Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 173

Hong Dou looked at the candidates off the field with a weird smile on his face, "I want to half the number of candidates in the second test."

Suddenly, in the minds of examinees, the image of the chief examiner who was originally funny became a demon even more terrifying than Ibizi.

"All follow me."

Adzuki greeted him and jumped down from the broken window.

The candidates were speechless again.

Death forest.

An exercise site located in the Konoha restricted area is organized as No. 44.There are virgin forests and rivers, poisonous insects, rats and ants everywhere, and many mutated huge beasts. The whole is isolated by a large iron net and is not allowed to enter without permission.

The test room for the second test was in the Death Forest.

Red bean Barabara, who is the chief examiner, talked about a lot of rules and precautions about the examination.

Then let the teams sign a death agreement.

In other words, this exam will be deadly.

However, if they can pass the first test of responsibility and courage, everyone will naturally not shrink from fear of death.

Each team receives the Book of Heaven and Earth and chooses an entrance to enter the arena.

Then go to the reel battle.

There are a total of 25 teams, 13 support the Book of Heaven, 12 support the Book of Earth, and there is a Book of Earth hidden somewhere in the forest.

If you want to successfully pass this exam, you must gather the Book of Heaven and Earth within 5 days and rush to the central tower.

If there is attrition, even if the above conditions are met, they will be eliminated.

This means that even in an ideal state, at least half of the people will be eliminated. This is why Hongdou dared to put down his rhetoric to eliminate half of the people.

However, this is still ideal.

Just think about it, this ideal situation will never happen.

It is impossible for every team to be lucky until the first time to find a team with the reels they need. There must be overlap and waste.

Counting all kinds of accidents, the number of people who can really pass the exam is far fewer than ideal.

Kurayoshi got the Book of Heaven.

In other words, they need to find a team holding the Book of Earth.

Time soon came to the afternoon.

The teams were scattered to different entrances on standby.

The deputy examiners in charge of each group opened the door in advance.

2:30, time is up.

"The second exam officially begins!"

Following the examiner's order, all the candidates filed out, and then ran toward the central tower at the fastest speed.

The death forest is large and the terrain is complex.

Being able to quickly become familiar with the terrain and set traps will give you an advantage.

Class 7 chose entrance 22.

The three slowed down after running wildly inside.

In this dangerous environment, you must maintain physical strength at all times, otherwise, not only the enemy, but the traps of nature will also make you lose your life.

A secluded trail.

The surrounding area is full of large and intertwined trees, and under the trees are all kinds of twisted and weird plants, and there are faint sounds of snakes, insects, rats and ants.Eerie and terrible.

"Kurayoshi, what should we do?"

Kozakura asked, and Naruto also looked at him.

As a teammate, Kuroyoshi has always been very trustworthy and has become the backbone of the team.

"Go straight to the central tower." Kuroyoshi thought for a while and said: "There will always be teams that gather the Book of Heaven and Earth to reach the tower. We only need to intercept those teams outside the tower. Of course, if we encounter others on the road The team can also take action."

"Then do it!"

This plan is very arrogant, as if putting himself above all the teams, but the two of them have no meaning to Kuroyoshi's plan.

No Shinobu will be Kurayoshi's opponent.

This, even the single-celled Naruto is very clear.

However, to say so.

Kuroyoshi's real idea is to send these two people into the tower quickly so that they can go hunting by themselves.

There were quite a few people taking the Zhongnin exam this time, and there might be people with potential.

Among other things, a single piece of fragrant phosphorus is worth a trip.

The three of them kept moving toward the central tower at an unpleasant speed.

Suddenly, Naruto stopped.

"What's the matter?" Kurayoshi asked.

"My stomach hurts, wait for me."

With that, Naruto turned around and began to untie his pants.

No, Sakura directly wrote chestnut to his head, "Don't do such a thing in front of ladies!"

So Naruto slid into the bushes beside the hot bun.


"Shoo hoo!"

The sound of breaking through the air rang above behind him.

Without looking back, Kuraki threw three shurikens backhand.