Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 183

After Cangji's brain made up, when he was fighting with others, he wore a combat power detector with his hands on his chest, and looked at the opponent disdainfully, "Cut, the scum with a combat power of 5 is also worthy to fight with me?"

"No way, no way, it's too damn second, I rely on!"

Kuroyoshi shook his head vigorously, threw the brain supplement picture out of his head, took the detector with him, and injected it into Chakra.

Suddenly, a map appeared on the lens with numerous red dots densely marked on it.

Kuroyoshi randomly selected a red dot and tried to enlarge the screen.

Then, the map became a real scene, a small wooden house on Konoha Street.

Kuroyoshi continued to zoom in on the screen. In the screen, the outside of the house was cut into the house, and a fat lady inside was cooking.

Kuroyoshi turned off the detector and groaned slightly.

"This almost combines the characteristics of Kagura's mind eye and telescope art, and strengthens the range of props."

The book of omniscience can see the picture, but it is easily obscured.

If the enemy is hiding in a house or cave, then the Book of All-knowledge can only see a light spot, not the scene inside.

But after the detector combines the characteristics of Kagura's mind-eye perception to check its characteristics, it can go over the building block and directly view the picture of the chakra owner, and it can also see the strength of the chakra inside the opponent.

Although it is a little bit in use, it is actually better than the Book of All-Knowing or Kagura in terms of practicality.

However, it did not reach the expected BUG level.

"It's better to be content!"

Kuroyoshi comforted himself a little, then cast his gaze on the fairy chains.

After pondering slightly, he crumpled the charm into a ball, stuffed it into his mouth and ate it.

Isn't it just eating paper?

It's not eating shit, where is there so much resistance?

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A spell under the belly, chicken flavor, crunchy and crispy.

Cangji relied on his brain for comfort and swallowed it in one bite. Suddenly, a golden "lock" appeared on the palms of his hands.

There was also a piece of information about King Kong's blockade in my mind, including its function and method of use.

Then, the font flashed twice and disappeared from the palm.

Kuroyoshi typed chakra into his palm, and the word "lock" lit up again.

Cangji nodded, facing the big tree on the other side of the river with both hands, and then increased Chakra output.

Two thick chains emitting golden light burst out of the palms, piercing through the big tree that can only be hugged by five or six people, and then smashed the huge boulders behind them to stop.

Yes, although it is a sealing technique, it can also be used as a weapon.

Of course, it is obviously wasteful to use the powerful seal technique as a weapon.

With a thought to Cangji, the chain was pulled back into his palm, and the word "lock" disappeared.

After completing the tests on the four items of Xianglin, he finally took out the blood of Dashe Wan.

Ding!The special material "Blood of the Serpent" can be forged to forge special props, "Escape of the Golden Cicada", "Hocrifice", "Gate of Truth", "Replacement Chamber", "White Lady", "Snake Cave", "Yaki Orochi", and "Rubber Tights". Whether forging

As expected of Uncle Snake, he can forge 8 items.

However, the last rubber tights felt a bit inconsistent with Uncle Snake!

Is this Uncle Snake disguised by Matkay?

With doubt, Kurayoshi chose to build.

Suddenly, there were 8 things floating in front of him.

A gauze that is as thin as a cicada's wings and has a pattern of dragonfly wings.

A chain made of obsidian with a skull necklace at the end.

A ball the size of a palm, exuding a soft light.

It was the size of a slap, like a freezer compartment.

A palm-sized figure of Bai Suzhen, um, the image of the old version.

A rockery the size of a palm with a cave under the rockery.

A glass ball the size of an egg, with black mist exuding inside.

A silicone tights, after putting it on, people can't help but wonder whether the fart will bulge.

Kurayoshi stretched out his hand to catch the thin silk garment.

"Jin Chan escapes the shell: The gauze will take on a deadly attack instead of the wearer."

One is the chance to save lives.

It can be worn together on the fairy feather garment.

Kuroyoshi nodded in satisfaction and put the clothes into the system space.

Then set his eyes on the obsidian skull necklace.

"Horcrux: leaving the master's chakra mark, when the master dies, he will wake up from the Horcrux again. Note: This is a single resurrection point"

Seeing the introduction of the system, Kurayoshi fell into deep thought.

What is the method of rebirth after death?

Is it only soul consciousness, or is it regenerated into a physical body?

If a new body is formed, is this new body the state before death or a newborn baby?

If it is a newborn baby, wouldn't it be possible to live forever by this thing?

Ding!After awakening the consciousness in the Horcrux, the Horcrux will shape the body according to the consciousness before death, the physical condition will remain in the state before death, and any injuries and illnesses will automatically heal itself.

System friendly reminder: Any eternal life is relative, there is no real eternity in this world

"In other words, the Horcrux can only be regarded as the resurrection of accidental death, right!"