Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 175

Naruto Sakura nodded and continued to walk to the central tower.

But the moment Naruto turned around, Kurayoshi drew his sword and pierced his heart.


Sakura covered her mouth and screamed, looking at Kuroyoshi with horror, "Why?"

"Don't panic."

Kuroyoshi looked back at her and said calmly: "This guy is fake."

With that, Kuroyoshi drew a long sword from "Naruto".

The fake Naruto also turned back into his real body with a "bang".

It was the last one in Yuren.

Kurayoshi searches for the scroll in him.

And Kozakura also recovered and apologized very sincerely, "Sorry, I was scared just now."

"It's nothing, you also care about it."

As Kurayoshi said, he searched out the scroll from the corpse, which happened to be the Book of the Earth.

Kurayoshi nodded in satisfaction, put the scroll into the ninja bag, and then looked at Kozakura, "Let's go and find Naruto."

"Then, where to find?"

"It's nearby." Kurayoshi said: "Before the enemy is determined to be dead, the prisoners are usually left. If the subsequent battle is unfavorable, they can be used as hostages or negotiated terms."


Kozakura understood.

She also understands these principles, but with so many things happening at a time, she has never recovered from it.

After a while, the two found Naruto nearby.

He was tied to a big tree, his mouth was stuffed with rags, and his trousers showed signs of urine.

This guy, 80% was attacked while shit.

Seeing Kurayoshi Sakura, Naruto was struggling and asked them to help loosen the tie quickly.


Kozakura pinched her nose and turned her head in disgust.

Obviously, she didn't want to loosen the tie.

Kurayoshi held his breath and walked over and cut the rope.

Naruto took off the rag in his mouth and cursed angrily: "Suddenly attacked when someone shit, that bastard, I must not spare him."

"That guy is dead." Kuroyoshi held back his smile and took out the scroll of earth. "The guy attacked us and was killed. Now that the scrolls are ready, let's go to the tower!"


Naruto was stunned, somewhat lost.

Although he should be happy to raise the scrolls, he felt that he had done nothing, so he lay down all the way.

Seeing Naruto's thoughts, Kurayoshi patted him on the shoulder and comforted him: "No one helped you in the first exam. You passed it on your own, and there is also a third exam! "

Naruto instantly regained his vitality, "What are you talking about, I don't have that idea!"

"What do you think?" Kurayoshi blinked with big eyes.


"What is it!"

"Ahhhh, don't tease me anymore."

"Haha, go and wipe the poop on your pants, it's stinking."



After a period of rectification, the three of them set off again.

No more troubles along the way.

Kuroyoshi was a little confused at this time.

Before entering the death forest, Naruto attracted red beans to play because of his arrogance.

During the period, the Oshe Maru, disguised as Kushinin, also came out to brush up on Bo's presence.

Although the others did not recognize it, Kurayoshi noticed the cold breath like a snake at a glance.

But why didn't you come to me?

Sasuke didn't take the Zhongnin exam, and if Osake Maru was there for Sasuke, it wouldn't make sense to come here.

Since Da She Wan is here, he can only be attracted by his own bait perfect immortal blood, his goal is himself.


Why didn't you come?

The thought just turned in his mind. Suddenly, the air became turbulent and rushed, and then it turned into a howling wind that broke through everything.

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty One

The wind like a tornado, with a stern whistle, broke through the branches, ploughed the ground, and swept across the sky with dust.

The attack was too sudden, and there was no sign of it beforehand.

This attack speed was too fast. From the detection of the abnormality to the tornado raid, the whole process took less than a second, and Kuroyoshi had no time to defend, so he could only subconsciously jump out to avoid the attack.

However, looking at Naruto and Sakura next to him, Kuroyoshi did not hide, but grabbed the shoulders of the two and threw them out.


The tornado, with great strength, entrained Cangji and flew upside down. The wind around him left dense wounds on him like a sharp blade, and splashes of blood without money.