Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 187

"That's it."

Kuroyoshi suddenly appeared.

Once, during the ninja school, he would go to the ninth training ground to practice after school almost every day.

However, my effort is not not lower than yours, but too much higher.

After school, the practice in the ninth training ground is just the most basic exercise every day.

However, these words were not said by Kuroyoshi.

In front of a person who works equally hard, this is not something worth showing off.

At the same time, I also understand why Xiao Li didn't challenge him like Sasuke in the anime.

Probably, he regarded me as the same type as him!

"Kangyoshi, let's fight with no spare energy, don't let people leave regrets." Xiao Li's eyes were full of fighting.

"Okay." Kuroyoshi replied indifferently.

Seeing this, Hayate raised his right hand, "Then, the game officially begins."

After speaking, he quickly stepped aside.

And Xiao Li disappeared instantly.

It's not an instantaneous technique, but a rapid burst of physical strength.

The distance of five or six meters came quickly.

Xiao Li appeared in front of Cangji, squatting down, propped his hands on the ground, and kicked his chin.

High-speed movement and blind spot attack, this set of physical skills is very mysterious.

It was the first time to encounter this kind of opponent, and it was almost impossible for a person to block this kind of attack.


"There is too much difference in strength."

Cangji silently read a sentence in his mind, before Xiao Li kicked his chin, the post came first, kicked him with a kick and kicked him out.

"What? Faced with this high speed, can you fight back with a higher reaction and speed?"

The spectators on the second floor were stunned.

Especially the sand hidden team.

At the beginning, Kurayoshi suppressed Gaara at high speed.

When Xiao Li showed similar high-speed physical skills, they were also very surprised.

However, Kuroyoshi cracked it effortlessly.

If they are so, let alone the rest of the candidates.

Except for Ning Ci and Tian Tian, ​​no one else had seen Xiao Li so fast.

But even if it was so fast that it was invisible, it was still easily deciphered, and the surprise in his heart was so strong that it could not be added.

Especially Neji and Tiantian.

It is precisely because he knows how fast Xiao Li is that he knows the gold content of Cangji's easy cracking of Xiao Li's trick.

Looking at his gaze, he couldn't help becoming solemn.

"Xiao Li, unload your load and fight with all your strength." Looking at Xiao Li who stood up again, Kuraki said indifferently: "I said before that you should not leave regrets in your life. I will also return these words to you. ."

Xiao Li wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and smiled, "No, I"

"Little Li, take it down!"

The energetic shout from the second floor interrupted Xiao Li.

Everyone heard the sound and saw that Mike Kay gave a thumbs up to Xiao Li, and by the way, he showed a mouthful of glowing white teeth.

"He is an opponent worthy of your all-out effort. I will allow you to unload more this time."

Xiao Li was taken aback first, so I was overjoyed, "Thank you Teacher Kai."

Xiao Li jumped a few and came to the top of the Jieyin finger statue against the wall.

Then, under everyone's puzzled eyes, he lifted two weights from his legs.

"What's the matter? What's the use of unloading the load at this time?"

As soon as the thoughts of doubt flashed in everyone's minds, Xiao Li dropped the load high, and made a deafening sound on the ground, and the rising smoke even covered half of the venue.

The examinees onlookers were stunned.

Even the upper ninjas who watched the battle fell silently and sweat.

Kay, you guys have done too much.

"The game continues!"

Xiao Li said confidently, and then, the whole person disappeared from his finger.

After a while, there was a fierce air wave in the field.

Xiao Li appeared behind Kuroshitsuji and kicked him in the back of the head.

"Konoha Whirlwind."

Chapter 129 The Eight Door Dunjia


Kuroyoshi raised his right hand lightly, and easily blocked the whip leg.

Xiao Li's body turned around, turned from top to bottom, and fell down with a strong slash.

Kuroyoshi was short, with his hands propped on the ground, his body turned, and an upside down golden hook responded.