Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 172

Please answer the ten commandments of Moses

Can you explain Einstein's theory of relativity?

There are 9 questions in a row, including language, English, function calculation questions, chemistry experiments, art of war, and geography, all of which are combined with ninja-related event questions.

Ninja school never taught this knowledge, and Kuroyoshi was able to answer it because he often borrowed books from the library.

And Sakura

Really tyrant, do not explain.

The rest of the candidates also started to act.

Tiantian uses steel wires to control the mirror outside the ceiling lights, not only copying homework, but also helping Xiao Li complete the cheating.

Ning Ci directly opened his eyes for fluoroscopy.

Kankuro’s puppet, Gaara’s third eye, Shino’s bug, Ya’s puppies, Ino Shino turned around, and helped his teammates copy the answer by the way. Hinata made it himself, and Naruto

Hold your head and go crazy.

He failed to understand the real purpose of the exam, wanted to cheat, but was afraid of hurting his teammates.

Kuroyoshi couldn't smile at the monkey's anxious look.

I want to cheat for him, so he can feel at ease.

But considering that he is clumsy in this respect, if he helps cheat, it is self-defeating, and it is easy to be found by the examiner and eliminated.

Forget it, let him go crazy.

Anyway, you can pass the final pass.

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Chapter 119 The Second Exam

Time flickered, and 45 minutes passed in a blink of an eye.

Many people have completed the answers, and many have been expelled from the examination room because of their level of cheating.

And those who dare not cheat without filling out the answer

"Ha ha!"

Ibis sneered inwardly and announced the tenth question.

However, before the question was given, Ibis added a rule.

Those who are eliminated in this exam will not be able to take the Zhongnin exam in the future and can only endure now for a lifetime.

But if you quit before the question comes out, it doesn't count.

Is it to bet that you will pass the exam once, or to quit and choose to come next time.

The title of the tenth question is actually one of these two options.

However, the candidates did not know that they chose to quit under the tremendous pressure that they might have to endure for a lifetime.

Under the group effect, more people withdrew and prepared to quit the exam voluntarily.

No, Naruto made a passionate declaration, which inspired everyone's courage, and made some people who wanted to withdraw strengthen their will.

After repeatedly confirming that no one had quit, Ibis announced that all those who remained in the classroom had passed the first exam.


The window glass was smashed, a ball of curtain cloth was opened on the podium, and then four kunai nailed to the wall.

A girl with an attractive figure, dressed in a fishnet outfit and a coat, with a bright smile stood on the podium.

"I am the chief examiner for the second exam, Mitarai Adzuki beans." Adzuki beans opened his hands and made a grand appearance.

But what was ushered in was a look of foolish eyes.

"Be serious."

Ibizi poked his head from behind the curtain, his face speechless.

Hong Dou also noticed the gazes of the candidates below, and couldn't help coughing slightly to embarrass.

Then, she counted the candidates' lives, her expression straightened, and she blamed: "75 people, why are there so many?"

"No way, this year's candidates have many excellent seedlings." Ibis said helplessly.

"is it?"