Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 178

Da She Wan was shocked, and quickly drew back.

The twisted snake shadow in the sky was suddenly cut off from the middle.


Dashemaru was not surprised and rejoiced, and Kusanaru's sword violently stretched out and fired at Kuroyoshi.

But Kurayoshi didn’t seem to react. He was penetrated through the left waist and abdomen, but

The offensive remains the same as before, without any weakness.

It wasn't that he didn't react, but he didn't think about avoiding at first, intending to replace his life with injury.


The blood was surging like a fountain, and Kuraji held the Kusanaru sword, rushing to the front without any loss, and then slashed Dashemaru's head severely.

Dashewan also reacted quickly, turning his head in time to avoid the possibility of his head being cut off.

But, although his head was not cut off.

But there was an extra scar from the shoulder to the waist and abdomen, which was deeply visible.

"Damn it!"

Oshemaru endured the pain and turned the knife, then cut across, trying to cut him in the middle.

However, a large amount of cold suddenly erupted from the wound where he was cut, and his body spread throughout his body at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Da She Wan's pupils contracted, and she had to give up her previous plan, her mouth widened, and a hand came out from it, followed by her head, shoulders, and body.

Just like shedding her skin, Jin Chan escaped from the shell before Da She Wan's body was frozen, full of disgusting mucus.

As soon as he came out, he quickly backed away, separated from Cangji, then jumped between the big trees, and disappeared from his vision in the blink of an eye.

An opponent who has the ability to recover like an immortal, fights with you for life, especially when the strength of the two sides is not much different, then there is no play.

Just turning the knife and cutting horizontally was the last chance for Oshemaru. Losing this opportunity, he would have no chance of victory.

He would only be forced to retreat and retreat by Kuroyoshi, and eventually lost.

Kuroyoshi did not chase.

It is difficult to catch a strong shadow-level man who wants to escape.

Especially Oshe Maru, as cunning as a snake, it is useless if caught.Even if he is killed, he will be resurrected on other curse seal experiments.

Kuroyoshi took out the Kusanaru sword in his spare time, and the wound healed with naked eyes.

He glanced at the clothes that had turned into tattered cloth strips, tore them off, and then collected the blood that had fallen from Dashewan into a container.

Before the collection, Kuraki deliberately touched the blood with his finger to see if it had the potential of the material.

After all, Oshemaru's current body is not his own, but to occupy someone else's body by turning around without a corpse.

However, the prompt sound of the system dispelled the doubt.

No matter who the body belongs to in front of him, the current master is the real master.

The knife that Da She Maru took was a bit cruel, and the blood spewed out, putting aside most of the wasted, Kuroyoshi also collected two bottles.

After that, he took out the Book of Omniscience and checked the location of Naruto Sakura.

Sakura was hiding carefully nearby, but Naruto ran a long way, and was now coming here quickly.

"It seems that Naruto was attacked by a python!"

Kuroyoshi sighed, and then separated a shadow clone and asked him to find Naruto Sakura, while he took the book of omniscience to find other candidates.

Chapter 123: Fragrant Phosphorus (Five More Seeking First Order)

Kuroyoshi took a look at the situation with the Book of All Knowledge, and it only showed the situation of 19 teams.

This means that at least six teams have been eliminated.

Because the book of omniscience does not show the light spots of the dead.

He has found the position of Xianglin.

She was with her two Kushinin teammates, about 13 kilometers east of her.

Close the book and enter the system space.

Cangji found the right direction and hurried to the position of Xianglin.

Others don't know whether they have the potential of special materials, so let's get the ones that have been determined first.

As for Ning Ci, in the same village, there are many opportunities, which can be temporarily left behind.

the other side.

On the border between the country of wind and the country of Sichuan.

Obviously one step away, but one side is yellow sand and the other side is forest, people have to feel the magic of nature.

Suddenly, four figures gathered on the border.

They wore Konoha Anbe costumes, animal masks, and long knives behind them.

It was the three generations of Hokage who sent the Kakashi Anbu team to investigate the border of the Kingdom of Wind.

"Is there anything unusual?"

As the captain, Kakashi looked at the three players.

The three shook their heads together.

"Then continue." Kakashi said, "Naruto-sama attaches great importance to the results here. There should be no reflections during the search."


The three agreed in unison, and then left immediately.

After a while, a short Anbu came back.

"Sasuke, what's the matter?"

There are only two people here, and Kakashi directly matches his real name.