminated together.

After reviewing the question for a while, Kuroyoshi picked up the pen and worked hard.

Although at the beginning, I was thinking about the evil taste and passing it in vain.

But considering that he was going to apply to Hokage for a trip to the village, he had to show a comprehensive quality no less than Shangren.

The first question is the code.

Kuroyoshi knew the answer at a glance. It was a passage from Miyamoto Musashi's five-wheel book.

The second question is to calculate the English translation horizontally.