Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 181


After that, without waiting for Kuroyoshi to reply, Adzuki continued: "I know you are inexplicable, but"

"It's Oshe Maru!"

Kuroyoshi interrupted Adzuki bean, making the scene quiet for a while.

Hongdou stared at him blankly, and it took a long time before he came back to his senses, "Have you seen that guy?"

"I saw it soon after entering the Death Forest."

"Then what are you"

"I don't know what he said to you, but that guy was defeated by me, like a bereaved dog running away with its tail sandwiched."

"what did you say!?"

Adzuki bean looked at Kuroyoshi in disbelief, her dark gray eyes widened, "Even if you are the number one newcomer in this year,"

"It's OK." Kuraji gave up again and again, "I probably know what you want to say, but I am too lazy to explain to you, and I will not give up the exam. If you have the ability, you will use force to take me away."


Kurayoshi ignored her and stretched out his hand to pull two hairs on her head.

"What are you doing?" Adzuki asked in pain.

Kuroyoshi stretched out his hand and pulled two more, and said with a light smile: "You continue to talk, I will continue to pull until you strip your hair."


Kuroyoshi pulled another one.

Hongdou closed her mouth immediately, just staring at her with murderous eyes.

Suddenly, there were slight footsteps around, and several mutated and colorful tigers walked out of the forest.

Adzuki beans suddenly became nervous.

She now has a curse seal, and all the chakras are used to suppress the curse seal, and it is difficult to even move her body.


It is impossible to defeat five or six mutant giant tigers with one Ninja.

However, Kuroyoshi just looked back and glared.

Several giant tigers turned around and ran away as if they had seen natural enemies.

Animals’ intuition makes them feel dangerous.


Hongdou opened her mouth, but there was no sound in her mouth.

She didn't even know what happened.

"Anbe seems to be here!" Kurayoshi raised his head and glanced at the dark depths of the dense forest. "Since there are companions here, then I will leave."

After finishing speaking, regardless of the expression on the red bean, he got up and jumped away from the opposite direction.

After a while, four Anbu arrived.

Adzuki looked at the direction Kurayoshi was leaving with a look of astonishment.

Does that guy still perceive a ninja?

However, no one answered him.

The sun sets in the western mountains, and the crescent moon hangs high.


The bright moonlight shone, making the river sparkling, reflecting the moon.

Kuroyoshi found a place nearby and stopped.

After obtaining three special materials in a row, he couldn't help but want to forge them.

The first is red bean's hair.

There are only three.

However, because it is a girl, the hair is relatively long, so it is enough.

Ding!The special material "Tuan children’s hair" is detected, and the special item "Fairy Feather Clothes" can be forged.

The hair of God's children.

Kuroyoshi wanted to complain.

However, the name of the prop "Xianren Yuyi" allowed him to suppress his desire to complain, and forged the props immediately.


I read a word silently in my mind, and suddenly there is a piece of clothing in my hand.

It is a black and white haori uniform, a bit like the captain's uniform in the previous anime "Reaper", but with some differences. The tail is longer and the overall is a little more elegant.

"Fairy feather clothing: A feather clothing containing Xianshu chakras. The size can be changed freely with the wearer. The wearer can freely control the Xianshu chakras in the clothes. Note: The Xianshu chakras in the clothes are limited. It takes only hours to replenish; Xianshu Chakra has a huge impact on the human body, it is a very dangerous energy, please use it with caution"

"It really is a curse!"

After reading the introduction of the fairy Yui, Kuroyoshi knew it.

In classroom 301, when he first saw Adzuki beans, Kuroyoshi had thought that the props forged on her might be related to the curse seal.

Although the curse is the power of Shigeo.

However, it was extracted from his body and no longer belonged to him.

When the curse seal was implanted in the red bean body, the power of the curse seal belonged to her, even if she was annoying and didn't use it much, she kept it sealed.

But it cannot change the ownership of the curse seal.

Cangji glanced at the blood stains on his body and threw the fairy feather robe into the system space.

He didn't want to stain this new dress.