Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 189


Xiao Li rushed towards Kuroyoshi, which was several times faster than before, and only the air brought by the movement lifted the floor.



Xiao Li's must-kill punch was once again blocked by Kura Yoshi's understatement, and the collision of the two fists erupted into a fierce air wave.


Xiao Li looked up and looked at Cangji's understatement, his face full of disbelief.

He never thought that as long as he opened 4 doors he would be able to defeat Kuroyoshi.

But I never thought that a blow after opening 4 doors would be blocked by such an understatement.

At least, the speed and reaction that Kuroyoshi showed before shouldn't be able to be blocked so lightly.

Seems to know what Xiao Li is thinking.

Kuroyoshi shook his head slightly.

"Your secret to amplify your body is indeed powerful, but I also have my own powerful secret."

"The human body cannot withstand a force of 100, so it will be inhibited by the brain and cannot exert its full strength."

"However, when a person's body can withstand 100% of the body's strength, the brain will not restrain the body's strength."

"Your secret technique should also relieve the brain's restraint on the body!"

"However, even if the brain removes the restriction on the body, it cannot change the strength of the body's ability to withstand power, and the power that can be used is still limited."

"And my body has a strong resilience, even if the body is crushed by powder, it can recover quickly."

"Therefore, I can use 100% of my body's power!"

After the words fell, Kurayoshi struck out again, faster than before, causing the air to burst.

Xiao Li was shocked and quickly backed away.

Kuroyoshi missed a punch and did not pursue.

Because his punched arm was broken, and he fell weakly on his arm.

However, just when everyone was wondering why he was doing such a stupid thing, Kuroyoshi's arm recovered perfectly again, causing the people watching the game above to keep wiping his eyes, wondering if he was mistaken.

"Look, that's it." Kuroyoshi moved his right arm nonchalantly, with a faint smile on his face.

Xiao Li was horrified.

But soon settled down.

His current body cannot bear the burden of opening 4 doors for a long time.

Whether the enemy is strong or not has nothing to do with me.

It doesn't matter whether you can win or not.

Don't think about everything.

All i have to do now is

"Implement my own Shindo."

Chapter 130 Limiter Switch

"Boom boom boom"

In the hall, afterimages filled the sky, the air continued to explode, and occasionally the sound of fists and feet pierced through.

At this time, a violent wave of air will surely be set off in the hall, and everyone watching on the second floor cannot open their eyes.

Kuroyoshi didn't use ninjutsu, put the guardian sword on the ground in the center, and relied on his physical strength to fight against Xiao Li.

Although, not using full force in the game is an insult to the opponent.

However, the gap between the two is too big.

Even if Xiao Li opened the fifth door, he just surpassed the speed of sound.


Although the speed of the physical body alone cannot reach supersonic speed, as long as the instantaneous spell is used.

Although one is a short-distance eruption, there is also a distance limit, which requires chakras and seals.

The other is to strengthen the body's strength and run continuously, which has great advantages.

But Xiao Li's current physical fitness, if he opens 5 doors, he will break his whole body with just one blow.

A single physique has too much disadvantage compared to a variety of ninjutsu.

If Kurayoshi uses ninjutsu with all his strength, the battle will end in an instant.

Not using ninjutsu, this is his respect for Xiao Li's spirit of never giving up and never admitting defeat.

The battle is too fierce.

The aftermath of the two collisions caused the floor to be ploughed again.

Ning Ci unknowingly opened his eyes, and his face was full of shock under the hideous exposed blood vessels.

The tail of the crane that has been constantly challenging him in the team, when did it become so strong?

And the number one among the newcomers is so amazing!

Metkay clenched his fists imperceptibly.

Although the battle has not yet been determined, Xiao Li had already lost when Kuraki showed the inhuman healing ability.

Xiao Li, there is no healing power that can solve the immortality.

If you are an ordinary person, you can also use the pain caused by the wound to defeat your opponent from the will.

However, Kuroyoshi broke his arm before, but he still didn't change his face, nor did he see any cold sweat.

He didn't endure the pain, but got used to it.