Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 191

Kuroyoshi didn't hesitate and put the bracelet on his hand directly.

The bracelet automatically shrinks and becomes the size that fits the arm. Six of the eight buttons above have turned blue and two red.

This is telling Kurayoshi that his current physical fitness can only support the opening of 6 doors. If he opens doors 7 and 8 forcibly, his body will burst.

Although the self-healing power of the perfect fairy body will make the body recover quickly.

But it is meaningless if you cannot bear the strength.

Kuroyoshi clapped his hand ring and returned to the lobby contentedly to watch the game.

Time passed a little bit.

Three hours later, the qualifiers finally ended.

The winner has one more Sakura and one missing Tos, and the others have not changed much from the anime.

Sakura's opponent is still Ino.

However, Ino doesn't like Sasuke like in the anime, so he has a good relationship with Sakura.

However, because of Sasuke's early graduation, Sakura has a thirst for strength, and her mentality and strength have greatly changed compared with the present in anime.

But Ino, there was no change.

Therefore, Sakura won the match between the two.

Chapter One Hundred and Thirty One

The qualifiers are over.

The winners gathered in the lobby, and Hokage III on the podium said a lot of congratulations and the rules of the third exam.

The third test will be held in the duel arena a month later, when daimyo and ninja heads from various countries will come to watch.

After speaking, start to draw lots to select opponents.

In the first game, Kuroyoshi vs. Neji.

In the second game, Kankuro vs. Yu Nishino.

In the third game, Temari vs. Shikamaru.

In the fourth game, Gaara vs. Naruto.

Sakura takes turns and advances directly.

After the lottery was drawn, everyone looked at each other's opponents, each showing a different look.

Some sighed, some looked solemn, some looked indifferent, and some were eager to try.

In short, the second session of the joint Zhongnin exam is over.

Kuroyoshi bid farewell to his teammates and returned home.

Then, took the clothes and went to the hot spring street to take a bath.

After spending a day in the death forest, his body was stained with blood and sweat, although he had been washed in the river.

However, without hot water, without soap and shower gel, how can it be washed clean?

What's more, the match with Xiao Li in the qualifiers was once again covered with blood.

It was very refreshing to soak in warm water of about 60 degrees, and it took a long time for Kurayoshi to get up and put on clothes.

The inside is a thin black samurai suit, the outside is covered with black and white fairy feather clothing, and the outside is covered with the gauze of Jin Chan Escape.

Whole person looks

"Why is it more and more like Aizen?"

Standing in front of the mirror, Kurayoshi looked around at himself.

I found myself in the mirror after I took off my glasses, and the waxed blue dye was seven points similar.

However, Aizen who took off his glasses looked cold and ruthless, but Kurayoshi was softer, always with a faint smile on his face.

Kuroyoshi didn't worry too much about his appearance, scratching his head, and went home with a change of clothes.

However, when I left the hot spring shop and passed an alley, I found a person inside was peeping.

Red clothes, white hair.

Although you can't see the front, these characteristics are enough to make Kuroyoshi guess the person's identity.

It is Jiraiya.

Stand still.

Kuroyoshi thought slightly.

Jilai didn't know him either, and it didn't work to pull his hair carelessly while pretending to be familiar.

This guy looks carefree on the surface, but he is actually a rough but fine man.

Such behavior with ulterior motives will definitely be discovered.

Well, only

"You pervert, doing such a shameless thing in broad daylight!"

Cangji stood outside the aisle, righteously reprimanding him, and he turned into a messenger of justice and rushed in.

The movement from the outside spread into the bathhouse, and the young ladies inside screamed loudly.

"It's really troublesome!"

Jilai also sighed regretfully.

Then he looked back at Kurayoshi, his squatting legs jumped vigorously and jumped to the side of the roof.

Kuroyoshi rushed for a moment, and the idea of ​​taking the opportunity to grab a bit of his hair fell through.

"Boy, I am not a pervert, don't catch up."

Jiraiya also seemed to encounter this situation frequently, and only turned around and ran away after saying hello to Kurayoshi.

The familiar look of the light car made Kuraji stunned.