Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 174

The shuriken was spinning at high speed, drew an arc in the air, and hit the hit Kuunai.

"Boom boom boom!"

The detonating talisman was tied to kunai, and the collision between the shuriken and kunai detonated the detonating talisman, causing three sparks to bloom in the air.

In the dense smoke, two figures wrapped in cloaks rushed out of it.

"Boy, let's settle the accounts in the classroom!"

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Attackers (for first order)

The two attackers were two of the three Yunin who had previously clashed with Kuroyoshi in the classroom.

Both are middle-aged uncles.

But one of them was burly, blind with his right eye and had two scars on it.

The other was short, like a dwarf, a little shorter than Konohamaru.

They all wore cloaks and carried three paper umbrellas on their backs.

Before the first exam, they wanted to teach Kuroyoshi in front of so many people, but because of an attack by the other party, they were so scared that they didn't dare to show up.

This makes them feel extremely humiliated.

And humiliation needs blood to wash away.

In the classroom environment, they cannot escape the cold of Bing Dun, but it is different in this spacious forest.

"Little devil, the account in the classroom should be settled."

The two pulled out a paper umbrella and threw it into the air.

The paper umbrella opens automatically in the air and rotates to stop floating, and the densely packed thousands of books fall like rain.

Forbearance and rain reveal thousands of books.

Kuroyoshi's face was indifferent, and he patted his hands, "Mu Dun Mu Dingbi."

On the ground on both sides, a row of wooden pillars bends upward to form an arch to protect the two inside.

Thousands of rain fell on the arch wall and made a "dongdongdong" sound.

The sound lasted for nearly ten seconds before it stopped.

Kuroyoshi dismissed his ninjutsu and saw the densely packed Qianben on the arch wall, and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

This exam is a battle for scrolls and does not necessarily have to take human lives.

But the two of them were killer moves when they came up, and they obviously didn't let them go.

That being the case, then you guys also go to die!

Kuroyoshi's hands are sealed.

"Earth Escape Earth Dragon Bullet."

"Fire escape fire dragon flame bomb."

The roaring earth dragon rises from the ground, and the blazing flame possesses itself like a dragon descending into the world. One head up and one tail flick leave hundreds of meters ahead.

The two Yuyin screamed before they were crushed to death.

Yes, it is crushed to death.

The compound ninjutsu composed of two B-level ninjutsu with different attributes is like a dancing dragon, full of power and fire.

This level of ninjutsu, even if it is a shadow, must be careful to resist, let alone maggot maggots.

It's not even qualified as a target of ninjutsu, it's just wiped out by the dragon.

"Two Men"

Looking at the burning debris and pieces of wood ahead, Sakura didn't know what to say.

Everything was too sudden, the attacker who suddenly appeared, and the battle ended suddenly.

She was over before she could react.

"The candidates are in a team of three, be careful." Cangji reminded.

Sakura woke up suddenly.

Yes, the team is a group of three.

Since two of the enemies appear here, where is the other one installed?

Hide and observe in the dark?

Sakura took a defensive posture and looked around vigilantly.

In the silent forest, there was only the "pop" sound of burning wood.

Suddenly, Sakura remembered something.

Why didn't Naruto respond to such a big movement?

It's a matter of life and death, it's more important not to shit!

"No, Naruto"

"Ah! Comfortable, comfortable."

Sakura was about to say that Naruto had an accident, but Naruto got out of the grass with a comfortable look.


Sakura was silent.

Looking at Naruto's optimistic face, I always felt like a fool who was worried about his safety.


Naruto looked at the destroyed mess in front of him, and was taken aback, and quickly looked at Kuroyoshi, "What's the matter?"

Kuroyoshi glanced at him and shook his head slightly, "It's nothing, let's continue on our way."