Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 190

It is simply impossible to rely on pain and defeat the opponent from the will.

Xiao Li has no chance of winning.

"The fifth door, Dumen, open!"

During the battle, Xiao Li broke out again, unparalleled, blowing smoke and dust everywhere.

Before everyone could see the situation clearly, Xiao Li stepped on the air, suddenly changed direction, and slammed a punch.

This is his final blow.

His body has reached its limit, and he can't open the five doors unless he opens it.

No matter what the result is, this is his strongest blow

It is he who contains the will and strength to practice hard for several years.

It surpassed the speed of sound, broke through the air, and slammed into the opponent's fist.



A loud noise like the explosion of a detonating talisman, the explosion of air waves one after another.

Two figures flew out from the left and the other right.

It's Kuroyoshi and Xiao Li.

No one took advantage of that simple power confrontation, and the right side of the collision between the two people was pulled around.

Obviously, they are all broken.

However, Kurayoshi's arm returned to normal while flying backwards.


Each of them hit the wall and smashed a deep hole.

Kuroyoshi walked out casually.

And Xiao Li

Although I tried to stand up, I tried several times without success.

In the end, he let go and fainted to the ground.

"Winner, Kuroyoshi."

Moonlight Hayate announced the winner of the game.

Kuroyoshi, including all the audience watching off the field, also breathed a sigh of relief.

This kind of high-intensity battle, even watching the battle is very exhausting.

But Kuroyoshi couldn't help it.

The strength of the physical body and physical skills are already his limit.

If he can't tell the victory or defeat, he can only resort to other means.

Fortunately, the outcome has been divided.

He took out the guardian sword inserted in the center of the field and went to the second floor to watch the battle.

And Xiao Li was taken to the hospital by the medical team.

After watching the wonderful performance of the two, the three generations showed a gratified expression on their faces.

This new generation is really amazing.

He has seen Konoha's future prosperity.

The exam continues.

The second game was a Kushino vs. Shino, and Shino won without pressure.

Game 3

Game 4

Off the court is in full swing, but Kuroyoshi is indifferent.

He is looking at the system's prompt record.

Before, when Xiao Li's blood was stained on his hand, the system issued a prompt.

It's just that they were fighting at the time and didn't hear what the system said.

Ding!Special material "burning blood" is detected, special props, "limiter switch" can be forged, whether forging

Although there was no mention of any relationship with Bamen Dunjia, when he saw the three words "limiter", Cangji believed that he was an item related to Bamen Dunjia.

Suddenly, my heart was hot, and I didn't want to watch the game anymore, and left the hall in the name of going to the toilet.

For about five minutes, Kuroyoshi hid in the bathroom.

After confirming that there was no one with the detector, he directly chose forging.

Suddenly, there was a red bracelet on his hand with eight tiny buttons on it.

"Limiter switch: This is a bracelet with magical power. It can open the eight doors of the wearer's body. Note: The eight doors are limiters that limit the body's strength and are also a safety measure to protect the body. Please do not open it at will

"Of course it is a prop to open eight doors!"

Kuroyoshi had such an expression as expected.

Although Xiao Li can only open 5 doors now, it's just that his body does not meet the requirements for opening higher doors.

As long as Bamen Dunjia opens one door, it means that the forbidden technique has been successfully mastered. As long as the requirements for opening the door are met, they can be opened one after another.

Just like Metka and Matt belts.

They had opened 8 doors once in their lives, but they had already met before opening 8 doors.

Ninjutsu does not have to be used to master it.

Therefore, even if Xiao Li can only open 5 doors now, the props forged from his blood can also open 8 doors.