Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 192

A large group of young ladies wrapped in scarves, carrying things like bathtubs, surrounded aggressively from the alleyway.

Among them is an aunt who weighs more than 200 kg.

Kuroyoshi shuddered in fright, and hurriedly followed the route of Jilai escape. While chasing, he did not forget to shout, "Pervert, stop for me, don't run."

"I've said I'm not a pervert, don't chase!" Ji Lai also turned around and shouted, and continued to run without stopping.

"You are not a pervert, why are you running?"

"Then why are you chasing?"

The two chased and fled, and soon left the downtown area to the waterfall hot spring in the back mountain.

Jilai also dived into a tuft of grass, then jumped out again, and continued to run away.

Cangji kept walking and chased him directly.

After a while, Jilai also got out of the grass, and smiled triumphantly in the direction of Kuraki chasing him, "Hmph, playing with me, it's still too tender!"

"is it?"

A question came from behind, and Jilai also stiffened, and turned around to look at it.

I saw Kuroyoshi with his hands on his chest, looking at him with a smug look.


Jilai also sighed deeply, and then sat cross-legged on the ground like an appointment, "Speak, what do you want!"

Jilai said the same, but he didn't know what to do.

Kuroyoshi originally planned to catch up with Jilaiya and fight him, and in the process smashed his hair.

But Jilaiya now surrendered directly, making his plan frustrated.

Others can't surrender, you should go and beat them up.

He scratched his cheek.

Suddenly, a figure disappeared from the corner of his eye.

The man was wearing a green ninja vest, his back was straight when he walked, and the expression on his face was meticulous, and he looked like a serious person.

"Uncle Fuyue!"

Kuraki shouted to the man.

That's right, that person is Erzhuzi's father, Uchiha Tomitake.

During the joint Ninja test, a large number of foreigners came to Konoha to visit, and the workload of the security team became much larger.

As the captain of the garrison, he also patrols overtime every day.

Especially in some remote places with few people, they are the main places he patrols to prevent some criminals from planning something.

At this time, he was patrolling the back mountain.

Suddenly heard someone calling him, he quickly looked over.

It's him!

Seeing Cangji, Fuyue frowned.

After all, he is the leader of this newcomer, Fuyue also heard a little bit about Kurajoshi, and instructed him to always suppress his son when he was in the ninja school.

However, he is a very humble and polite person.

Fu Yue came over and asked, "What's the matter?"

"Just caught a sex, man!"

Kuraki turned around, and was about to hand over Ji Lai Ya to Fu Yue, not thinking, but Ji Lai who was just behind him disappeared suddenly.

"What's the matter?" Fu Yue frowned and asked, "Have you encountered any trouble?"

"No, just caught a pervert and let him run away."

"That's it!"

Fu Yue nodded slightly, and then, when his eyes opened, the black pupils suddenly turned blood red, and there were three Gouyu jade slowly rotating inside.

He glanced around and found a trail of escape on a big tree on the edge of the cliff.

"That guy jumped from here."

Fu Yue came to the edge of the cliff and looked down the waterfall. A figure was greeting them triumphantly, and then ran away without looking back.

"Such a wild pervert, or just let it go."

Fu Yue's eyes condensed, and he jumped down, and the whole person rushed along the cliff.

"Okay, amazing!"

Kurayoshi gaped.

"Yeah, great."

Jilai also appeared beside Kuroyoshi and nodded deeply.


Chapter 132 Playing the Harem Game for Zi Lai

"How did you fool Uncle Fuyue?"

Kuroyoshi looked surprised.

Zhuanyan's insight ability is extraordinary, able to see many things invisible to the naked eye.

No matter how powerful it was, it was impossible for him to create traces of concealing himself in such a short period of time.

"While leaving obvious traces, while leaving traces that are not easily detectable, normal thinking will feel that the obvious traces are deliberately created to deceive people. This is also the so-called dark under the lamp!" Zilai also smiled slightly. : "Uchiha's clan is indeed very powerful, but they rely too much on it."


Kuroyoshi sincerely praised.

These old people who have survived the battlefield have so much experience in life that they are not comparable to juniors like him.