Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 180

Not touching my head to comfort me, but pulling my hair

Is it a prank?

still is

Xianglin was thinking wildly.

Suddenly, the voice of that person came again behind him.

"You are from the whirlpool clan!"


Xianglin woke up from his cranky thoughts, looked back at the boy, hesitated, and nodded in confession.

"Come to Konoha!"

The boy said: "These two Kushinoba doesn't seem to treat you as a companion, so why not come to Konoha!"

"The Uzumaki clan has been friendly with Konoha for generations. If you explain your situation to Hokage, he will definitely take you in."

"Of course, if you are reluctant to leave the home in Cao Ren Village, you can ignore my words."

After speaking, the boy left.

And fragrant phosphorus stayed in place dumbfounded.

She didn't care what the boy said before, only remembered the last sentence.

If you can't bear the home in Cao Ren Village, you can ignore my words.

"Caonin Village, home"

Xianglin pursed her lower lip, her small fist was clenched white, "How can such a place be called home!"

The fiery red eyes became extremely firm.

the other side.

After Kurayoshi left a suggestion, he hurried to other teams nearby.

Although the potential of these crooked melon cracked dates is very low, there is no loss after trying it. What if you win the jackpot?

Chapter 124 Fairy Feather

In the secluded forest, a figure quickly shuttled through it.

Suddenly, the figure passed through a clearing, and the dim light illuminates the person's face.

His upper body is naked, his evenly distributed muscles are covered in blood, and his face is very handsome and dry.

It was Kuroyoshi.

He searched around in the forest.

Before he had time to enter the tower, all his hair was pulled out.

However, without exception, there is no potential.

Now, he was about to meet Naruto Sakura, and then enter the tower.

On the go.

Suddenly, from the corner of his eyes, he caught a familiar figure.

In the sunset, the dim light fell through the gaps in the leaves, illuminating a young girl leaning on the boulder.

Attractive figure, fishnet outfit, overcoat over.

It's just that the girl who usually smiles brightly, frowning at this moment, seems to be thinking about something.

Kuroyoshi's eyes lit up.

Turning around, a few jumps between the big trees landed in front of the girl.

The girl was shocked, and quickly turned to counterattack.

However, the curse imprint made it difficult for her to move. As soon as her body moved, she fell to the ground.

"Oh, isn't this the chief examiner?"

Kuroyoshi squatted in front of the girl, jokingly and greeted.

That's right, this girl is really Mitarai adzuki beans.

Said she is a girl, but she is not too young, she should be called a young woman.

But the delicate face and active personality made her look like a girl.

"It is you!"

Adzuki beans breathed a sigh of relief as she looked at Kiyoshi Kuroshio's face.

She supported the ground, moved her position, let her back rest on the boulder, and then looked at Cangji.

"I have read all the candidates' information, you are the first name of this newcomer!"


Kuroyoshi nodded and admitted.

Hongdou looked around, but didn't see anyone else, so he asked, "Where is your companion?"

"I'm gone, I'm about to find them!"

"No need to look for it." Hongdou said: "You give up the game, and you will leave the death forest with me later, and I will let people look for your companion."


Cangji was taken aback by mistake, reached out his hand to poke her forehead, and said in surprise: "No fever!"

"I know my state very well, at least my mind is clear." Adzuki patted Kuroyoshi's hand and said seriously: "Although it is a bit abrupt to say this to you suddenly, believe me, it is for your good."

Kuroyoshi didn't answer, but looked straight at Adzuki Dou's eyes, making her frown.

"What do you mean by staring at me?"

"Am I familiar with you?"