Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 176

However, it looked miserable, but Kurayoshi did nothing.

Many of these small wounds heal before they form, and larger wounds heal within a second.

However, it was very uncomfortable to be caught flying by the tornado.

Kuroyoshi endured the severe pain, stretched out his hand, opened a huge iron fan in his hand, and sealed his left hand on his chest.

"The wind breaks the chaotic wind."

The iron fan slammed down, the tornado stopped abruptly, and then broke apart, forming a more violent wind, sweeping like a natural disaster, and the forest in front of it was turned into fragments with a radius of 100 meters.


Cangji stopped his body against a big tree. After seeing the sight in front of him, he couldn't help but his eyes widened. The tremendous power made him swear.

It's not that he hasn't seen an attack of this level.

Whether it's Mu Dun or other advanced ninjutsu, Kuroyoshi can do this kind of destructive power.

But this is just an ordinary B-level wind escape. It was originally only a short-to-medium-range technique with power concentrated around ten meters.

But under the blessing of Breathing Wind, it burst out with such power.

This must be a tenfold increase!

What is it like for Grade B, Grade A and Grade S?

It is a pity that the wind escape is scarce, the advanced wind escape is even less, and the advanced wind escape that can be made with a fan is even rarer.

The most advanced wind escape that Kuroyoshi has mastered with a fan is this B-grade breaking wind.

"Kurayoshi, are you okay!"

Sakura and Naruto ran over in a panic.

Although the tornado just wasn't as good as the hurricane set off by Kurayoshi, it was also powerful and could not be used by Shinobu.

Kuroyoshi frowned, grabbed the iron fan and slammed, the violent hurricane blew the two up, cutting their bodies like a cutting machine.

Naruto melted into a puddle of mud in the air, and Sakura slammed into another person with a "bang" against a big tree

Wearing an ephedra robe and hat, the man with a cold and weird face is exactly the same as the clashed with him in the classroom, but his temperament is completely different.


"How do you see that I am not myself."

Da She Wan stood up with the root of the tree, his face covered with frost.

Although he didn't cause any major injuries just now, he was covered with scars, and he was very embarrassed by the scarlet flow everywhere.

"The traces of deception are too obvious." Kuroyoshi responded lightly.

When Naruto ran towards him, when he looked at him, Cangji's body was chilly, like something being stared at by a snake.

The real Naruto can't bring him this feeling, it can only be disguised by others' transformation skills.

Before entering the death forest, Dashemaru came out to play with Naruto in the red bean to brush up the sense of presence. Kuraki felt the cold and cold atmosphere on his body, so it instantly understood that the pretender was Dashemaru.

But if the attacker were Oshemaru, he could not be so stupid that he only changed his appearance without pretending his breath.

Therefore, this Naruto is just a young child who deliberately exposed his flaws to attract his attention, with the goal of creating opportunities for the hidden real body.

Apart from this fake Naruto, there is only Sakura nearby.

Of course, the real body may also be hidden nearby

But Kurayoshi is confident that he can spot anyone lurking nearby outside of Heijue.As for hiding a little farther, and unable to grasp the fighter at the moment when the decoy creates a flaw.

Therefore, this Sakura is also fake.

"Hehe you are amazing, Kuraki-kun."

Da She Wan stretched out her long tongue to lick around her mouth, with a satisfied smile on her face.

Although Kurayoshi didn't say the specific reason, his rich combat experience and wisdom allowed him to guess where the problem might be.

His expression became more and more excited.

"Kurayoshi-kun, you are so great, I can't help but want you now."

"Don't say such misleading words!"

Kuroyoshi couldn't help but shudder.

Although I knew that the meaning of Dashewan was not what I thought, my body still couldn't help getting cold all over.

"Haha" The satisfaction on Dashewan's face became more and more obvious, with a long tongue licking around his mouth, "The mind is very good, let me see how other things are!"

After speaking, Dashewan released a murderous look.

The killing on the battlefield for decades has made him stained with blood, and his murderous aura is as strong as the substance.

If it is said that the murderous aura on the body is scared because of the cruel temperament, then the murderous aura on the Oshe Maru is black and white without any color, but pure and thick, with the silence and terror accumulated by the sea of ​​blood.

However, in the face of the murderous attack of the violent storm, Kurayoshi's expression was indifferent, without even frowning.


Da She Maru was really surprised this time.

Wisdom and strength can also be explained by genius, but as far as he knows, Kuroyoshi has only graduated for a few months and only performed a C-level task and some D-level chores.

There should be no chance to come into contact with mass killings.

However, facing his murderous illusion, he was not afraid.

"Innate guts?"

Oshemaru laughed, and rushed towards Kuroshitsuji in excitement. His figure was so fast that a series of afterimages were dragged out on the road.

Kuroyoshi lowered his head, with an iron fan in his right hand.

Oshemaru came to the front of him in no time, clenched his right hand and punched it towards Kuroyoshi.

Just when his fist was about to hit Kurayoshi's head, he raised his head abruptly, and the fist of his left hand hit his face first.

Oshe Maru flew out at several times the speed since then, Cangji smiled coldly, put the iron fan into the space, and followed his body movement.