Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 184

Kuroyoshi nodded slightly.

If it is natural to die of old age, even if it is resurrected from the Horcrux, the next moment will still die of old age, meaningless.

As for the system's friendly reminder

Kuroyoshi never thought of eternal immortality.

He is still young now, not yet the age to think about this problem.

In case, if you live a long time then, it is possible that you don't want to live anymore.

The living pursue immortality, while the real undead pursue death.

This kind of thing happens in many stories.

But now, he still doesn't want to die.

Kuraki took the Horcrux and poured Chakra into it.

A blue soul fire burned in the eye sockets of the skull.

Then, it goes out.

Then, return to peace.

Kuroyoshi felt the connection between the necklace and him, very mysterious, the kind of indescribable.

Kuroyoshi didn't worry too much, but was thinking about where to put this stuff.

First of all, it must not be worn on the body.

After all, it is a resurrection point.

If he would die, he would definitely be killed by a stronger one, and if he was worn on his body, he would be resurrected on the spot.

If that enemy is only slightly stronger than himself, it might be able to come back after being resurrected in place.

But what if the opponent is much better than yourself?

Wouldn't it be resurrected and killed by the opponent again?

But where should I put it?

Such important things related to life and death must be kept in a trusted secret place.

But after thinking about it for a while, Kuroyoshi didn't think of where he could save it with confidence, so he had to put it on first.

Not to mention, a handsome boy covered in blood and a solid body, wearing an obsidian skull necklace is really a bit metallic.

Putting aside the consideration of Horcruxes, Kurayoshi set his sights on the next item, a palm-sized ball that radiated soft light.

"The Gate of Truth: The door of the contract that connects the truth of the world. It contains all the knowledge of this world. You can read it as long as you pay the corresponding price. Note: Truth believes in equivalent exchange, and you must pay for what kind of knowledge you want to obtain Equal price."

This seems to be a very awesome thing.

But Kuroyoshi only took a look and threw it into the system space.

Props that need to be paid for to get, especially things that don’t make it clear what price needs to be paid, generally have pitfalls.

That is the case with that second-hand recycling bin.

He used an ordinary rice bowl to pit him a salty fish heart.

Moreover, Kuroyoshi learns knowledge in order to become strong, and does not like learning.

The next item.

A slap-sized thing, similar to a freezer cabin, inside is a double cabin, as long as it is injected into the chakra, it will be enlarged to the point where two people can lie down.

"Replacement cabin: Put yourself and the body that needs to be replaced in it, and start it, you can replace the body, and the replacement cabin will automatically adjust the adaptability of the body and soul to make it 100% adapted.

The introduction of the system is simple and clear, and it should be the forbidden technique that the source does not turn around.

However, there are no side effects.

If Da She Wan knew about this stuff, she would definitely cry in the toilet.

However, this thing is not available for the time being.

Cangji put the things into the system space, and then looked at the next item, Bai Suzhen figured it out.

"White Lady: A figure that contains life, inject into Chakra activation, after activation, the host will become White Lady. Note: Once transformed, you can never change back.


Kuroyoshi was silent.

He immediately thought of the popular sand sculptures in his previous life.

Sand sculpture netizens pointed to their pets and shouted at the various beast girls in front of the computer: Change, change for me.

Chapter 127 The Qualifiers Start

However, the play stalk belongs to the play stalk.

Kuroyoshi also seriously considered the practical use of this thing.

However, after thinking about it for a long time, I haven't figured out what the use is.

So put it directly into the system space.

The next item is the rockery.

"Snake cave: It is a space of its own, an ideal home for snake creatures. It has a great attraction to snake creatures. If it is used actively, it will have a huge attraction and suck all nearby snake creatures in."

Well, it's a type of props like Worm Nest.

Next time I met Dashewan, I wonder if I can use this prop to absorb him directly.

If possible, it would be fun.

Even if he couldn't directly suck him in, most of his ninjutsu would be abolished.

Tuck the things into the system space, Kuraki looked at the next item.

The egg-sized glass ball, with pitch-black mist in it, looked evil and strange.

"Yagi Orochi: A vessel containing the soul of the Ochi Orochi, as long as it is implanted in the sacrificed living person, the Ochiko Orochi will come and fight for you. Note: There are Ochi Orochi snakes in many worlds. Please don’t confuse the existence of "