Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 193

"Since you know how good I am, don't bother me anymore. I have to hurry up and get new materials."

With that, Ji Lai turned around and prepared to leave.

"and many more!"

Kuroyoshi stopped him.

Jilaiya stopped.

He looked back and asked, "Is there anything else?"

After speaking, it seemed that he had thought of something, and said in advance: "Explain in advance that I will not accept apprentices."

"Bah, who wants to be an old pervert apprentice!"

"Everyone said I'm not a pervert!" Jilai was also a little bit angry.


Kuroyoshi's face turned straight and put on an offensive posture to him, "Come and fight me!"


Jilai also resolutely refused.

He put his hands on his chest and twisted his head to the side, like a child, "why do I have to fight you, a kid who doesn't know you!"

"You are also the legendary Sannin! Don't be so stingy!"

"Ha! I was actually recognized by the kid, I didn't expect that I was still quite famous!"

Ji Lai also wiped his haircut, looking narcissistic.


The corner of Kuroyoshi's mouth twitched unnaturally.

When watching anime, I only feel funny, but in reality, seeing an old man so narcissistic, he just wants to hit someone in his heart.

However, if a master of his level wants to avoid himself, there is really no way.

So hold back, hold back to me.

The so-called ninja is someone who knows how to endure.

Kuroyoshi tried his best to calm his mood and complimented: "It is precisely because I see that you are the legendary Sannin, that's why I want to fight with you and see how I feel."

"You little devil's vision is quite high!" Jilaiya put his hands on his chest, and stared at him from the corner of his eyes. "Ordinary people don't dare to stand behind them disrespectfully when they know my identity. Offensive thoughts."

"Because I am strong." Kurayoshi said confidently.

"It can be seen from the previous chase, but" Jilai also nodded, then changed the conversation, and said, "Why should I help you?"

Yeah, why should I help you?

Just because you are Konoha Ninja?

Just because you are a genius?

What a joke.

There are so many Konoha ninjas and so many geniuses. Why do you want to help you?

What's more, Jilai once said to Oshemaru: Rather than teaching geniuses, I am more willing to teach people who are not talented and teach mediocre people to become talents. This is more fun.

I don't know how many people I have seen in Jilaiya's life.

It is impossible to help Kuroyoshi for these reasons.

Kuroyoshi also understands this truth.

He thought for a while, a flash of light in his mind, snapped his fingers, "You wait a moment."

Having said that, turned around and pretended to be joking.

Jilai was also very curious. He stood on tiptoe and tried to take a peek, but was always blocked by the back of Kuroyoshi.

"All right."

Cangji pretended to behave, took out the harem simulator from the system space, then turned around, and handed it to Xiang Zilai, "This is for you, will you fight with me?"

"what is this?"

Looking at this high-tech helmet, he naturally scratched his chin and looked confused.

He has traveled in the world of Ninja for a long time and has seen many modern technological products.

However, I have never seen such exquisite technological items.

"This is a helmet made by me combining modern technology and illusion. With it, you can enter a simulated spiritual world with all kinds of beauties!"


Jilai's eyes lit up, as if he had seen some rare treasure, his saliva flowed out.

"You can try the goods first. If you can't meet the requirements, you can refuse my request."

"Then hurry up."

"After you bring it on, press this switch. If you want to quit, there will be a prompt inside."

Kurayoshi handed the helmet to Jiraiya and taught him how to use it.

The method of use is very simple, and you will understand after listening to it.

He immediately put on his helmet and entered the game.

After a while, a wretched smile appeared on his face, and he was still yelling like hello, hello, and Cangji looked speechless.


Looking at Jiraiya who was addicted to the game, Kuroyoshi pondered slightly.

Pulling his two hairs at this time, you should not be able to find it!

Moreover, if he is so unsuspecting in front of a person who doesn't even know his name, should he be confident or arrogant?

In other words, is the trust in being a Konoha ninja?