Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 179

Sasuke said: "I got some news from the caravan passing by. It seems that there are very few ninjas in Sandyak Village now. They have waited two days for the escort task to be assigned."

"Yeah!" Kakashi murmured slightly, "I remember the Daimyo of the Kingdom of the Wind handed over the tasks of the citizens to Konoha! Shagakura Village shouldn't be so busy that there are no staff."

Sasuke nodded in agreement.

Because Konoha and Sagyun are in different situations, he didn't think anything strange at first.

Later, when I think of the difference between the two, I feel strange.

So reported to Kakashi.

"Close the team, go back and report to Master Naruto."


Death forest.

After searching for a period of time, Kurayoshi finally found the phosphorus.

She was with two Kushinin teammates and was struggling against the enemy's attack.

The attackers were three Taki Shinobu.

The situation was very unfavorable for Cao Ren. One Cao Ren had a kunai stuck in his leg, and the other was even more miserable. The upper body was stained red with blood, as if it had been bombed by the detonation talisman.

It was Phosphorus. Although he was embarrassed, there were many kicked footprints on his clothes, but he didn't suffer much damage.

While dealing with the enemy, she looked at the situation, her eyes flickered, and she obviously planned to run away if she was defeated.

After a while, two of her teammates fell one after another.

The three Taki Shinobu gathered around her.

"Wait a minute." Xianglin raised his hands, "The scroll is on the captain, let me go."

The three Takinin glances at each other, one ran to search for the body, and the other two surrounded her.

"Found the scroll."

The corpse collector waved at them with a scroll.

The two Takinobos surrounding the neighboring Phosphorus nodded their heads at each other, and then killed them all at the Phosphorus, "We don't want to leave troubles, go to death!"

Fragrant phosphorus bit his teeth and took out a smoke bomb.

Just when he was about to throw it out, he saw a black shadow flash in front of him, and three Taki Shinobu fell one after another.

In front of him, there was a young boy with his back facing her topless, and the sunlight penetrated through the gaps in the leaves, leaving patchy spots on the strong and powerful body.

"this is"

Looking at the back in front of him, Xianglin forgot to escape.

Her hometown was destroyed, and she fled with her mother to live in Cao Ren Village, she was never rescued.

No, let alone saved.

Kushinin Village doesn't treat them as humans at all.

Because of the special physique of the vortex bloodline, as long as the body is bitten, it can help Chakrali and his injuries.

Even if they are ninjas, they are just treated as mobile life-saving kits.

The mother even died because of it.

This person who suddenly dedicated himself to saving her made Xianglin feel warmer than ever before.

This man is my angel.

Even though he hadn't seen the front, Xianglin had a strange feeling towards the person in front of him.

At this moment, the man turned around.

There were a lot of dry blood stains on his body, as well as on his face, but they couldn't hide the dry face and the evenly muscled figure.

So handsome!

A blush appeared on Xianglin's face.

At this moment, the young man took his steps, slowly thinking about her coming, with a faint smile on his face.

What is he going to do?

Want to kill me?

Xianglin's heart was tense, a little scared, but did not run away.

Seeing the smile on the handsome face of the young man, he never felt that he would hurt himself.

Look, the young man's sword is not drawn.

How can someone with such a warm smile when killing someone, would be so slow?

At this time, the boy slowly stretched out his right hand to her.


Does he want to touch my head?

Do you want to comfort me?

Xianglin remembered the love he had seen before, and a warm and loving picture appeared in his mind.

Suddenly, his heart was bumping like a deer, and he closed his eyes tightly.

Suddenly, there was a pain in the head.

Xianglin uttered "Ouch", covered his head and opened his eyes.

The red pupils were filled with tears and aggrieved.

"Take this bunch of hair as a gift for saving you!"

The boy wrapped his long red hair, put it in his arms carefully, and walked away from her.


Phosphorus was stunned, somewhat unclear.