Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 185

"This big snake should be the one transformed from the art of eight differences!"

Kuroyoshi pondered slightly.

It is indeed extraordinary to be able to fight with Susao Nohu.

However, living sacrifices are needed to summon

Kuroyoshi threw it directly into the system space.

He thinks he is not a good person, but he is not a bad person either. He is not cold-blooded enough to use a living person as a sacrifice to increase his combat power.

Even if you have an enemy, you can kill it with one sword.

After picking up his mood, Kurayoshi looked at the last item.

That silicone tights.

In previous lives, many anime characters COS needed to wear this kind of silicone clothing.

But they have a very handsome design.

And this one is the same as the ones worn by Xiao Li and Kai, but it has become a silicone version.

Although I haven't looked at the performance yet, Kurayoshi has made up his mind and will never wear it.

"Rubber tights: Clothes with magical powers can change your body structure after putting them on, allowing your body to stretch freely, just like a rubber man, and will return to its original shape when taken off. Note: The elasticity of rubber also has its limit. Don't go to death"

"Can the rubber fruit of the clothes version become one piece after wearing it?" Kuraki vomited, and put the clothes into the system space.

After some gains, I feel great.

He jumped into the river beside him to clean the blood, then put on the detector and went to find Naruto Sakura for a round.

For about ten minutes, Kuraki had a round with the shadow clone outside a tree cave.

Naruto Sakura is sleeping inside.

The shadow clone is on the vigil.

Kuroyoshi lifted the shadow clone and gave back a lot of information, and he immediately learned the situation here.

Naruto did encounter the giant python summoned by Oshemaru just like the anime, and finally used multiple shadow clones to burst the giant python's belly with the number of clones, and finally escaped.

And Sakura was well hidden.

She knew that she was weak, and going up to help would only drag her back, and she might become a hostage to the enemy.

Therefore, as soon as the battle started, you stayed away.

However, after the shadow avatar joined them, it was also attacked by other teams.

Naruto and Sakura took the initiative to ask the shadow clones not to help, and the two finally solved their opponents by their own strength.

After understanding what happened, Kuroyoshi nodded slightly.

Because of his own sake, Naruto has rarely experienced a lot of dangerous battles, and his growth is not as strong as in anime.

However, Sakura understood the importance of strength in advance because of Sasuke's early graduation, and she also practiced seriously on weekdays.

So it is much stronger than this time period in anime.

But it doesn't matter.

Now they only need to lay the foundation, and someone will teach them in the future.

The night is dim.

Between the woods, hazy fog is already surrounded.

The black sky, as if about to fall from the sky, insects, beasts roar, and crow-like "cooing" sounds, bringing the horror of the death forest at night.

Worthy of death.

The reel battle continues, assassinations, traps, fraud, and various methods emerge in endlessly.

Occasionally, screams can be heard, echoing over the forest.

Early the next morning, Naruto Sakura woke up.

Kuroyoshi just roasted the bear that attacked him at night. After filling their stomachs, everyone rushed to the central tower together.

The journey went smoothly without any attacks.

At about seven or eight o'clock, rushed to the tower.

The three opened the scroll of heaven and earth, and Iluka was channeled out.

Finally, after Iluka's guidance, everyone entered the lounge in the tower.

Prior to this, other teams had arrived.

Gaara squad in Shayin Village.

Gaara stood up when he saw Kuroyoshi coming in.

Temari stopped him, "Don't forget our mission."

Gaara looked at Temari indifferently, his eyes calm and terrifying.

Although Temari was a little scared in his heart, he still stopped in front of him.

After watching for a while, Gaara sat back and said nothing.

Seeing that the trouble was blocked by someone, Kuroyoshi didn't go to provoke him, and quietly leaned against the wall to rest.

As time passed a little bit, teams arrived one after another.

Soon, the fifth day arrived.

A lot of Shinobu gathered in the tower, and Kurayoshi saw the sandy Maki.

He came here as the leader of Gaara team.

However, Dashewan was not seen.

Yes, after all, Otonin was eliminated before the exam.

8 o'clock in the morning.