Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 177

Dashewan was a little confused while flying backwards.

He tested Kuroyoshi with a test mentality. He didn't want Kuroyoshi's reaction, speed, and strength to be a bit unexpected, and his nose was splashed with a punch.

This kind of physical fitness is simply not something that can be exercised at this age.Even if a genius is like a ferret, at this age, the physical quality is far from him.

But Kuroyoshi

It really is a perfect fairy body!

Da She Maru recalled the blood sample that Tou brought to him a few years ago. The vitality and activity contained in it was stronger than that of the original Naruto Senjujuma.

Moreover, a few days ago, Dudou told him that Kurayoshi had awakened Mu Dun.

The child's body

"I'm going to make a decision."

Da She Wan's eyes were full of fanaticism.

"I want Nima!"

Kuroyoshi appeared above the Oshe Maru and stepped on his face.

Chapter 122 The Big Snake Pill Defeated (First Order)


A loud noise hovered in the sky.

The upside-down Osaki Maru was overtaken by Kurayoshi, and stepped on the ground, guessing the crack like a spider web.

Cangji stomped on Oshemaru's face, pulled out the guardian sword with his right hand, and inserted it into Oshemaru's neck.


Da She Wan's body twitched and turned into a pool of mud.

It's really mud, not a description.

This guy used a substitute technique just before flying out.

Kuroyoshi pulled out his sword, looked around, looking for the figure of Oshamaru.

Suddenly, the ground shook, and a large python with the thickness of a water tank opened its mouth in the blood basin and broke through the ground under its feet, trying to swallow the thing.

A cold light flashed in Cangji's eyes, Chakra injected the long sword, the cold aura spread, and a hundred meters in a radius instantly turned into a world of frost, and the python was frozen into an ice sculpture while maintaining the swallowing posture.


The top of the boa constrictor's head cracked and then shattered. Oshemaru came out of the hole covered in mucus, looked at Kuroyoshi who jumped into the distance, and said with a smile: "It has grown to this point, it seems, Can't be treated like an ordinary kid!"

Da She Maru said, his hands were sealed, his mouth opened, and he exhaled raging flames.

Cangji smiled coldly, waved his sword, and the chill was drifting.

The flame suddenly extinguished, and the frost continued, spreading toward the Dashewan.

On one side of O She Maru's face, she withdrew again and again, and then, her body shaped like a snake wrapped around the tree and rotated upward.

The cold air blew from below, turning the earth into silver-clad plain.

"I didn't expect it to be so tricky."

Da She Maru glanced back, knowing that his plan was a bit difficult to realize.

Kuroyoshi is not the young eagle he imagined, but has grown into a king who soars in the sky and overlooks the earth.

I want to catch him before he grows up

It's hard, it's hard.

"call out!"

Cangji swiftly chased after stepping on the branches, and the long sword in his hand exuded the chill repeatedly.

Dashemaru resisted the cold and used the Kusanaru sword against the enemy.

This weapon that can be long or short and can be manipulated in the air at will is also extraordinary, and its sharpness is also very painful when slashing on the ape demon who has King Kong not bad.

However, what surprised Oshemaru was that these artifacts could not be cut off by the guardian sword.

Obviously the body of the blade is thorough and it looks as crisp as ice, and it can withstand the heavy blow of this sharp weapon.

On the contrary, the ultra-low temperature exuding from the knife body made him afraid to stay in one place for a long time. If he is careless, he will be frozen into an ice sculpture, and he can only fight and go.

"Ding Ding Ding"

The two fought fiercely, and weapons collided along the way, setting off bright sparks. In the quiet dense forest, the shadow of the sword, the light and the sword, resounded with a crisp sound.

In terms of swordsmanship, Kurayoshi is definitely not the opponent of Oshemaru who has invaded this way for decades.

In terms of speed and power, even if it is blessed with a giant bracer, it will be inferior.

In terms of combat experience, it was even more exploded by the opponent.

However, Cangji relied on the chill of the guardian sword to hit the Oshe Maru all the time, which made him extremely aggrieved.


Oshemaru yelled in anger, swept across with a sword, forcing Cangji back, and at the same time raised his left hand.

"The hidden shadow has more snake hands."

More than a dozen snakes were instantly summoned from their sleeves. They divided their work and cooperated. Some spread their teeth to intercept the enemy's hiding space, some stared and threatened, and some rushed toward the enemy.

In the face of such an orderly attack, Kuraki had no fear on his face.

"Time has dragged on long enough, let it all end!"

He has a long sword horizontally in front of him, his left index finger and middle finger close together, standing in front of him, "Thunder and thunder."

Chakra flowed from his hand to the knife, but did not inject it into it to radiate chills, but turned into thunder clinging to it and "sizzling".


Kuroyoshi yelled, and the thunder riot spread forward like a spider web to form a grid.

The big snakes were just objects in front of the thundernet. They were covered with heads. Then, they pulled out all over, emitting a tender smell of flesh.